Nursing is one of the largest fields in the healthcare profession. The demand for nurses is high and will still substantially increase over the years due to rising demand and expectations from people seeking health care. The increasing demand for nurses can also be linked to the reorganization of the health care system for a faster and more effective way of responding to the current situation faced by every nation, which is the pandemic.

Nurses play a vital role in responding to the community’s health issues, and they actively participate in health research, deliberations, and management to solve these problems. And for a country like Russia, nurses are as critical as their soldiers. Over the past years, Russia has approximately had 1.24 million nurses. These nurses attend to the Russian community, continuously handing health solutions to different sectors.

Russia is one of the most significant countries offering excellent medical universities with relatively low tuition fees. There are a lot of nurses who graduated from these universities. However, Russia also opened its borders to international nurses who seek education and work. Presented below are the steps on how to become a nurse in Russia.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Nursing in Russia?

Nursing degrees in Russia costs around USD 2,300 annually. This cost varies depending on the university and program, with some being slightly more expensive. Additionally, international students may need to budget for additional expenses, such as visa fees and health insurance. Living costs, however, vary across cities, although in most, housing is more affordable compared to other European countries. In fact, you can live off around 1,000 USD monthly in some of the cheapest cities in Russia, such as Samara and Kazan.

Steps on How to Become a Nurse in Russia

1. Gather All Necessary Requirements

The first step to enter the nursing program in Russia is to gather necessary documents. As an international student, you have to process several documents. These include your passport, medical certificate, identification card, photographs, and other certificates that the country may require from you before entering the country. It is best to prepare these documents beforehand as some of them take time to process.

2. Choose from the Universities and Programs that Best Fits You

There are universities that offer nursing programs (i.e., bachelor’s degree and post-graduate degree) in Russia. The next step to study and become a nurse in Russia is to choose the best program for you. Like any other international university, a bachelor’s degree in nursing takes four years to be completed under the Russian curriculum. Some universities offer specialization in nursing depending on what you want to take.

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3. Research about the University You are Applying for

Before studying Nursing in Russia, the next step you should consider is researching the location of the university. Is the lifestyle and cost of living in the area of your chosen university affordable? Will you be able to sustain and provide for all your necessities? Can your budget cover all your daily expenses, including your transportation to school and materials needed for the nursing program? Choosing a location would already be easy once you established your preferences and reasons for staying in a certain city in Russia.

4. Fulfill the University Requirements

After choosing the university that best fits your preferences, list all the documents that the university will require from you regarding your admission. These are usually accomplished on their school website or page. Make sure all necessary information is filled out.

5. Learn the Russian Language

Be ready to learn their language. For you to successfully enter the nursing career in Russia, you must learn how to use the Russian language. There are several graduate programs that offer the curriculum in English, Spanish, and even French. However, the nursing program is only offered in Russian. So, it is best to know and learn the Russian language before even going to the country itself. This will help you understand the people you are going to work with within school and, of course, give you a better view of each topic/lesson that will be discussed in school. It’s always best to communicate and understand the people around you when you are using the same language that they use for communication.

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6. Apply for Financing and Scholarships to Meet the Cost of Tuition

Another way to help you in entering the nursing program in Russia is to look and apply for scholarships. Just like what has been mentioned in Step 2, the tuition fee, cost of living, and daily expenses must be considered when choosing a nursing university. Your bank account should be prepared to fund these expenses. If your family is well-off, you can opt to be a self-funded student and carry all your expenses from your day-to-day activities. However, if you are financially struggling, there are government or state scholarships offered by the Russian Federation. You can consider applying to these scholarships to help you with your finances. To find out more about government scholarships, click on the Russian Government Scholarships page.

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7. Prepare to Apply and Submit your Documents

When you are ready with your finances, you can now apply and accomplish all needed documents. Aside from the information sheet that was filled out in Step 4, you are going to be required to submit other necessary documents to the university. Look into the university website and check out their application process. Read all necessary entry requirements and documents for submission. Some of the documents that they will require an international student to submit are the following:

  • Copy of different documents such as transcript, list of subjects studied, and grades achieved from your previous school
  • Document confirming your identity and nationality (i.e., Identification Card or birth certificate). Notarized translation into Russian and original copy is required.
  • Completed Application Form or Application for Admission from the university
  • Photographs (depending on the university’s requirements)

These are just some of the documents that your chosen university may require from you. After submitting all your application documents, the university shall review your application, and you shall be notified whether you are rejected or accepted. Once you get your acceptance letter, be ready to process your invitation letter. This is necessary for applying for a student visa.

For applicants who were able to obtain their place at a university in Russia through competitive selection (scholarships), an invitation letter is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. However, for self-funded applicants, the invitation will be sent by the university.

8. Apply for a Student Visa

Once you obtain your invitation letter, you may now process your student visa application. This is one of the essential steps to successfully study and become a nurse in Russia. The requirements vary depending on your nationality. You may check the Completion of electronic visa application form page to learn more about the specific requirements.

Generally, you would be required to pass an accomplished application form, passport, invitation letter, legalized and stamped secondary education certificate or diploma, medical certificate, and passport-size photos. Be sure to prepare all these documents when applying for a student visa.

Nursing is a demanding yet fulfilling career that is in high demand in Russia. With affordable tuition fees and excellent medical universities, Russia is an excellent destination for international students who want to study nursing. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, don’t miss the opportunity to explore our guide on how to become a medical doctor in Russia.


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