There is nothing more important than a college education. It is an intangible asset that only becomes more valuable over time. In so many ways, it is an investment in yourself. This is because a college degree can help open doors that would otherwise be close to you. This applies both for opportunities in your career as well as in your life in general.

The sad thing is that a great number of people are unable to enjoy the privileges that come with a college degree. This is because the cost of attendance for most higher education institutions is simply too steep. Of course, it should be stated here that there are still alternatives. Presented below are just some of the alternative options you can avail of. Listed here are some of the cheap colleges in Massachusetts.

Affordable Schools in Massachusetts for International Students

1. MassBay Community College

MassBay Community College has been ranked as the number one community college in the Commonwealth by the Brookings Institution. This is primarily due to the value-added salary outcomes of its graduates. This simply means that its graduates are able to earn higher salaries despite paying less for their tuition. In this regard, MassBay is able to deliver on its mission of providing quality education at an affordable price.

This cheap college in Massachusetts currently offers more than 70 certificate programs and associate degrees divided between seven areas of study, all of which aim to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare them for their chosen careers. To be more precise, students may opt to pursue studies in Business, Humanities, STEM, Health Sciences, Legal Studies, Automotive Technology, and Education.

2. Cambridge College

Our next candidate on our list of cheapest colleges in Massachusetts is Cambridge College, which has been around for more than 45 years. Since its establishment, this institution has become known as a pioneer in adult learning. This private, non-profit institution is a leader in the field of education, not just in the state but also in the whole nation. With its campuses in Boston, Lawrence, Springfield, Cambridge College has helped countless adult learners achieve their full potential.

It offers students a wide array of Bachelor’s degrees and certificate programs to choose from. For instance, there are programs of study in the fields of Finance, Management Studies, and Criminal Justice. Cambridge College also offers courses in Human Services, Health Care Management, and Human Services Management, among many others.

It is worth mentioning here that the Cambridge College curriculum is specifically designed to impart relevant and practical knowledge to its students while also fostering their critical thinking skills. Moreover, its practical approach to education trains its students to become dynamic leaders, creative problem solvers, and effective communicators.

3. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

  • Tuition Fees
  • Tuition Fees: From $5195/semester (Domestic) | From $9937 per semester (International)

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) is a part of the Massachusetts state university system. It is also the state’s premier public liberal arts college. As an institution, it has made it its mission to promote excellence among its faculty and students by creating an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching. MCLA also fosters intellectual creativity, active citizenship, and public service through its innovative scholarship and emphasis on applied knowledge.

This affordable college in Massachusetts seeks to produce graduates who are practical problem solvers. The knowledge and skills they acquire during their stay in college will surely be crucial in their journey to success. With more than 50 areas of study offered, MCLA gives its students a myriad of career options. So, whether one is looking to specialize in the sciences, business, education, or technology, this institution is definitely a worthy option.

Its campus is located in the mountain ranges of the Berkshires.

4. Northpoint Bible College

North Point is a private and non-profit educational institution that gives premium value to Christian values. This is most apparent in its focus on Biblical and Theological studies. This is done for a specific purpose: to prepare the student for a life of learning and service to Him.

Northpoint offers currently Baccalaureate, Associate, and Master’s Degrees. However, this cheap college in Massachusetts focuses primarily on its Baccalaureate Degree academic program as it is the institution’s prime asset. With a major in Biblical Studies, students can opt for a second major in any of the following: Pastoral Ministry, Student Ministry, Children & Family Ministry, Intercultural Ministry, Worship Arts Ministry, and Ministry Leadership.

Northpoint Bible College’s 297,000 square-foot campuses is located in Northeast Massachusetts, in the great city of Haverhill. Made up of nine buildings, the campus offers students a wonderful environment to learn and be closer to God.

5. Bunker Hill Community College

  • Tuition Fees
  • Tuition Fees: From $24/credit hour (Domestic) | From $240/credit hour (International)

Our final institution in the cheapest Massachusetts colleges is Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), which is located in the great city of Boston with campuses in the Charlestown and Chelsea areas. This public institution serves as a prime educational and economic asset for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because of the fact that it trains thousands of graduates who will go on to become experts in their respective fields. With at least 19,000 students enrolled, BHCC is the largest community college in the state.

That said, students can opt to pursue an Associate Degree in Science or an Associate Degree in Arts. There are also Certificate Programs available. Whichever program you choose, BHCC uses the same approach: outcomes-based education. This is crucial as it helps ensure that students are able to retain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed.

These are just a couple of affordable college institutions in the Commonwealth. It just goes to show that there are always cheaper options available, even in the matter of higher education. So, be sure to weigh your options carefully.


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