With its improving economy and high living standards, the Philippines is much more than a tropical treasure for spending holidays; it is also a popular destination for foreign nationals to seek employment. One of the important steps to work in the Philippines, in this case, is to apply for a work visa to be legally eligible to work in the country.

In this article, we provided an overview of the Philippines work visa application process by touching upon the types of work visas you can apply for, the requirements for a Philippines work visa, visa application fees, and steps to follow when applying. Read more to find out how to get a work visa for the Philippines.

Steps to Apply for a Philippine Work Visa

The application process can be complicated as there are sets of things you need to do in the correct order. Below, you can find our step-by-step guide to apply for a Philippines work visa.

Step 1. Obtain a Valid Job Offer from a Recognized and Authorized Employer in the Philippines

To start your application, you first need to look for a job in the Philippines and be hired for a valid position provided by a corporation or company that is recognized by the Bureau of Immigration and authorized to hire you for the position. With the contract form you obtain from your employer, you can initiate your work visa for the Philippines.

Step 2. Secure a CGAF from the Bureau of Immıgration’s Office or Website

The second fundamental step to applying for a Philippines work visa is to fill out the Consolidated General Application Form and secure your application. In the application form, make sure you fill out all the necessary information in English without leaving any unanswered questions. For information that is not applicable in the form, you can write “N/A.” You can access the CGAF document on the Bureau of Immigration’s main office or web page.

Step 3. Prepare the Necessary Documents

The next step is to prepare and collect the documents required for the work visa application. When preparing the documents, you need to be extra careful about the validity of the documents and advise your employer in the Philippines for any necessary information. Check the list of required documents in the previous sections of this article, and keep in mind that the exact set of requirements can differ depending on the type of working visa you are applying for.

You need to submit your documents at the Immigration Office of the Philippines or the main office of the Bureau of Immigration for pre-screening.

Step 4. Pay the Visa Application Fee

Once you submit your documents for pre-screening at the Immigration Office, you need to pay the visa application fee so that the transaction process can start and you can complete your application. Without the payment, your application cannot be finalized or processed, so it’s best to prepare the amount for the fee before visiting the Immigration Office. When finding out how much you need to pay for the application fee, make sure you consider the type of work visa you’re applying for, the duration of your employment, and your position at the workplace. Once you completed your payment, submit the receipt to the Immigration Office.

Step 5. Wait for the Approval and Submit Your Passport

When you complete your work visa application with all the necessary steps, you can wait for the approval and submit your passport for visa implementation. The approval can take up to two or three weeks, and you can track your application via the Immigrant Office.

Documents Needed for a Philippine Work Visa

Once you determined the right work visa type for for you to work in the Philippines, it’s important to check the requirements and make sure you meet all of them. Note that any missing or incorrect document can lead to an unsuccessful application. Below, we listed the general required documents for obtaining a work visa for the Philippines:

  • A completed visa application form
  • A photocopy of the valid passport
  • Duly accomplished Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF)
  • A joint letter request by the applicant and the petitioner
  • Copy of the employment contract or the assignment of the applicant
  • BI Clearance Certificate

FAQs: Work Visa Applications for the Philippines

How Much is the Visa Application Process for a Philippine Work Visa?

Applicants must pay the visa application fee to complete their work visa application for the Philippines. The amount of the fee depends on the type of work visa applied by the individual, as well as the validity of the visa and the applicant’s position in the corporation.

An average working visa application fee ranges from PHP 5,530 (USD 98) to PHP 10,130.00 (USD 180) for a one-year contract; however, the best answer to the question can be found at the Bureau of Immigration for the fees and other regulations.

What are the Types of Working Visa in the Philippines?

When applying for a Philippines work visa, it’s important to search the types of work visas you can apply for and choose the suitable type that is valid for your circumstances. There are three types of work visas for foreign nationals to work in the Philippines, as listed in the following:

Pre-arranged Employment Visa (9G)

A pre-arranged employment visa is the standard work visa for foreign nationals who plan to work in the Philippines to receive any type of compensation (e.g., monthly salary).

Special Visa

Special non-immigrant visas are eligible for foreign nationals who are the personnel or executives of the companies located at the headquarters or regional headquarters in the Philippines.

Special Employment Visa for Offshore Banking Unit

A special employment visa is eligible for foreign nationals who are assigned by their foreign banks to work at the offshore banking unit in the Philippines.


This article provided an overview of the working visa application period for the Philippines, and the best way to start your application is to browse the suitable and available job options for your skills and experience.


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