Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech, has its main campus in Atlanta, Georgia. What started as a trade school is now one of the biggest and best public research institutes mainly focusing on business, engineering, and technology. By 1948, 63 years since its establishment, it had grown to a technological university. In the same year, it adopted its current name after attracting more students from all over the country. Jimmy Carter (39th U.S. President) and Mike Duke (former C.E.O of Walmart) are among the famous Georgia Tech alumni. If you are interested in joining this research university read on to find more about Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate.

As a former trade school, Georgia Tech is still guided by the culture of training innovative minds to solve real-life problems. As such, the university has produced great leaders, entrepreneurs, and engineers. It currently has a total population of over 26,800 students from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. Its undergraduate enrollment, based on the most recent intake, is about 15,000 students. The percentage of in-state students is 60%, with the rest coming from other states. The university also allows distance learning and 3% of the total population is already pursuing their courses through this program. If you want to know the acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology acceptance rate, read on!

Apart from the Main Campus, there are Georgia Tech branch campuses in France, Ireland, Singapore, Shanghai, and Costa Rica. The university offers 34 degrees in 15 different fields (33 majors). Some of the highly ranked programs include Business, Engineering, and Computer Science. Georgia Tech’s work in the technology industry has been recognized by big companies. As such, it has partnered with Boeing, Google, and Intel in various research programs.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Georgia Tech is the 35th best university in overall performance. Industrial and Systems Engineering is ranked as the best among institutions offering the same program. In the past seven years, all engineering programs at Georgia Tech have been listed in the top ten categories. In the group of engineering schools, U.S. News & World Report ranks Georgia Tech at the 4th position nationally and 14th in the world.

Over 98% of freshmen and 45% of all undergraduates live in the residence halls provided by Georgia Tech. With 40 available residence halls, there is a range of options from which you can choose what suits your needs. In terms of security, the institute has its own fully operational Police Department. Georgia Tech is also active in extracurricular activities like golf, football, and tennis.

Acceptance Rate at Georgia Tech

The quality of education and skills gained by Georgia Tech’s students is quite high. Every year many students compete for the few spaces offered by the university. As such, admission to Georgia Tech is very selective with the current acceptance rate being 23%. For instance, if 70,000 students submitted their applications, only about 16,000 would be successful.

Some of the requirements include the high school GPA and either ACT or SAT scores. Based on the previous successful selections, your SAT and ACT scores should range between 1090 to 1520 and 30 to 34 respectively. There is an application fee of $75 that you will need to pay to facilitate the process.


I hope that this article on the acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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