Georgia Institute of Technology, a prestigious institution most commonly known as Georgia Tech, is located in the northern city of Atlanta with a strong reputation for engineering and technology. Georgia Tech is a top choice for international students, as the university welcomes them with open arms offering them a variety of support services and resources to help them succeed.

Now, the acceptance rate—an essential piece of the puzzle. It provides aspiring students with valuable insights into their chances of admission, fueling their motivation to excel and unleash their potential.

So, are you ready to start an exciting journey at Georgia Tech? Read on to know more about the university.

Georgia Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate

Georgia Tech is a hot commodity. With an acceptance rate of just 17.1% as quoted by Georgia Tech’s Institutional Research & Planning department, it’s clear that this school is only for the best of the best. But what makes Georgia Tech so special?

The College of Engineering at Georgia Tech is renowned for its innovation and excellence; however, fear not, for its other departments shine just as brightly! The College of Computing, renowned for its cutting-edge research and industry collaborations, boasts a competitive acceptance rate. Similarly, the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and the Scheller College of Business also maintain their own standards of selectivity.

Beyond the numbers, it’s crucial to remember that Georgia Tech values more than just test scores. The university seeks students who showcase a diverse range of talents, experiences, and passions. Your unique qualities and potential play a significant role in the admissions process. So, embrace the challenge, dare to dream big, and present your authentic self when applying to Georgia Tech.

Preparing for Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is a great school, but due to its competitive acceptance rate, it’s not for everyone. If you’re thinking about applying, you need to do your research. Don’t just focus on the acceptance rate. Look at the admissions process, tuition costs, and financial aid options. By taking all of these factors into account, you can calm yourself as there are high chances you crack this tough acceptance rate!

Admission Requirements

The first step is to understand the admission requirements. Georgia Tech looks for students with strong academic records, high standardized test scores, and a passion for engineering and technology. You’ll also need to demonstrate your leadership skills and extracurricular involvement. So, start preparing today!

Tuition Fees

Preparing your financial resources, for the journey toward higher education at Georgia Tech, requires a clear understanding of tuition fees! Being familiar with this vital information allows you to chart a path toward financial readiness. Knowing the cost of attendance at Georgia Tech will help you navigate the terrain with confidence. So, arm yourself with this knowledge, and start your transformative academic adventure at Georgia Tech.


Scholarships at Georgia Institute of Technology offer a calming embrace, relieving the financial burden and providing a pathway to pursue educational dreams. These awards not only provide financial support but also validate students’ hard work and potential, empowering them to explore, learn, and contribute to their fields of study. With scholarships, students can embrace their academic journey at Georgia Tech with tranquillity and focus, knowing that their financial needs are taken care of.

Aspiring students, dream big! Georgia Tech is a world-class university and a very competitive school. However, if you have the grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities to back up your application, you have a good chance of being admitted. Start dreaming big and prepare your application today!

We hope that this article on the acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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