It is useful to prepare for each section of the TOEFL exam by using practice tests as well as various other complimentary study materials, geared specifically for the TOEFL (rather than generic English as a foreign language material).

This will familiarize you with the specific exam style so that, on test day, you will not have any stress related to the format of the questions in front of you.

In this article, we will be looking at the practice tests and study materials for TOEFL Reading.

Generally, you can find a lot of practice tests for the exam as a whole, some scored and some not. You can focus on the Reading section specifically of these practice tests, or look for section-specific practice questions only.

ETS (who runs the test) offers a number of materials including free sample questions and practice tests as well as tips about the test in general and some other programs:

TOEFL Reading Practice Exams

1. TOEFL Go!® App

A new tool that would be very helpful for TOEFL test takers is the TOEFL Go!® App. This is a useful app as this will let you practice anytime. This is a complete TOEFL mock test powered by an AI-driven assessment.

2. TOEFL iBT® Practice Sets

ETS also offers a full set of test questions, i.e. a practice test, but in PDF format. This is useful to understand the content and format of the test, but it will not help practice in a timed environment and also on a computer, as you will have to take the test itself.

3. TOEFL Practice Online (Paid ETS Resources)

These are full-length tests with past exam questions. This will give you the experience of taking the real TOEFL iBT test. It is most likely the best tool for recreating the test atmosphere, the timed aspect, and also the overall test format. This is not a free resource, you will have to purchase the tests from this website.

4. E-books and Online Preparation Courses

Also on the official test preparation website, you can purchase e-books with past tests to practice with or sign up for a paid preparation course. These resources will cover all the test content and will help you get more in-depth practice and knowledge of the test as a whole.

In addition to these official practice tools, you may also find a lot of material and practice tests specifically for TOEFL Reading, by searching online. Some of the best and most useful options are:

5. 8 Free Reading Practice Tests

Once you have become familiar with the test format, these 8 online practice tests are quick and easy to use. You will be presented with a reading paragraph just like on the official TOEFL exam, followed by questions with multiple-choice answers. Whether you have answered correctly or not will be displayed as soon as you choose an answer, so it is worth taking some time before clicking on any answer in order to get the best practice out of this format. You will not get any background information on why your answer is right or wrong, however, this is still a good resource for TOEFL Reading practice tests.

6. Free Reading Test with Answers and Information about the Reading Question Types

On this website, you have access to a few resources that are really useful: Firstly, you can take a full sample reading test that replicates a full-length TOEFL exam (i.e. all sections). Once you work through the first section (typically Reading), before continuing to the following sections and eventually getting your results, you will need to create an account on the website with a 7-day free trial offered to begin with.

This is useful as you may use the entirety of the practice material in 7 days, or otherwise pay for continuing to use the material afterward. You can check what other sample questions there are, and the ones you would have to pay for (or get free for the first 7 days) will have a lock icon next to them.

You can also register your actual test date and get personalized progress reports and analytics once you have created an account.

7. Free complete practice test and reading practice materials

Here, you can sign up to download a free TOEFL Reading practice test, which you can then use in your own time. Doing this will sign you up for the website’s newsletter. Once you fill in your email address, you will get access to 100 free reading practice questions put together from 9 different reading question types.

If you like practicing this way, you can also purchase 400 more questions from the website. You can also contact a local TOEFL iBT Resource Centre for general information about the test as well as preparation information.


All in all, you can find even more resources by searching online and there is an equal number of free and paid materials available for TOEFL Reading. The key is to look for practice tests that are similar to the actual TOEFL test. Also, it is best to allocate time for practicing.

Of course, you will need to build your vocabulary by practicing with any type of reading material beyond test-taking, so ensure to read newspapers, online articles, books, and more. This will help you to read quickly and efficiently. With enough practice, you can put your mind at ease and increase confidence that you will be able to ace the test successfully.


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