International students either want to gain exposure to an industry they are interested in or are trying to supplement their income when they are finding work abroad. A country’s policies towards international students can have a significant influence on a student’s stay in a foreign country.

At the students’ end, it could be very relieving financially to be able to bear their living expenses and tuition, while also gaining industry exposure for their future. While some universities have incorporated a training/ intern year for students, others do not entertain the idea of having their full-time students work regardless of the industry. Read on to find out the top 5 countries to study and work for Nepalese students.

Top Countries for Nepalese Students to Find Work

If you are an international student with minimal experience it might be slightly challenging to find work, especially with some jobs paying a little above minimum wage. However, being aware of a country’s employability restrictions as an international student could ensure that you are leveraging your full potential so as to immensely benefit from whatever you put your time into. Here are the best countries where Nepalese international students could work while pursuing higher education.

1. Australia

Over the years Australia has become a popular study destination for international students. Not only is their standard of education up-to-date and top-tier, but they also have a very conducive environment for international students. Living expenses in Australia are relatively manageable, and the minimum wage is slightly over 20 AUD per hour as of 2023. Considering the average tuition, and living expenses including rent and food, earning more than the minimum wage seems like a sustainable prospect.

If you have a fair grasp of the English language so as to communicate effectively you could find part-time employment at food outlets, gas stations, libraries, and other enterprises. You are also sure to find like-minded peers at your workplace who are also international students.

2. Canada

Canada is known for its dynamic culture and evolving community that has opened up many job opportunities for students and professionals alike. As an international student in Canada, you could employ yourself part-time in the food and beverage industry, the textile industry, or as a taxi driver.

Canada’s economy is on the rise and the country is in a stable position in the political sense, making it one of the best environments for international students. As a Nepali, you would find many other students from your home country who have come to Canada to continue their higher education.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is yet another popular pick among international students as it has a feasible and recognized curriculum regulated by the government. The job market in New Zealand is also very welcoming of expatriates, and you could find employment in a number of industries.

Most students in Australia and New Zealand almost immediately start working as food delivery partners to companies like Uber. While this is a common means of earning in these countries, beware that there might be restrictions as to how much money you can earn per week. Since it’s popular among international students, some regions in New Zealand have maxed out on delivery partners and therefore would not be opening to newbies.

4. UK

The United Kingdom is home to a number of globally recognized universities and pursuing higher education at one of these institutions is sure to get you ahead of the professional bell curve. The UK is very open to international students and living expenses are, therefore, very manageable.

The job market in the country could be a little competitive, but if you manage to land a job or two, it would be sufficient to support you with your tuition, living, and other expenses. The country is an industrial hub, so there are ample opportunities for you to explore a field of interest. The UK is also known for its cultural diversity, and therefore, you would undoubtedly run into many other immigrant Nepalese students as well.

5. USA

Getting into a university in the USA might just be the fruition of your American dream. There are hundreds of universities in the nation, and you are sure to have a comfortable stay in the country if you happen to move to the US for your higher studies. International students are highly welcome in the country, especially those with outstanding educational qualifications. It’s also common practice among students in the country to work part-time alongside their weekly study sessions.

Jobs at food outlets, gas stations, reception, and other documentation and office work are pretty common among students in the USA, especially for those who lack prior exposure to an industry. With the country being open to full-time students working from a pretty young age, there’s an increasing demand in the job market. International students who have the appropriate communication skills are sure to find something that would supplement their tuition, transport, and living expenses.

FAQs on How to Search for Work Abroad

What Are the Challenges Faced by Students in Finding Work Abroad?

While some countries entirely dismiss the idea of allowing full-time international students to work, others, as we’ve discussed in this article, allow students to work a limited number of hours when classes are in session and during their recognized school breaks.

Depending on your choice of work, you might be required to make your finances and hours worked transparent, so as to be taxed appropriately. If you are looking for work as an international student, you will have to work some “odd jobs” on your way up to the career that you desire at least until you are done with your studies.


Regardless of whether you are planning to fly abroad for your bachelor, or for your master’s, during your stay abroad in one of these countries you could pursue your career goals. While most students only aim to support themselves financially, you could always make an effort to find employment in an industry that piques your interest. The experience gained would always be worthwhile in the long run way into your professional life.

We hope you can shortlist a country with better opportunities as a Nepalese student. Make sure also to check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!

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