Jeju National University (JNU) is a public university located in the special self-governing province of Jeju, South Korea. Originally founded in the year 1952 as the Cheju Provincial Junior College, the current organization is the result of the 2008 merger between the Cheju National University and the Jeju National University of Education.

Currently, the university is divided into 12 undergraduate colleges, namely Art & Design, Humanities, Law & Political Science, Economics & Commerce, Education, Applied Life Sciences, Ocean Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Medicine, Education (Teachers College), and Veterinary Medicine.

JNU also offers graduate programs in the fields of Education, Business Administration, Industry, Social Education, Interpretation, Medicine, and Law. In this article, we will be looking at Jeju National University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Jeju National University

JNU is a mid-sized university with more than 12,000 students. About 5% of these enrollees come from outside South Korea.

JNU facilitates admission and other related services through the Office of International Affairs, which was founded in the year 2005.

Apart from offering foreign student services, the office also offers Student Exchange programs, JNU ambassador programs, and Korean language courses, to name a few.

Tuition Fee at Jeju National University for International Students

JNU undergraduate tuition is fairly cheap, with international students having to pay as low as KRW 3.716 million (about $3,300) per year in Humanities & Social Science courses. The most expensive degree at JNU is Veterinary Medicine, which costs about KRW 4.952 million ($4,380).

Graduate fees, on the other hand, cost more. Humanities & Social Science program cost about KRW 4.912 million (about $4,350), while Veterinary Medicine costs about KRW 8.228 million (about $7,300).

International Admissions Guide at Jeju National University

JNU’s guidelines for international applicants are published here.

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Application Fee at Jeju National University

The application fee for JNU costs KRW 65,000 or about $60. This may be paid online through the JNU application website. The methods of payment accepted include credit cards, bank transfers, and Uway cash charges.

The application fee will no longer be refundable once the documents have been processed and completed.

Admissions Requirements at Jeju National University for International Students

Interested students who wish to study at JNU need to submit the following:

  • Accomplished application form (through
  • Personal introduction and study plan
  • High school leaving certificate (for undergraduate applicants) or Bachelor’s/Master’s diploma/s (for graduate students)
  • Documents of the applicants and their parents’ nationalities
  • Financial support document (bank account containing at least $18,000)
  • Proof of Language Proficiency (TOPIK, TOEFL, or IELTS)
  • Portfolio (for Faculty of Arts applicants)

Depending on the program, an interview, practical test/audition, or written exam may be required.

Jeju National University Rankings

Jeju National University is one of South Korea’s top 35 universities as per the World Rankings. Globally, it is in the 1001+ bracket together with other South Korean universities.

Despite this overall ranking, JNU actually ranks high in certain disciplines. It’s in the 601+ bracket for Clinical Health and the 601-800 bracket for Engineering and Technology. Its Life Science programs are ranked 801+, while the Physical Science programs are placed under the 801-1000 category.

JNU is ranked lower in the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), where it’s placed internationally at number 1344. On a national level, CWUR lists JNU as the 44th best university in South Korea.

US News, on the other hand, places JNU at rank 1462.

Jeju National University Acceptance Rate

We estimate that Jeju National University’s acceptance rate is 55% for international students. As with most South Korean universities, admission is based on the student’s academic records and entrance test results.

Jeju National University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. A-Grade International Student Scholarship

Available to new enrollees, the A Grade International Student Scholarship provides a full tuition waiver to qualified individuals. This Jeju National University scholarship is offered to roughly 8.5% of the foreign student population, with a preference on those with TOPIK scores of 5 and higher.

2. E Grade International Student Scholarship

The E Grade International Student Scholarship, on the other hand, offers a 20% waiver to new and transfer students. Those who are eligible for these are new students with TOPIK scores of 3 and above, and transfer students with TOPIK scores of 4 and above.

Another Jeju National University scholarship for international students is the TOPIK scholarship. As the name suggests, it provides the following financial rewards according to test scores:

  • Level 4: KRW 100,000 or $85
  • Level 5: KRW 200,000 or $180
  • Level 6: KRW 300,000 or $270

Graduate Scholarships

1. Global Korean Scholarship (GKS)

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full cost (no more than KRW 5 million or $4,430 per semester)

The GKS is a nationwide scholarship program available to a total of 1,080 foreign graduate students. To qualify, the student should be no more than 40 years old. He/she should also have a GPA of 80% (or equivalent) from his/her previous school.

Apart from covering the full amount of tuition, the GKS also provides the perks:

  • The actual cost of airfare
  • Resettlement allowance
  • Living allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Language courses
  • Award for excellent Korean language proficiency
  • Printing costs (for dissertation)
  • Completion grant

GKS awardees are required to undergo 1 year of language training, although those with TOPIK scores of 5 and above are exempted from doing so.


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