Founded in 1905 after the end of the Qing Dynasty, Fudan University has consistently been one of the top and most selective Chinese schools. It is located in Shanghai and is proud to call itself a member of the C9 League. Times Higher Education’s rankings have the school at 116th on their list of World Universities in the year 2018, and US News & World Report has them at 148th. Now, international students can receive one of the best scholarships in China, the Fudan University scholarships, to finance the tuition fees and living expenses.

About 32,000 students attend Fudan University. This figure consists of 14,000 undergraduates, 15,000 graduates, and 3,000 additional exchange students. There is about 8,000 academic and administrative staff, for about a 4:1 student to faculty ratio. FU hosts several thousand international students and is one of the most diverse schools in China. The school hosts 69 different departments and has over 350 different degree programs. Their degree programs vary from professional to Ph.D.

Fudan comprises 17 different schools, many of which have been internationally recognized for their extremely high education level. The schools include the School of Microelectronics, School of Basic Medicine, and the Center For Analysis and Measurement. These schools are broken down into 4 different campuses. All campuses share the same administration, as all are located in downtown Shanghai.

The school annually receives a larger amount of funding and is consistently one of the top 10 richest universities in China. They also devote a massive amount of time and money towards research, hosting an astounding 77 research institutes, ten teaching hospitals, 112 cross-disciplinary research institutes, and several national key laboratories. Out of these funds, the university is able to provide Fudan University scholarships to international students to recruit scholars and also help with the internationalization of the university.

Alumni have found great success after graduation from Fudan. They’ve gone on to many different fields of study, including politics and science. Graduated figures include Chen Jian (vice Secretary-General of the United Nations), politician Yu Youren, biologist and professor Junying Yuan, and Zhang Sherman (Managing Director of World Bank Group).

Fudan University Scholarships (Undergraduate, Graduate)

There are several different types of scholarships that are being offered to international students.

List of Fudan University Scholarships:

  1. Chinese Government Scholarships
  2. Confucius Institute Scholarships
  3. Bai Xian Asian Future Leaders Scholarships

Other than those on this list, there are other scholarships that are specific to each major and departments. For information on these scholarships, visit the Fudan University Scholarships Page.

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Fudan University has simple instructions for undergraduate and graduate programs. Also, there are admissions for English-Taught programs as well. You can view these instructions on Admissions Page. These guidelines are vital for applicant’s success, so read them thoroughly, and follow all the instructions to be a successful applicant.


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