Although no university in Cyprus offers completely free tuition, most of the institutions provide their services at a very low cost. As a matter of fact, Cyprus has some of the cheapest universities in Europe. The quality of education, on the other hand, is also one the best in the region. There are at least five private universities and three public universities that are recognized internationally. At these institutions, you can either complete your undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. The most important thing to note about the Cyprus education system is that the universities in the northern region of the country are run under the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus IELTS Band Requirements

1. European University Cyprus

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.5

Established in 1961, the European University Cyprus has since developed into one of the best universities in the region. The institution currently hosts 6,500 students enrolled in internationally-recognized undergrad and postgrad programs. What ranks the European University Cyprus among the top universities is its employability rate. Most of the students graduating from the institution are almost guaranteed a job in either a private or public firm. Similar to most universities in Cyprus, EUC emphasizes language proficiency tests since it offers the majority of the programs in English. At this university in Cyprus, the minimum IELTS Band requirement is 6.5 and a minimum TOEFL score is 79.

2. Cyprus University of Technology

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.5

The Cyprus University of Technology is one of the youngest institutions in Cyprus. It started accepting students nearly five years (2008) after its establishment in 2004. Despite having several decent universities, Cyprus still has a few crucial holes that need to be filed. That is exactly what the Cyprus University of Technology is looking to achieve. According to the 2018 world university rankings by Times Higher Education, CUT is among the top 350 best universities on the globe. Some of the requirements before joining CUT include a degree of your previous university or High School result slip and English proficiency test. Apart from scoring a band of 6.5 on IELTS, you will also need a minimum of 82 points on the TOEFL internet-based test.

3. University of Nicosia

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.5

Despite being established later (1980) than some of the universities in the country, the University of Nicosia has grown to become the largest university in Cyprus. This institution has enrolled over 12,000 students in various fields, including medicine, humanities, education, and law. The main campus is situated in Nicosia, while the other study centers are in New York City, Athens, and Bucharest. It has been ranked by QS as the 91st top emerging European university. As an international student, you also have a chance of being part of the University of Nicosia provided you meet various thresholds including language proficiency scores.

4. University of Cyprus

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.0

Established in 1989, the University of Cyprus admitted the first lot of its students in the 1992 academic year. The first number of students to graduate with undergrad degrees was 486, but the school has since grown by more than ten times. Evaluation of those students who qualify to be part of the institution is done through examinations offered by the country’s Ministry of Education. Also, if you are one of those students with special needs, the university has set aside some specific admission places.  As you can see, the IELTS Band Requirements for the University of Cyprus is 6.0.

5. University of Central Lancashire Cyprus

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.0

The University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, also known as UCLan Cyprus, is part of the University of Central Lancashire. Shortly after its opening in 2012, the university was licensed to offer degree programs in Cyprus. The main courses it offers include tourism management, mathematics, computing, and finance. UCLan is the only British university run as a private institution within Cyprus. Most importantly, the institution accepts international students, and you could be part of the community if you hit the threshold.

6. Fredrick University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.0

Fredrick University is one of the best private campuses in Cyprus. After being founded in 1965, it operated as a college before receiving university status in 2007. As such, it currently awards degrees for its undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and it was the first private university in Cyprus to do so. The students enrolled at the university are distributed on two campuses offering academic research and teaching in the fields of arts, technology, and science.

7. Open University of Cyprus

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 5.5

The Open University of Cyprus, located in Nocosia, is the only university in Cyprus offering distance learning. It was established in 2002 but has since grown to over 4,200 students enrolled in various courses. It is called Open University because students have the freedom to learn from their preferred locations. The requirements may vary from course to course, but scoring a minimum of 5.5 should be safe.

8. Neapolis University Paphos

  • IELTS Band Requirement: Not Applicable

Neapolis University Paphos was founded in 2007 but became fully operational in 2010. It is one of a few private universities in Cyprus awarding degrees and diplomas for successful students in various programs. In 2017, its programs were recognized by the Greek academic authorities. The primary focus of the university is to offer courses that tackle the real-life economic problems faced by Cyprus. Some of the main programs include psychology, financial studies, architecture, real estate, and business administration. Regardless of whether you are a local or international student, Neapolis University Paphos does not require any IELTS scores.


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