Students from all over the world consider Georgetown University home, not because of the lavish buildings like Healy Hall or its prestigious reputation, but rather because of the care the university takes for each student as they seek to follow their ambitions here. It is a renowned research university with a forward-thinking community committed to social justice, and unique needs. If you’re thinking about attending this university, you should definitely look into the acceptance rate to see what your prospects are for achieving your potential there. Find out more information right away about Georgetown University!

Georgetown University Acceptance Rate

Georgetown University is well known for its top-notch academic programs as well as the support it provides to students from all over the world. The university has a 12% average admission rate for a total of 26,638 applications, with 13% males and 12% women, according to the College Navigator. The 12% admission percentage suggests that it will be extremely challenging for international students to get into the university. As a result, prospective international students are encouraged to demonstrate their abilities in order to be accepted to Georgetown University and obtain an offer letter.

Preparing for the Georgetown University

In addition to the acceptance rate, international applicants must think about the application procedure, tuition costs, and scholarship opportunities when deciding whether to enroll at Georgetown University or not. We’ll go through a few of these elements below:

Admission Requirements

Knowing the precise requirements, such as the minimum grade requirements, language requirements, and entrance exams, can help you plan and prepare efficiently, whether you are a local or international applicant. You, as a prospective student, must be aware of the admission requirements of Georgetown University in order to improve your chances of being accepted into the specific program of your choice and excelling in your academic endeavors.

Tuition Fees

Finances, or budgeting, are a big concern for international learners who desire to pursue their studies overseas. At Georgetown University, international students do pay more than locals, and the rate difference is frequently significant. International applicants should also have a better notion of the subjects they are eager to study or the academic costs of the university because tuition rates may vary between programs.


Despite the fact that attending Georgetown University is highly expensive, the university provides eligible students with several hundred need-based scholarships each year. Depending on the needs of the student, individual grants can be worth up to $60,000 annually. In some cases, these scholarships provide eligible and deserving students with full financial aid in addition to minor loans and work-study rewards. You are highly encouraged to look into the available scholarships and submit an application in order to get started on the path to success.


We believe that spending time reading this post has given you a better understanding of Georgetown University and the most effective manner to apply for a program there.

We hope that this article on Georgetown University’s acceptance rate was helpful. For more information about studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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