If you want to see how good your grammar is, the following grammar tests can help you out. I’ve linked these web pages where you can take the grammar tests, so we hope that it is helpful!

Best Grammar Tests Websites to Enhance Your Grammar Skills

1. Exam English

Visitors to Exam English will immediately take note of the abbreviations on the page followed by the words “Cambridge” and “Pearson.” These tabs relate to English proficiency exams commonly found in Europe. Best practice dictates starting off with the assessment grammar test, this way, users can determine their capabilities and properly allocate their time to the areas that will benefit them most. Once the test has been completed, a ranking is applied and certain grammar tests are suggested based upon the level of English. There are also quizzes provided, which are multiple-choice and provide detailed descriptions of the subject upon request. The site is an incredible resource for those who are learning the language or for those who would prefer a clearer understanding of their talents before establishing a study program.

2. Grammar Book

Grammar Book is great for learners, teachers, native speakers, and generally anyone who is just starting to learn the language. Although a fee is required for the full suite of resources, the free version still offers plenty of multiple-choice grammar tests to choose from. Colorful explanations and English rules pertaining to capitalization, punctuation, and others make this one of the more complete sites on the list. Other features include ten-question quizzes, definitions, and examples to help the user learn from regardless of starting position.

3. Soft Schools

Soft Schools offers a brief description of a grammar rule or common usage followed by a 10-12 problem questionnaire. Worksheets are also available although many are only accessible via paid membership. The website layout can be a bit overwhelming at first but examining the tabs at the top of the page is a helpful guide. By selecting the “Language Arts” tab the user is directed to the entire suite of content that the site has to offer on the subject, ranging from straightforward grammar rules to literary terms and general writing guides. However, it should be noted that tests are offered solely for the sections relating to grammar and parts of speech.

4. Khan Academy

Separating Khan Academy from its competitors is their focus on pedagogy. The lessons, distinct from most, are presented in video format with a brief test following its completion. Grammar tests are multiple-choice and are no more than five questions in length. Questions will vary with every retake; however, the level of difficulty inherent to the questions themselves will remain unaltered. Registering is recommended for those interested in tracking progress, however, signing up is not required to partake in the lessons or tests.

5. English Club

For those who are learning English as a second language, English Club is likely one of the better options available as it provides multiple sections specifically for non-native speakers. The site has plenty of grammar tests, games, and audio lessons that are fun and easy to use.  Unlike others, this site also includes exams on verb tense and modal verbs, which is an asset for even the most advanced speakers. The information for many of the subjects is presented in tables which is a refreshing change and shows dedication to helping users learn in novel ways.

6. ProProfs

People come in all shapes, sizes, and tastes, and for those who are looking for a little variety and are tired of not having a say in how their grammar tests are administered comes ProProfs. The vast majority of tests available do not grant the user any control regarding how a test is administered. However, this site grants access to options such as the number of questions, receiving feedback before or after the test, and allows for ordering of the questions from hardest to easiest and vice versa. Lastly, if none of the hundreds of grammar tests suit the needs of the user, then one can be created, although registering and a possible fee are required before access to the feature.

 7. Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster is one of those sites that sneaks under the radar, but it might ultimately be the only test website that users visit given how comprehensive it is.  Except for the eight parts of speech, exams progressively increase in their level of difficulty with the last few being quite complex. Lessons are laid out in full and occasionally accompany one or two exercises. The tests go beyond the simple multiple-choice model and often vary within the same grammar tests. A quality that is more akin to what would be experienced in an actual classroom.

8. English Grammar

Leading in the pack in terms of the user interface, English Grammar contains 300 pages of exercises accompanied by 124 pages of lessons all housed in a well-designed website. Questions are graded immediately, and each correct or incorrect answer is followed by a brief explanation. This instant feedback is a welcomed feature that doesn’t keep the user ruminating on why an answer is wrong while also building confidence with each correct mark. Only two negatives come to mind, the primary is that no quiz on commas can be found. The other is the lack of coherence in each tab, meaning that the most efficient method of locating a specific grammar test, is via the search bar. Nevertheless, given the array of tests available, the site is an asset to English novices and experts alike.

9. Quia

Quizzes on this site typically range from 10-20 questions and are either in multiple-choice format or fill-in-the-blank. As with other sites, the questions will change with each retake meaning no two exams are exactly alike. The really great thing about Quiahowever, is that it has variety. Any website can test your skills with a simple multiple-choice quiz, but in addition, the site also contains quiz-like games that offer a great way to learn while providing a pleasant break from the traditional format. Another selling point is that several of the exams have been created by teachers, which in turn makes them more arduous than exams on other sites.

10. Guide to Grammar

Simplicity and breadth of material are two aspects that websites frequently overlook, fortunately, neither is an issue with the site’s minimalistic approach. Guide to Grammar offers a wealth of grammar tests ranging from fill-in-the-blank questions to editing entire paragraphs. Exams are coated in one of four colors denoting their origin and supplying a hint of their level of difficulty.

11. IXL

IXL is an autodidactic website designed for students of all grade levels. Test formats vary throughout and test difficulty shifts according to the grade level. In addition to a test timer, which establishes a sense of urgency, tests also supplement incorrect answers with rich explanations of the error committed. Selecting a grade level reveals dozens of grammar tests elegantly organized by category, reducing search time. The site caters to a wide range of learners and everyone from English beginners to English pros.

12. Turtle Diary

As the name might imply, this site is aimed at a younger audience, specifically, those under the age of twelve. As one would expect given the demographic of Turtle Dairy, the scope of content available is limited to the fundamentals of the English language, with issues such as comma usage or subject-verb agreement completely absent. However, appealing to a younger or emergent learner is the driving force behind turtle diaries’ appeal.  The games related to grammar are pleasant and the grammar tests are challenging despite perceptions of the contrary.

 13. Using English

Unlike others, Using English displays a suggested level of proficiency which grammar tests from other sites should also have. One of the aspects that really make this grammar test stand out from the rest is its ease of use. Tests and supplementary learning materials can all be found without having to select various or misleading tabs.  Moreover, beside each category rests a number that denotes all the quizzes under that section, a feature that is oddly satisfying as it takes the guesswork out of searching for a particular test.

14. Learn English Online

Looking for a stress-free grammar test can be more challenging than it sounds. Websites are either exceedingly confusing in design or present too much information all at once. Learn English Online bypasses those cumbersome tasks and takes a toned-down approach. Quizzes can easily be found under their “Grammar” tab which houses various exercises each in a multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank format. Moreover, the site also provides a section dedicated to proper business etiquette including how to compose and email and resumes.

15. Quizlet

Creating an account with the site is mandatory to access its resources, however, that should not serve as a deterrent for visitors. Quizlet is a crowd-sourced website that offers throngs of intuitive lessons that have been created by teachers and students alike. Tests are bundled inside of subject sets that are accompanied by a host of other learning material. Moreover, since an individual creates each set, every exam is different in its contents and nature, making for a true test of the user’s skills. The site is comprehensive, joyful to use, and with a membership, includes in-depth analytics.


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