A-3 Foreigner Scholarship at Gachon University 2023 - 2024

Do you want a scholarship in South Korea? Consider studying at Gachon University, a private institution founded in 1939 and located in Seongnam, South Korea. Gachon University offers A-3 Foreigner Scholarship, one of the partially funded scholarships for Bachelor's students.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Bachelor's
  • Host Institution: Gachon University
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding
  • Eligible Nationalities:
  • Eligible Subjects:
  • Number of Recipients: Not Specified
  • Additional Scholarships Materials Required? No
  • Admission Deadline: January 5, 2024

Gachon University

Partial Funding


No Separate Application

A-3 Foreigner Scholarship Coverage

This partially funded scholarship for international students covers the following:

  • additional 10% tuition fee exemption for distinguished students
  • up to 100% tuition fee exemption to most-distinguished students

A-3 Foreigner Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To get a scholarship for international students, these are the two types of eligibility criteria you must meet:

  1. Gachon University Eligibility Criteria - the requirements you need to meet to be admitted to the Gachon University
  2. A-3 Foreigner Scholarship Specific Eligibility Criteria - the requirements you need to meet to be considered for the A-3 Foreigner Scholarship

These criteria vary per institution and scholarship so be sure to take note of these before preparing your application.

Gachon University Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for A-3 Foreigner Scholarship for international students, you need to apply for admissions at the Gachon University first. Find the Gachon University’s admission eligibility criteria here.

A-3 Foreigner Scholarship Specific Eligibility Criteria

Did you meet the admissions criteria? If yes, you’re now ready to apply for a scholarship. Here are the additional criteria or requirements you must meet to apply for A-3 Foreigner Scholarship:

  • an incoming international student at Gachon University
  • a previous student who has complete summer and winter semester at the university'sKorean Education Center (except exchange students)
  • distinguished students of the program at the university's Korean Education Center

Make sure to check out the Gachon University admissions pages and the A-3 Foreigner Scholarship pages for more information!

A-3 Foreigner Scholarship Application Procedure

If you meet the eligibility criteria for Gachon University and A-3 Foreigner Scholarship, you can move forward with the application process!

Remember to apply for admission to Gachon University first before applying for A-3 Foreigner Scholarship. You can visit the official website found in Gachon University Admissions Section to see the admissions application process.

There is no separate application needed for A-3 Foreigner Scholarship. Just apply for admission to Gachon University, and you'll automatically be considered for this offer if you meet the criteria.

When to Apply for A-3 Foreigner Scholarship (Deadlines)

The great news is that there is no specific deadline to apply for A-3 Foreigner Scholarship! While there are no specific dates, it’s important to apply before the Gachon University admission deadlines. Here are the deadlines:

A-3 Foreigner Scholarship Page

Want to learn more about Gachon University, A-3 Foreigner Scholarship, scholarship requirements, deadlines, application process, and other related information? Check the A-3 Foreigner Scholarship page!

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