Ranked #17 out of 447 National Universities in the USA, Cornell University has been inspiring students from all over the world since its foundation in 1865. Cornell is a private research university founded by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White with a vision of an institution where any person can find instruction in any study (Ezra Cornell, 1865). Accordingly, Cornell University has been offering a wide scale of programs for different degrees of study up to this day.

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University is one of the few private land-grant universities in the USA with over 25,000 students and 1,500 faculty members. Up to 2022, the international student rate is 25% of the total student population of Cornell.

Read the article below to learn anything you need to know about the cost of studying at Cornell University and be one of the few privileged international students to reach success.

Study Costs at Cornell University

The cost of studying at Cornell University can differ for international students as there are specific additional fees to consider, such as visa fees, health insurance, and other non-academic costs.

In addition to the tuition costs at Cornell University, the average spending per academic year ranges from $25,000 to $37,000, depending on the degree and program of study.

Application Costs

When applying for its programs, Cornell University requires an application fee, yet the cost varies in terms of the degree and duration of the program applied. On average, undergraduate-level students are obliged to pay $80 as a part of the Common Application. However, there is a possibility to request the Common Application fee waiver under certain conditions. For reference, please visit Cornell’s web page.

For graduate applications, Cornell charges $105 to international applicants as a non-refundable payment. To be exempt from the application fee payment, Cornell offers international students an opportunity to apply for the Financial Hardship-based fee waiver during the application. For more details, kindly visit for graduate admissions.

Tuition Fee Costs

Cornell University encourages successful students worldwide to contribute to the diversity and globalism on campus. Each year, hundreds of international students are accepted to Cornell for a variety of programs and degrees.

As previously stated, tuition fee ranges around $65,204, yet the cost differs in terms of the degree and program of study. Below you can find the details of the range of tuition fees for studying at Cornell University for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

Bachelor’s Tuition Costs

Cornell University has a wide scale of programs at the undergraduate level, all of which have their own requirements for international student eligibility. Currently, there are nine undergraduate schools and colleges, including the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Cultures, College of Human Ecologies, and more.

Cornell requires the same amount of tuition fee for first-year and transfer international students, which is stated to be $65,204 per academic year. Although there is no difference in the tuition fees, some programs, such as Bachelor of Arts or Architecture, may have higher costs for program-specific supplies. For reference, visit Cornell’s web page for international enrollment costs.

Master’s Tuition Costs

Cornell University offers many postgraduate programs in Master of Arts and Master of Sciences, including Master of Architecture, Engineering, Public Health, Food Science, and more.

Master’s programs at Cornell University apply different tuition fees depending on the field of study. Overall, the master’s tuition fee ranges from $42,688 to $65,204 per year within a categorization of Tier 1 and Tier 2. Additionally, some master’s programs require $78,932 to $97,805 as a total program cost. For field-specific details and more information about tuition fees, kindly visit Cornell’s admissions page for master’s enrollment.

Ph.D. Tuition Costs

Cornell provides a fairly rich program catalog for Ph.D. studies compared to many other colleges. Almost every master’s program has a Ph.D. program in the Ph.D. of Arts and Ph.D. of Sciences.

Tuition fees for studying Ph.D. at Cornell University range from $20,800 to $29,500 per year. For details, kindly visit Cornell’s admissions page for Ph.D. enrollment.

Other Academic Costs at Cornell University

Besides tuition fees, there are additional expenses every international student must take into consideration before enrollment to be able to continue their education at Cornell University.

The following additional costs at Cornell University are helpful for international students to figure out how much they will spend once they start their studies.

Books and Miscellaneous Expenses

Cornell University suggests its students expect a spending of $1,364 per year. However, this amount can slightly differ in specific programs such as Architecture, Arts and Planning, Landscape Architecture, Design & Environmental Analysis, and Fiber Science & Apparel Design.

Accommodation and Transportation

Cornell requires a mandatory on-campus residency for first- and second-year undergraduate students; therefore, the campus has many options for accommodation. The average cost of accommodation at Cornell University per year is expected to be $11,562. For postgraduate students, there are two types of on-campus housing ranging from $10,635 to $13,094 per year.

Transportation cost depends on the student’s choice of accommodation.

Living Expenses

Although living expenses depend heavily on the student’s lifestyle, the average cost of food and other personal living expenses is stated as $9,210 per year.

FAQS About Studying at Cornell University

How Much Does the Tuition Fee Cost for One Year at Cornell University?

On average, the one-year cost of studying at Cornell University for international students is $65,204. However, the tuition fees vary in types of degrees and programs. For degree-specific tuition fees, kindly visit Cornell’s website page for tuition rates.

When planning the cost of studying at Cornell University, there are other expenses to take into consideration, such as accommodation, books and supplies, or other living expenses.


The above gives you an overview of how much it costs to study at Cornell University. Besides tuition fees and additional costs, Cornell University has a wide range of scholarship opportunities for international students. In return, Cornell awaits passionate and ambitious students from all backgrounds and countries to enhance the vision and mission of the university for a better future.


Hopefully, this article on the cost of studying at Cornell University for international students was informative and helpful. Feel free to visit our USA Scholarships Page for more information about the different universities and scholarship opportunities in the USA!

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