Jiangsu University is a doctoral research university located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. Founded in 1902, it began as Sanjiang Normal School. In 1978, it became Jiangsu University of Science and Technology as a part of the movement by the State Council. In 2001, the Ministry of Education of China allowed it to merge with the Zhenjiang Medical and Zhenjiang Teacher’s colleges. The college has two campuses and one international satellite school, the Confucius Institute, co-founded by Graz University. Jiangsu University scholarships are being offered to international students who wish to study in China.

The University is home to 34,000 students, 30,000 of which are undergraduates. Approximately 350 members of the student body are international students, hailing from some 74 countries. JSU has 450 professors, with over half holding their Ph.D. degrees. The rest of the 7,000 staff members are in the administration.

SU offers 88 undergraduate degrees and 42 Ph.D. degrees. The University has degrees in ten fields: Engineering, Law, Education, Economics, Science, Management, Medicine, Literature, Mechanics, and History. The school is partnered with 87 international schools in Japan, S. Korea, the UK, the US, Canada, S. Sudan, Taiwan, most of eastern Europe, and many other countries.

The main campus has many features and activities for both students and teachers. 33 clubs cater to the students and faculty. JSU has tennis courts, basketball courts, and a lake. Many students activities center around the abundance of sports fields around campus.

The school is funded by the Chinese government and other foundations to the tune of $4 billion. These funds are used to incorporate international students and schools, provide research opportunities and keep operations running smoothly. Part of this huge funding is used to give out Jiangsu University scholarships to international students.

Many Jiangsu alumni go on to get Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. JSU had 12 doctorate programs for this very reason. This prestigious university pushes academic excellence and provides a successful future for graduates.

Jiangsu University Scholarships (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Many international students do receive scholarships at Jiangsu University. There are many fully funded and full tuition scholarships available at this school. For instance, the Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship both give out fully funded scholarships for international students. Also, University scholarships give a considerable amount of scholarships as well. For more information, visit the Jiangsu Scholarships Page.

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To apply for admission, you will need to fill out an application form via the online application system. Also, there are many forms such as a copy of your passport that you will have to submit. The complete details can be found on the Admissions Page. Just go to the admissions page and look through the details. Then, see if you meet all the qualifications. If you do, and you do decide to apply, you will need to prepare all the required documents and fill out the application form.

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