The CAE Speaking Part 1 is considered to be the easiest part. People usually perform well in this section. Some people may find it difficult to answer the questions asked in this section. If you find part one difficult, don’t worry. After going through this article, you will be able to score well in this part of the speaking exam.

Overview of the CAE Speaking Part 1

Part one of the CAE speaking exam lasts for approximately 2 minutes. The first examiner, the interlocutor, asks you questions, and you have to give answers demonstrating your English skills. The second examiner, the assessor, listens to your answers and evaluates your ability to understand and explain your ideas in English. The assessor usually evaluates you based on your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The questions asked by the interlocutor are related to everyday life. He may ask you about your work, your hobbies, your favorite TV show, the places you love to go, etc. The purpose of this part is to make you comfortable with the examiner and evaluate how you would interact with the people around you speaking English.

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Tips & Techniques to Increase Your C1 Advanced Speaking Part 1 Score

If you want to score well in CAE speaking part 1, follow the secret tips we are going to share with you in this article.

Tip 1: Be Comfortable and Confident

Most of the students appearing in the exam are not confident about the way they speak English and become nervous in front of the examiner. We believe it to be the first and the biggest mistake on the part of the student. Don’t be nervous in front of the examiner. Answer the asked question in the same you would answer your friend.

If you are shy and want to build your confidence, practice answering questions to your friend in English. This will help you prepare for the exam day you will be sitting in front of the examiner answering his questions.

Tip 2: Think and then Speak

Many students make the mistake of answering as soon as the examiner finishes his question. The answer they give often contains irrelevant ideas. They often stop in between the answers to think about what to say next. This leaves a bad impression on the assessor.

The perfect way to tackle this situation is to think about what to say first. When the examiner finishes his question, take a few seconds to think of the answer, organize your ideas in proper order, and then speak. The answer should be relevant and pause-free. Once you started your answer, don’t stop until the complete reply is given.

Tip 3: Give a Detailed Answer

Don’t give answers that are too short. In CAE Speaking Part 1, always give a detailed answer to each question. You can expand your answer using different examples. Expanding your answer allows you to use more vocabulary and grammar.

You should also avoid too long answers. Otherwise, you might be speaking irrelevant stuff. A perfect answer comprises 3 to four sentences and is completely relevant to the question.

Tip 4: Learn Keywords

Learn about the important keywords and use them in your answer at the perfect place. Beautify your answer using fabulous-sounding keywords. You can easily find keywords on the internet about a particular topic. Learn two to three of them about each topic and practice using them in your answers.

Tip 5: Prepare Common Questions

The questions usually asked in CAE Speaking Part 1 are very common.  They commonly ask you about your work, your study, your free time, your favorite sports, etc. You can find these questions on the internet. Practice these questions on your own. Think of different ideas to include in the answer. This practice will allow you to prepare for the exam day. When the examiner asks you the question, you will not simply blank out. You would have practiced the questions earlier and you will be able to deliver your answer with full confidence.

Tip 6: Avoid Scripting

Some students do search the common questions. But instead of developing their answers, they just cram the answer mentioned in different guides and start practicing them. On exam day, they start giving the crammed answers like a robot in CAE Speaking Part 1. It is very easy for the examiners to catch scripting. And when they get to know about this, they will punish you and may fail you in the exam.

You should avoid this foul play. Instead, develop your answers. Think of different ideas to use in your answer. A little effort on this part will save you from the embarrassment of cramming answers in front of the examiner.

Tip 7: Use Different Vocabulary

Don’t use the same words and phrases in all the answers.  Instead, use different words. Practice using a wide variety of words in your answers before the exam day. You should also avoid using the words the examiner mentioned in his question. Think of different synonyms and use them accordingly in your answers. This will leave a good impression on the examiner and he will give you a better score.

Tip 8: Just Say Something

Don’t sit blank. This will ruin your exam. Don’t kill time sitting silent and giving the impression that you don’t know what to say. Even if you don’t know the answer speak something. You can use sentences like; the answer was on the tip of my tongue, I knew the answer and it was very interesting, but I would like to talk about… etc.

This approach should be your last resort in the CAE Speaking Part 1. Be prepared from home for what to do in this situation. Saying irrelevant stuff in case you don’t know anything would leave a bad impression on the examiner but, it would be much better than staying silent and staring at the walls.

You should not stop even if you have pronounced a word wrong, have made a grammar mistake, or have used irrelevant stuff. You have got only 2 minutes and the assessor has to judge you in this limited time. Staying silent will not leave him with any option other than failing you…..


We hope that this article on the CAE Speaking Part 1 was helpful. To learn more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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