Philadelphia is one of the best cities for students. Due to the wide number of higher education institutions in the city, students find themselves at home. Close to Philly, there’s even University City, called such because of the high number of universities. There are approximately 40,000 students in Philadelphia, with people from many different countries. Therefore, you’ll have the possibility to get to know other cultures all in the same city. Something else to love about Philadelphia is its location. Once you have explored all the historical sites and know Philly in-depth, you can head to other destinations. New York City and Washington D.C are only a couple of hours away. In this article, we will be looking at the cheap universities in Philadelphia.

The food in Philadelphia is amazing, with the iconic Philadelphia cheesesteak as a staple of the city. Furthermore, a food truck culture offers a variety of dishes from all over the world. Lastly, Philly is a lot cheaper than large cities near it such as Boston, NYC, and D.C. This is a definite advantage for any student looking to live there for the upcoming years to pursue their education.

Philadelphia’s Cheap Universities

1. Community College of Philadelphia

  • In-state tuition: $2,684
  • Out-of-state and international: $6,201

These tuition fees correspond to what you’ll have to pay per semester. This is one of the cheapest universities in Philadelphia. This open admission college offers associate degrees in subjects such as construction, business, design, and health care. One of the things to highlight about this college is that it offers very flexible schedules. This allows students to follow a traditional schedule, to attend in the evenings, or to take their courses online. The possibility of getting an online degree is great for working students that can’t attend the institution. Also, the Community College of Philadelphia has numerous transfer agreements with 4-year institutions. This makes a lot easier the transition in case you’re looking to continue your higher education and earn your bachelor’s.

2. Temple University

  • In-state: $8,485
  • Out-of-state and international: $14,941

The tuition fee at Temple University might change depending on your field of study. Here, we’re presenting the tuition fee per semester for studies in education. However, there’s a very useful calculator on their website that will allow you to specify the subject you’re interested in. Temple University offers a large number of programs, with more than 500 options. These are available to students in different parts of the world, as the university has greatly expanded. It started as a night school at a Baptist temple’s basement, and now is the largest institution in Pennsylvania and it has transcended US borders.

The university has six campuses in Pennsylvania, with the main campus located in North Philadelphia. Internationally, it has campuses in Tokyo and Rome. It’s the oldest foreign university in Japan. With one of the largest university police forces in the country, one of Temple University’s main concern is the safety of its students. With schools that range from the school of music to the school of podiatry, you’ll probably find a program that interests you here.

3. Chestnut Hill College

  • Tuition: $18,475

This tuition corresponds to what you have to pay per semester. This private institution charges the same for residents and non-residents of Pennsylvania. However, first-year students can get a scholarship of up to $15,000 if they can prove academic excellence. This Roman Catholic institution was founded in 1924. It started as a women’s only college, but it later became coed. However, it’s one of the smallest colleges in the city, with only around 900 undergraduates enrolled each year. The college is focused on liberal arts, with social sciences taking prevalence over other areas. Besides, they have a holistic approach, based on considering the emotional and social development of the students, not only the academic area.

From offering bachelor degrees to only young high school graduates, this cheap university in Philadelphia has expanded its curriculum. It now has continuing education programs that offer classes during the weekends as well as the evening. This allows adult students that have to juggle their work, family, and studies to have a schedule that they can adapt to their needs.

4. Hussian School of Art

  • Tuition: $18,600

This tuition refers to the total price you’ll have to pay per year at this university. It reflects only the tuition fee, without taking into consideration room and board or other mandatory fees required by the institution. Hussian School of Art is a vocational college. The offer is comprised of 4-year programs focused on design. It offers one type of bachelor, which is the Bachelor of Fine Arts. However, students can choose from Visual Communications, Graphic Design, User Interface & Experience, and Digital Media. The main campus is in Philadelphia. In addition, there’s a second branch located in Los Angeles.

5. Thomas Jefferson University

  • In-state and out-of-state: $20,340
  • International: $20,450

These tuition fees correspond to each semester at this university. It’s important to note that over 90% of undergraduates receive financial aid. Therefore, the total sum to pay might come at a much lower price than what we present here. Thomas Jefferson University was first established in 1824. Very recently, in 2017, it merged with Philadelphia University. Thomas Jefferson University started as a medical school while Philadelphia University started as a school of textiles. Both institutions largely expanded over the years. Together, this cheap university in Philadelphia now offer over 160 programs. These go from architecture to health sciences including also engineering and business programs, to name a few. The university has a large campus with important research centers, including the Philadelphia Research Center, which focuses on engineering and design.

Philadelphia is a thriving and exciting city ideal for student life. With its rich history and a great variety of universities, you are bound to find something that adapts to your needs. Here, you’ve seen some of the cheapest options available to you. Keep in mind the possibility of getting financial aid as well as the fact that there are numerous part-time jobs available in a city such as this one.

I hope that this article on cheap universities in Philadelphia was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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