Founded in 1890, Belmont University is a private institution in Nashville, United States. Belmont University is ranked by the EduRank Ranking as the top 2362 institution in the world. Here, we will be looking at Performance-based Scholarships, one of the partially funded Belmont University scholarships for Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD international students.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD
  • Host Institution: Belmont University
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding
  • Eligible Nationalities: All Nationalities
  • Eligible Subjects: All Subjects offered at Belmont University
  • Number of Recipients: Not Specified
  • Additional Scholarships Materials Required? Yes
  • Admission Deadline:
    • Bachelor's: October 1, 2023
    • Master's: August 1, 2023 (Currently Open)

Performance-based Scholarships Coverage

Performance-based Scholarships covers funding for study and training costs.

Performance-based Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Performance-based Scholarships, you will need to meet BOTH the eligibility criteria for Performance-based Scholarships AND the eligibility criteria for Belmont University admissions.

1. Belmont University Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Performance-based Scholarships, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria for Belmont University admissions first and also apply. Please see the Belmont University Admissions Section for admissions eligibility criteria information.

2. Performance-based Scholarships Specific Eligibility Criteria

In addition to meeting the admission requirements, you need to meet the following specific Performance-based Scholarships eligibility criteria. Applicants must be:

  • with remarkable and appropriate athletic ability for Athletic Scholarship awardees
  • audition passers for Music Scholarship awardees
  • interview passers, with portfolio, and remarkable academic merit for Art scholarship awardees

Please see Eligibility Page for specific details on eligibility criteria for Performance-based Scholarships.

Performance-based Scholarships Application Procedure

1. Belmont University Admissions Application Procedure

The first step in applying for Performance-based Scholarships is to submit your admissions application for Belmont University. Please visit the official website found in Belmont University Admissions Section to see the admissions application process.

2. Performance-based Scholarships Specific Application Procedure

There is a separate application that you need to submit for Performance-based Scholarships in addition to Belmont University admissions application. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the official Performance-based Scholarships Page.

When you are applying for Performance-based Scholarships, you need to submit the following documents and meet the following requirements in addition to requirements for admissions:

  • audition for for Music Scholarship applicants
  • interview and portfolio for Art Scholarship applicants

Please see the Performance-based Scholarships Additional Requirements Page for more information.

When to Apply for Performance-based Scholarships

To see the Belmont University admission deadline for Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD, please visit the Belmont University Admissions Section. Please see the Performance-based Scholarships Deadline Page for more information.

Performance-based Scholarships Page

Find further information about this partially funded scholarship at Belmont University at Performance-based Scholarships Page.

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