This post is only for Indian students, and we are focusing on scholarships from the Indian government that supports Indian students. Again, this post is not for every international student, but only students from India can benefit from this post. Sorry to say, to all international students, but there are plenty more posts that you can find on our website at

Government Scholarships for Indian Students

These scholarships are offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and by the Department of Higher Education of India, and most scholarships are for graduate programs. Some of these scholarships are offered by foreign nations to Indian nationals, and others are offered by the Indian government themselves.

Since the offers change every year and different countries offer different ranges of scholarships, it is important to check your scholarship out at the official homepage before applying. Let’s talk about some of the available scholarships for 2019-2020, and these scholarships will disappear during this year since they are only for the school year 2019-2020.

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Eligibility Requirements

Right now, we are talking about the general eligibility requirements, and we will talk more about the eligibility requirements for specific scholarships as we progress through different scholarships.

  • Application from Indian nationals who are already studying abroad is not considered.
  • Indian nationals who are studying abroad for more than six months are eligible to apply only if they have returned to India and resided for two years after studying abroad.

Scholarships for Indian Students I

Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship


  • Has a Ph.D. degree in one of these fields: history, economics, or political science.
  • Has an academic record with at least 60% or higher in Post Graduation.
  • Has to be between age 30 and 40 years old.
  • Has a minimum of three years teaching experience at the Graduate/Postgraduate level after completing Ph.D.


  • Received an amount of $40,000 (Living stipend, Tuition fee, and Miscellaneous Fees)
  • Covers the round-trip airplane ticket from India to London.

You can find more detailed information about this scholarship at this link.

Since the application portal opens during the application period stated in the link above, be sure to check the information on the above link first before trying to apply. As stated in the link above, the application link will be posted in the notice on the website of the Ministry of India, and this is the link to that page.

As you can see, the application procedure is lengthy, and the eligibility requirements are long. Even the link for the application is not available since the link will only appear during the application period. If you want to apply for this scholarship and you are eligible, find the information such as the application link and the application period in order to apply for this great scholarship.

Scholarships for Indian Students II

The scholarship that is above is available every year, and, in addition, there is an application portal that has different scholarships every year. The link to the application portal can be found here.

Even though the scholarships listed in this portal change every year, I am going to include some scholarships just as an example. Remember, if you are reading this post after the period 2019-2020, click on the application portal link above for the updated list of scholarships.

In this application portal, all the stuff that you need to apply is included such as the application link, application deadlines, eligibility requirements, and scholarship benefits.

Israel Government Scholarship (2019-2020)


  • Has to have a letter of acceptance from an Israeli University in order to apply for this scholarship.
  • No age limit.
  • Must have a master’s degree in one of these fields: Agriculture, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Economics, Business Management, or Mass Communication.
  • Students who are pursuing a post-graduate course in Hebrew Language and Literature may apply for this scholarship
  • Proof of English or Hebrew proficiency


Could be a partial or full scholarship based on the budget of Israel.

  1. Partial scholarship covers
    • Part of the tuition fees
    • Basic Health Insurance
    • Monthly allowance for one academic year (8 months)
  2. Full scholarship covers
    • Full tuition fees
    • Basic Health Insurance
    • Monthly allowance for one academic year (8 months)

Accommodation and transportation fees will be covered by the student, and more detailed information about the application process is included in this link.

Remember, that this is one of the scholarships in the portal that changes every year and semester, so check out the updated information in this link and apply for available scholarships there.


Even though this post was directed toward Indian students, more posts about international students are coming up. Though you might feel disappointed if you are not an Indian citizen, be comforted in that more posts about great scholarships for international students are coming soon.


I hope this post on Indian government scholarships for studying abroad was helpful to you. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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