Education is an asset that no one can take away. In the past, getting educated required students to be physically present in the classroom. It also takes some time before one can acquire suitable knowledge to practice a profession. But modern technology has made it easier for people to enroll and get educated while enjoying the comforts of their homes. Moreover, some courses can be finished faster compared to other in-school degrees. The following are some online courses one can finish within five weeks.

Top Five-Week Online College Courses

1. Foundations of Data Science: Computational Thinking with Python

  • Offered by: University of California-Berkeley through EdX

The Foundations of Data Science: Computational Thinking with Python is a course offered by the University of California-Berkeley through EdX. The course allows students to use programming to manage the power of computation. It gives them basic programming skills that can be used in manipulating information. The main programming language in the course is Python. It allows students to use Python to organize and manipulate data in tables. The students will also learn how to effectively visualize data. They will basically learn how to use data in telling a story through computation.

The course does not require any prior programming or Python experience. It also does not require a background in statistics. Real-world data will be used in the examples given during the course. Additionally, the students will also learn how to use tools that are mainly used by data scientists, like Jupyter Notebooks.

2. Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things

  • Offered by: Columbia University through EdX

The Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things is a data science course offered by Columbia University through EdX. The students will become acquainted with the major components of the Internet of Things. They will also learn how sensors acquire information. Moreover, the students will learn different ways of analyzing event data. They will also learn about sentiment analysis and facial recognition software. After the course, the students will learn how to make informed decisions using the information generated from devices. They will also participate in discussions about sensors, hubs and gateways, cloud computing platforms, and low-power processors. Additionally, students will learn how data science is related to natural language and audio-visual content processing. They will also study research projects based on scientific journals and online sources.

3. Course in Global Diplomacy – Diplomacy in the Modern World

  • Offered by: SOAS University of London

The Course in Global Diplomacy – Diplomacy in the Modern World is an online course designed for people who want to learn to use diplomacy in dealing with global issues. The course focuses on three main concepts so students will know how to address these issues. These concepts are Communication, Negotiation, and Representation. It allows students to develop and enhance their professional skills. They also get the opportunity to interact with practicing diplomats. The students will also have the chance to visit different diplomatic sites in London along with foreign and commonwealth offices as well as embassies. At the end of the course, the students will demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature of global diplomacy. They will also learn from different relevant disciplines associated with the international studies field. The students will also learn about changes in diplomatic procedures and practices. The skills they acquire will allow them to fully analyze global diplomacy.

4. Online Course: Noise Reduction Strategies for Mechanical Systems

  • Offered by: TU Delft Open & Online Education

Noise Reduction Strategies for Mechanical Systems is an online course designed for young professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in mechanical systems design and looking to get a certification. It is also for MSc/BSc students who want to acquire knowledge in experimental aeroacoustics. The course allows students to analyze different noise-generating aerodynamic mechanisms. The students will also estimate and evaluate noise generators in different mechanical systems. They will also learn to design strategies that fall within the aeroacoustic regulations of the European Union while maintaining aerodynamic performance. The students will also go through relevant and practical exercises to test the knowledge they acquired during the course. They will explore the essential components of aeroacoustic scaling and testing to give them knowledge in creating practical designs that can be used in the future.

5. Digital Marketing Circuit Course

  • Offered by: General Assembly

The Digital Marketing Circuit Course is an online course where students learn about strategies used in digital marketing with the goal of increasing engagement. The students will learn how to reach their target audience using organic, search engines, paid, and content marketing. They will also learn to use landing pages to convert prospects into customers. Moreover, students will also study different email marketing methods to engage users. They will also learn how to use analytics and KPIs to measure the performance of a campaign. The students can also make the necessary improvements based on this performance.

6. 1-1 Live Interactive Sessions (5-Week Program)

  • Offered by: ThatFXTrader

The 1-1 Live Interactive Sessions are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to master foreign exchange trading. It prepares students for a future career as a foreign exchange trader. Aside from the one-on-one training, the five-week course also gives students 60-day access to the exchange, access to a group chat, an e-book about rules on the foreign exchange market, and online tools and resources. The students will learn Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Candlestick Analysis, Risk management, Sentimental Analysis, and Behavioral Analysis, among others. They will also learn how to formulate a trading strategy and the types of impulses in foreign exchange trading.


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