Australian universities are a great place for international students seeking to get an education in the vast field of engineering. The country is famous for its breathtaking scenes and also amazing education which is well-known around the globe. Australian universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering to domestic and international students. The curriculum is designed to help students get the best out of their time at the university for their professional careers soon. So let us get into the step-by-step process of becoming an engineer in Australia.

How to Become an Engineer in Australia

Step 1. Familiarize Yourself with the Engineering Education System in Australia

The education system in Australia is much like that of the rest of the world. In order for you to get a bachelor’s degree, you should have a complete high school education. After that, you will be eligible to get into a bachelor’s program in Australia. This bachelor’s program is around four years and has extensive coursework. Depending on the university and your instructor you may or may not have a final-year project. If you plan on taking a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree will serve as your basis. And a master’s degree will be your ticket if you want further your studies by pursuing a doctoral degree.

Most Australian universities offer all three levels of degrees in engineering and related fields. You can choose from electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, etc. Surely the field of engineering is very vast and includes other subjects as majors which most universities offer as well such as specialized majors like bioengineering and chemical engineering. The choice of your degree and major depends on your interest and caliber because an engineering degree should not be taken lightly.

Step 2. Select an Engineering Program in a University

Almost all universities in Australia offer an engineering program but it depends on you which university you choose and what courses you want to take up. These courses are your guide in choosing a specific career path in the future so select them carefully. Engineering courses have high-level maths and physics so make sure that you have had these subjects before in your education so as to not go blindly into them.

In Australia, you do not need to give any prior exam or entrance test to get into an engineering program. The university will give you admission based on your previous education. The universities do require you to submit the test scores of an English Language Proficiency test which can be an IELTS test or Pearson Test of English. The common range of acceptable test scores for IELTS is anywhere above 6 bands and for the Pearson Test is anywhere above 65 scores.

You will need to formally apply to the university with your documents through the online portal. The most note-worthy Australian universities that offer an engineering program are RMIT, University of Melbourne, and Deakin University. Make sure to check them out specifically when choosing an engineering program for yourself in Australia. After successful admission, you need to settle in your new university and get familiarized with your studies.

Step 3. Receive Corresponding Education and Training

A typical bachelor’s degree in Australia is four years and this goes for all disciplines including engineering. A student will have a selection of elective courses to choose from and some of the mandatory courses to go through. You will need to pass all the subjects and complete your credit hours. Aside from passing all the subjects, some majors require students to submit a final-year project or thesis as a requisite for graduation. So students will be able to apply the fundamental knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies.

Step 4. Pass the Licensing and Certification Requirements

After you are done with your degree, you can now apply for your professional engineer license in Australia. You can apply for a professional engineer license online in Australia through the Engineers in Australia website. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in any of the known areas of engineering. The university from which you have graduated should also be accredited by the Engineers Australia administration. You will also need to apply on the basis of the state in which you have gained your education and also in the state where you plan on practicing your engineering.

Step 5. Do Internships and Apprenticeships for Practical Training

After getting your license, you can now apply for various internships and practical training that will help you land a job in the future. You can get these internships or apprenticeships through your university or by formally applying to any open positions. These internships are very important as they add to your professional experience. They will help you understand and connect with professional life which is always very helpful.

Step 6. Get Ready for the Job Market and Career Advancement

Finally, curate a resume and get yourself ready for the engineering job market. It may seem very tough in the beginning but all you need to do is stay steadfast in your search and you should be alright. Look for jobs on Indeed and other platforms. The top most Australian engineering firms include CBP Contractors and ACCIONA. These companies actively hire new graduates from Australian universities so make sure to keep them on your list when applying.

FAQS on Becoming an Engineer in Australia

Is Australia a Good Place for Engineers?

Yes, Australia is a great place for engineers, new and soon-to-be. This is because the country has a shortage of competent human resources in the engineering sector which is why it employs engineers from across the globe. Engineers of all fields are highly welcomed in the country and the pay is considered one of the highest in the country. International students who come to Australia on a student visa, have great opportunities to find work and employment post-education. They can also apply for permanent residency if they choose to stay in Australia for a longer time. Their Australian engineering degree can surely help them land a great job in the country and anywhere in the world.

Here we have listed the six steps for you to follow if you want to become an engineer in Australia. We hope this article was helpful and will serve as a guide for your future career! You can also visit the Australia Scholarships Page for more articles about studying in Australia!

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