Shandong University also referred to as SDU, is a public comprehensive university that is located in Shandong, China. It was founded in 1901 as the second modern national Chinese university and is a member of many prestigious groups such as Project 985 and Project 211. It is also classified by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a National Key University, and QS has ranked it in as high as #551 in their World University Rankings. Now, Shandong University scholarships are being given to international students!

It is one of China’s largest universities, as about 57,500 students attend SDU. This figure amounts to 43,000 undergraduate students and 14,500 graduates. Over 1,000 of these students are foreign from about 50 different countries, making the school extremely diverse. There is about 10,000 academic and administrative staff, which comes out to about a 5:1 student to faculty ratio. The school offers master’s and doctoral degrees in a variety of programs, including medicine, science, and engineering. Many of these students receive Shandong University scholarships

There are a total of 447 programs offered that are split up into over 30 different schools, including the Shandong Provincial Law and Politics College, School of Higher Learning, and other advanced colleges. These are all scattered through a total of seven different campuses, and all but one of them are located in Jina, the capital of Shandong. The school’s library houses over 3.5 million items.

As a major research university, Shandong hosts 44 different key academic disciplines, two national key research labs, and 21 different provincial and ministerial key research labs. Additionally, the school has three social science research bases that have been approved by the Ministry of Education as well as three fundamental science personnel national development bases.

Alumni have had no trouble finding success after graduation due to the fantastic education at SDU. Alumni have gone into literature, politics, business, and more. The accomplished list of graduates includes Li Congjun (president of Xinhua News Agency), Mo Yan (Nobel Prize winner in 2012), and Tong Dizhou (vice president of the Chinese Academy of Science).

Shandong University Scholarships (Undergraduate, Graduate)

There are many scholarships that are offered to international students who wish to attend Shandong University. These scholarships are for degree students which include undergraduate and graduate students. The amounts range from fully funded to part tuition scholarships. To see all these scholarships that are offered, visit the Scholarships Page.

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There has been much increase in students that wish to study in China. As a result, Shandong University has provided clear application instructions for international students. You can see these instructions here. Read these guides and submit your documents!

I hope that this article on Shandong University scholarships was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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