Studying anywhere in the United States can range from a relatively cheap tuition fee if you choose a state college to a very expensive package from the large, private universities. The interesting thing about a state college is that the fees for tuition will be cheaper if you are an in-state student, i.e. if you live in that state already (in this case, Maryland). It is also always worth checking the financial aid guidelines to see if you can apply for a scholarship in order to reduce the cost of your tuition.

Best Baltimore Universities with Low Fees

1. Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary

The national average non-profit college tuition in the US is around $28,000 for a whole four years. At Maple Springs, one year is about 84% cheaper than that.

The in-state tuition fee in 2017/18 was $4,400 and there are no different rates published for out-of-state students, which may indicate the prices are the same.

You can study at this cheap university in Baltimore for a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, so it is a very specific niche college, but one of the cheapest education programs you can get in Baltimore.

2. University of Maryland University College

This university college charges in-state students c. $7,000 per year and out-of-state students $12,000 per year.

Its 4-year programs range from Business & Management to Education, Healthcare, Communication Studies, Finance, and Languages.

The college is newly known as the University of Maryland Global Campus and they are offering a wide range of online-only programs too. Moreover, they have specific programs to encourage members of the US military and veterans to join and complete their education. They also offer a good number of graduate programs.

Prospective students can apply for financial aid to fund their education as well.

3. University of Baltimore

Another cheap university in Baltimore whose tuition is below the US national average, the University of Baltimore can offer programs for as low as $7,000 per year for its undergraduate degrees. With additional fees, the total per-year cost is close to $9,000 for Maryland residents.

By comparison, out-of-state students need to pay c. $21,000 per year for tuition and fees only. What is interesting is that a student can be considered “in-state” from a few other areas outside of Maryland, and it’s worth checking this on their website.

The university has over 70 programs in undergraduate and graduate fields, with c. 7,000 students enrolled across them. They have a good number of international students as well at c. 3% of the student body. Their academic programs range from Law, Public Affairs, Business, Communication to Psychology and Health programs.

4. Morgan State University

Morgan State University will charge in-state students a total fee of $4,000 per semester so $8,000 a year. This is for full-time undergraduate study, and non-residents can achieve the same for $9,240 per semester i.e. $18,480 a year. You also have the option of part-time study which will be charged per credit, as is the graduate program of study.

The academic programs on offer at this cheap university are a wide range from accounting to English to mathematics and finally through to sociology. There are many undergraduate options for a Bachelor’s degree and then quite a lot of Master’s programs too. Finally, you can study for a doctorate at Morgan State University too. They also offer online programs.

5. Coppin State University

Coppin State University was founded in 1900 and is based in the northwest area of Baltimore. Studying there will cost a Maryland resident as little as $6,716 per year based on the currently published fees for the 2019/2020 academic year. A non-Maryland resident, including international students, will be charged $13,113 per year.

Additionally, you would have the option of living on campus and paying for room and board. You can apply for financial aid depending on your family’s income, regardless of whether you are coming from Maryland or not.

Academics at Coppin State offers 53 majors for undergraduate study in the College of Arts & Sciences and Education, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of Business, and College of Health Professions.

There are also nine graduate programs and finally a doctoral degree in nursing practice available.

6. Loyola University Maryland

Loyola University Maryland is a traditional Catholic university. It was founded 500 years ago in Baltimore. It features 40 academic fields for undergraduate study and a massive list of study-abroad programs around the world as well. 

The costs here are the highest on this list and there is no difference between in-state or out-of-state students when it comes to tuition. It costs $48,700 per year as of the 2019/20 academic year to cover tuition only, to which you would need to add various small fees and residence fees if you choose to stay in one of the residence halls, as well as finally a meal plan. However, there is a robust financial aid program open to all students thinking of enrolling at this cheap university in Baltimore.

The focus is on liberal arts with programs where students typically experience a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio. You can have majors in Biology, Media, Languages, History, Economics, and more.

7. Notre Dame of Maryland University

Notre Dame is the only all-women’s college in Maryland and has a rich tradition of educating women at high levels. It is the first Catholic college in the US to offer women a four-year baccalaureate degree.

Currently, the undergraduate tuition fee for a full-time year of study is $37,000 with an additional $1,340 in student fees. You could also go for room and board on campus for an additional $12,200 per year. There is no difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition at this college.

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers a range of grants, scholarships, and loans for students who need financial support, and – for American students – there are federal Work-Study funds you can apply for as well.

Academically, they have a School of Arts, Sciences & Business; a School of Education; and a School of Nursing. They offer study abroad programs, honors, and other special programs too.


I hope that this article on cheap universities in Baltimore was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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