The United States of America has one of the biggest Christian populations in the world with around 240 million. While many universities in the US are non-sectarian, there are still numerous schools that include the teaching of Christian values to their students. Some of these Christian schools are funded and managed by a religious organization. The following are some of the best Christian universities and colleges in the United States.

Best Christian Universities and Colleges

1. Grand Canyon University

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university established in 1949 by the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. It is one of the biggest Christian universities in the world with around 20,000 in-campus students and 75,000 online students. The non-denominational university is among the best Christian universities in Arizona. Grand Canyon University offers weekly Bible studies, chapel services, and outreach programs to enhance the spiritual formation of its students.

Grand Canyon University has nine colleges offering over 200 courses. The programs offered by its nine colleges are business, fine arts and production, education, humanities, and social science, nursing, theology, engineering technology, and doctoral studies. Admission into the university is somewhat easy since it has an acceptance rate of around 67 percent.

2. Emory University

Emory University is a private Christian university established by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1836. It was originally called Emory College in honor of Methodist bishop John Emory. It is a highly-rated research university, which is the second-oldest private higher education institution in Georgia. Around 25 percent of the student population participates in Volunteer Emory, which is the community service group of the university. The students serve the community and work in different organizations, including PAWS Atlanta, Jones Boys and Girls Club, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The university is a leading coordinator of the National Ebola Training and Education Center of the US Health Department.

Emory University consists of nine academic divisions, including the Goizueta Business School, the Candler School of Theology, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Law, and the Laney Graduate School. Admission into the university is competitive due to its 22 percent acceptance rate.

3. Indiana Wesleyan University

Located in Marion, Indiana, the Indiana Wesleyan University is a mid-size private Christian university established in 1890. The university was originally called the Marion Normal College before it was renamed Marion Normal Institute in 1912. The university provides discounts and VA benefits to the members of the military to allow them to achieve their educational goals. It also provides life coaching to students through its School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning. The same school also gives students advice and allows them to plan their careers. Prayer sessions and Bible studies are also offered for the students who have the chance to join mission trips facilitated by the university.

Indiana Wesleyan University offers over 80 undergraduate degrees along with 57 graduate degrees. It also offers nine doctorate degrees. It has five main academic units, namely the School of Nursing School of Health Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Adult and Professional Studies, Graduate School, and the Wesley Seminary. Students will find it easy to enter the university since it has an acceptance rate of around 72 percent.

4. College of the Ozarks

The College of the Ozarks is a small Christian college that is more popularly known as the Hard Work U. Currently located in Point Lookout, Missouri, it was originally proposed by Pastor James Forsythe as a high school. The school opened in 1907 and was initially located on Mount Huggins. The school did not ask its students to pay for tuition. Instead, the students were asked to work. Today, the college receives donations and does not charge any tuition for its full-time students. The school also has a 15-hour weekly student work program where the students earn their keep. The donations, grants, and money earned through work cover the tuition of its students. The school emphasizes character education on its students. It is also committed to giving them a quality Christian education.

The College of the Ozarks offers several courses, including Accounting, Art, Biblical and Theological Studies, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, History, and Psychology, among others. Admission into the college is quite challenging due to its 13 percent acceptance rate.

5. Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University is a Baptist university established in 1960. Located in Sharpstown, Houston, it was originally called the Houston Baptist College before it was given its current name in 1973. This mid-sized Christian university aims to provide a learning experience by instilling a passion for academic, professional, and spiritual excellence among its students. The university has a Cultural Arts Center that houses three museums.

Houston Baptist University has nine colleges offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including Accounting, Computer Science, Christian Leadership, and Philosophy. Students will find it somewhat easy to enter the university since it has an acceptance rate of 68 percent.

6. Hope College

Hope College is a Christian liberal arts college that first opened in 1851. Established by Dutch immigrants, the school was initially called the Pioneer School. The college has a Christian atmosphere since it is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. The college combines its Christian character with liberal arts to allow its students to ask thought-provoking questions that shape their lives.

Hope College offers courses that are divided into five main disciplines, namely: Arts and Humanities, General Education, Social Sciences, Natural, and Applied Sciences, and Pre-Health Programs. Entry into Hope College is rather easy since it has a 74 percent acceptance rate.

7. Wheaton College

Wheaton College is a mid-sized liberal arts college established in 1860 by evangelical abolitionists. It was one of the stops of the Underground Railroad that allowed enslaved African-Americans to escape in the mid-1800s. One of the first African-American graduates came from the college. The college is known for its tradition of deep faith and quality academics. Around 20 percent of the students of the college are ethnic minorities. It aims to prove a transformative liberal arts education through an academically vibrant and collaborative community that values diversity.

Wheaton College offers several majors for its students, including Applied Health Science, Anthropology, Biology, History, Philosophy, and Sociology, among others. Students will find it easy to enter the college with its acceptance rate of around 79 percent.

Even as many schools in the United States offer non-sectarian education, there are several Christian colleges and universities that instill Christian values as their students receive a quality education.


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