The California Institute of Technology, a famous science and engineering university in Pasadena, California, brings together some of the most brilliant minds to confront fundamental scientific challenges. Since the California Institute of Technology is recognized as one of the best universities in the world for science and technology, more students are choosing to pursue their careers in the USA nowadays. And there are more new adventures waiting for you in California than you can possibly imagine. Therefore, as an international student, you should look at the admission rate to estimate your chances of getting into Caltech. Let’s get right to the details!

California Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate

The California Institute of Technology is dedicated to providing students with an exceptional society and a top-notch education. According to statistics from College Navigator, only 3% of all applicants are selected for admission to Caltech each year out of the roughly 16,626 who submit applications. This demonstrates that only 498 had a chance to be accepted, with 2% males and 4% females. Although the percentage shows quite challenging competition, it also demonstrates the commitment to accepting outstanding applicants who wish to complete their education at Caltech.

Preparing for California Institute of Technology

Given the extremely low acceptance rate at Caltech, international students must consider the application process, tuition prices, and scholarships when deciding how to improve their chances of admission. This section will go over several of these components:

Admission Requirements

Caltech has extremely strict and high admission requirements. Understanding the educational prerequisites, English language proficiency requirements, and other criteria that are necessary and acceptable for each specific program is crucial for all international learners. It can be challenging to get accepted to the California Institute of Technology, so it is recommended that prospective international students thoroughly check the requirements to ensure that they meet the criteria.

Tuition Fees

The California Institute of Technology is no exception to the fact that prestigious colleges are generally highly expensive. Since the tuition costs are incredibly high, it would be quite helpful for overseas students to continue saving if they wished to attend Caltech for their academic pursuits.


The California Institute of Technology has limited options for financial aid. Donations provide the majority of these financial aid given to undergraduates and graduates at Caltech. There is no merit aid program at Caltech, so all scholarships and grants are need-based. If you are highly interested in attending the California Institute of Technology and need financial aid, you need to declare that during the application. Therefore, your path to the California Institute of Technology would be paved by these honors.


Keep in mind that your eligibility to attend the California Institute of Technology will never be determined by the low or high acceptance rate of any university. The above discussion offers a few helpful guidelines on how to prepare and submit your Caltech application. Make sure to prepare and send your paperwork by the application date.

We hope that this article on Caltech’s acceptance rate was helpful. For more information about studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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