One of the biggest advantages that people today have is the advantage of studying abroad. Without a doubt, this advantage will help have a positive outcome in terms of future career and life in general. Studying in Spain is one of the current trends in society. This country with a warm climate, rich history, and interesting culture is attracting more and more attention among those who are willing to get both good education and opportunities in terms of a successful future career.

The universities and colleges of Spain offer a broad range of educational programmes designed in accordance with the Bologna system of education. At the core of the system lies a three-cycle higher education system (Bachelor’s Master’s and Doctoral programmes).

The majority of the programmes are taught in Spanish. Unlike in the rest countries of the EU, in Spain, there aren’t many programmes designed to be taught only in English. However, this shouldn’t stop you. If studying in Spain is your dream, you will definitely find the programme that suits you the best.

The majority of the education programmes taught in English are offered by private business schools. (Keep in mind that you will have to pay for your education). The most popular are the programmes allowing to get a degree in the following areas: management, journalism, communications, economics, tourism and primary education.

Below you will find a list of the Spanish higher education institutions and Minimum IELTS score requirements necessary to get enrolled in them.

Minimum IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in Spain

1. Autonomous University of Barcelona

The most well-known university in Barcelona and one of the top universities in Spain. It offers 80 Bachelor’s degree programmes and over 45 Master’s degree programmes. The university has 13 faculties and is an ideal option for those interested in Psychology, Medicine, Economics, Arts, Foreign Languages, Engineering, Law, Sociology, Education, Biosciences, Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. Foreign students may be granted a scholarship from the university that covers the cost of study. The IELTS Band requirement at this university in Spain is 6.5.

2. University of Barcelona

The leading public university of Catalonia as well as the oldest and most prestigious university for foreign students. This institution of higher education also serves as an important European research center.

Bioinformatics, Business Administration and Management, Tourism, Physiotherapy, International Business, and English Studies are the programmes taught in English.

3. Pompeu Fabra University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: band 6.0

The second-largest university in the country has the biggest number of foreign students. The campus of the university is located in the very center of Barcelona. The university makes an emphasis on researches in the field of medicine. Therefore, it is ideal for those who aim to get a solid knowledge base in the area of medicine and develop skills necessary for successful practice.

4. International University of Catalonia

  • IELTS Band Requirement: band 7.0

One of the most popular universities in Spain among foreign applicants. According to the data, the students from as many as 60 countries study here for a degree.

It has 7 faculties (Humanities, Law, Education, Dentistry, Economics, and Social Sciences, Communication Sciences and Medicine and Health faculty) and one school. Besides, there are 4 institutions that are also part of the University complex.

5. Polytechnic University of Catalonia

  • IELTS Band Requirement: band 6.0

One of the largest Catalonian polytechnic universities the process of education in which is based on the principle of internalization. The university is the best option for those who plan to build a career in the fields of engineering, architecture, and design. The minimum IELTS Band requirement for this university in Spain is 6.0.

6. La Salle University of Ramon Llull

  • IELTS Band Requirement: band 6.0

This is one of the most innovative universities in Catalonia. In total, the complex of the institution includes 11 universities and research centers. La Salle Business School ranks high on the list of business schools all over the world. It offers educational programmes in the following fields: Arts and Humanities, Medicine, Engineering and Architecture, Social and Law Sciences, and Sciences.

7. Abat Oliba CEU University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: band 6.0

One of the largest private universities of Spain offering 9 degrees and double degrees in bilingual mode. The list of its partners includes about 100 universities in 20 countries all over the world. According to statistics, the university ranks high in terms of its graduates that manage to build a career in the area they studied at the university. Now, the IELTS Band Requirements for this university in Spain is 6.0.

If your aim is to get a degree in the area of law or business, you should definitely consider applying to this university.


The majority of the Spanish universities require prospective applicants to get an overall band of 6.0. Start getting ready for the exam as soon as possible. Your enrollment in one of the Spanish universities will be the beginning of the path to success. On graduation, you will get a Diploma acknowledged not only in the EU but in other countries as well.  


We hope that this article on IELTS Band Requirements in Spain was helpful. To know more about studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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