The Tatra Mountains and Masuria Lake are some of the attractions that most tourists look at when visiting Poland. In addition to its culture and beauty, the education system is also well-established. Universities in Poland are among the oldest in the world. Are you planning to study in Poland? You can choose from over 400 institutions, but there are some essential factors that you should take into consideration before making the final decision. First, make sure that the location is convenient, the fees are affordable, and finally your chances of being selected. This article will list some of the universities in Poland with the highest acceptance rates, which means that they are the least competitive when it comes to the admission of new students.

Universities in Poland with High Acceptance Rates

1. SWPS University

  • Acceptance Rate – 93%

Founded in 1996, SWPS has grown to become one of the largest Polish universities. It has over 16,000 undergrads enrolled in over 50 programs. The school also admits postgraduates in about 30 programs. In 2015, the institution was granted university status after which its student population rose significantly. Over the past ten years, SWPS has been ranked as the best Polish university offering Social Sciences courses. With an acceptance rate of 93%, it has one of the highest acceptance rates in Poland.


2. Cracow University of Economics

  • Acceptance Rate – 90%

Another university that accepts international students is the Cracow University of Economics. Located in Krakow, Poland, UEK  (abbreviation for Uniwersytet Ekonomicznyw Krakowie) has been in operation since 1925. It is among the only five public universities specialized in economics and the biggest in that category. UEK is subdivided into four faculties and hosts over 20,000 students. Some courses are taught in English, but it would be wise to learn some Polish since it is used in the majority of programs.


3. Vistula University

  • Acceptance Rate – 80%

With over 60 nationalities represented, Vistula University is among the most diverse higher education institutions in Poland. It was founded in 1992 and offered programs in more than six fields of study. There are also more than ten postgraduate programs. The institution’s programs are provided in Polish and English; therefore, you will need to be knowledgeable in at least one of them or both. Vistula has an high acceptance rate of 80%, which gives you a better chance of being selected.


4. Warsaw University of Technology

  • Acceptance Rate – 79%

Next on our list of Polish universities with highes acceptance rates is the Warsaw University of Technology. Located in Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw University is not only one of the oldest but also among the largest within Central Europe. It was established in 1826 and became the first Polish university of technology and the fifth in Europe. The university has a total student population of over 36,000 students. Approximately 5,000 graduates are released to the field by the university on an annual basis. As proof of its quality, the institution boasts of a higher percentage of technical employees as compared to the other universities.


5. Nicolas Copernicus University

  • Acceptance Rate – 78%

Named after Nicolas Copernicus, an astronomer known for his contribution in the discovery of the solar system, the university came to existence in 1945. Nicolas Copernicus University is primarily specialized in applied sciences both in undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are over 30,000 students enrolled in these programs, making it one of the largest universities in Central Europe. Similar to the rest of the universities in Poland with highacceptance rates, applications are made via an online portal.


6. University of Wroclaw

  • Acceptance Rate – 77%

The University of Wroclaw was founded in 1702 under the rule of Leopold. There are over 28,000 students enrolled in more than faculties. At least one course in each of these faculties is conducted in English. Wroclaw is majorly focused on scientific research programs hence being ranked as one of the best research institutions in Europe. Are you planning to start a business? Wroclaw has a free program designed to help its students develop entrepreneurial skills. It is ranked 45th within the region and 800th in the world according to QS World University Ranking.


7. University of Gdansk

  • Acceptance Rate – 73%

Next on our list of universities in Poland with high acceptance rates is the University of Gdansk. Located in Gdansk, the University of Gdansk is another high-profiled institution with a high acceptance rate. It was founded in 1970 when two institutions – the Higher Pedagogical School and Higher Economic School – merged. The university has eleven faculties designed to offer both teaching and research services to over 28,000 students. Some of the leading programs offered include pedagogy, psychology, oceanography, law, and biotechnology. The university has partnered with over 120 institutions across the world to enhance its global research programs. Are you planning to join UG? Applications can be submitted via the online registration portal.


8. University of Rzeszow

  • Acceptance Rate – 46%

The University of Rzeszow is located in Rzeszow, Poland, and was founded in 2001. Despite being a young institution, it has already built a considerable reputation in the education sector both within and outside Poland. At the moment, the University of Rzeszow has over 22,000 students enrolled in three schools. The schools are further subdivided into ten faculties, including Medicine, Economics, Law, and Physical Education. Although its acceptance rate is below 50%, it is still one of the least selective significant universities in the country.


9. Lodz University of Technology

  • Acceptance Rate – 46%

Another university in Poland with high acceptance rates worth considering is the Lodz University of Technology in Lodz, Poland. It was established in 1945 and has since grown to become one of the most prominent universities not only in Poland but also in Central Europe. It currently hosts about 17,000 students enrolled in ten faculties that specialize in popular fields such as mechanical engineering, biotechnology, and applied sciences. There is also the Foreign Language Centre where various international languages are taught.


10. Jagiellonian University

  • Acceptance Rate – 43%

We end our list of universities in Poland with highest acceptance rates with Jagiellonian University. It was established in 1364, making it the oldest in Poland. It is the second oldest in Central Europe and among the oldest worldwide. This research institution has enrolled over 43,000 students in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It employs at least 4,000 faculty members hence a ratio of one lecturer for every 11 students. Jagiellonian University is the most reputable university in Poland, which explains the acceptance rate of 43%. Nonetheless, it is still one of the least competitive during admissions.


I hope that this article on universities in Poland with highest acceptance rates was helpful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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