Zoology is a branch of Biology, it includes the study of behavior and structure of different species. Most of the time, with its behavioral aspect, zoologists would often study these animals in their natural habitat. Studying how animals react with each other can impact human development and aid in sustaining said animals in the case of extinction. That’s why their work of place is often connected to the species they’re studying such as a marine facility for those in marine biology.

Moreover, they also study how new animals are formed and how their traits and characteristics are passed on from generation to generation. This means that a lot of time is spent in the laboratory to research and gather data, something that universities would like to instill into their students for their future as Zoologists.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best zoology schools in the world.

Top Zoology Schools in the World

1. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The program for first-years at the University of Cambridge contains one mathematical subject and three experimental projects, focusing on core topics such as Evolution and Behavior, Biology of Cells, Physiology of Organisms, and Mathematical Biology. After that, they’ll have to start on a specialization in the areas of Zoology for their second year.

The University of Cambridge has an inclusive and supportive community, it takes pride in an institution that is considerate and collaborative, taking the needs of its students first before anything else. Their community is based upon mutual respect and equality, that’s why a lot of students here mostly have only good things to say about the faculty and institution as a whole.

2. University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The University of Oxford is among the best zoology schools in the world. Its Zoology Department is set to merge with the Department of Plant Sciences and Biology to create a new department in the August of 2022. This means that the programs under the course are undergoing some changes with a possibility of becoming much more general and broader than it previously was.

This university is seen as one of the best in terms of future preparation, personalized learning, and a good community. There’s a lot of myths regarding this university, about how their students fit a certain stereotype and that those studying in this university have no time for fun at all. Those myths aren’t true at all, testimonies from alumni and students would beg to differ, saying that inclusivity and extracurriculars are one of their prized traits in the university.

3. The University of Melbourne, Australia

As a top zoology school, the University of Melbourne Zoology program gives foundational knowledge when it comes to the biological aspects of animals as well as their behavior. Students have a choice to focus on specializations such as behavioral ecology, reproductive physiology or wildlife preservation, and even data collection and data analysis.

During the first and second years of study, it will most likely be prerequisites for the chosen major, this includes general subjects such as biology and more specific ones such as Zoology. However, this does not mean that students only have a pick in science and zoology-related courses, they have what they call ‘breadth’ or non-science subjects available for electives.

4. Miami University, United States

Being among the best zoology schools, Miami University makes sure that its students get a personalized learning experience, allowing them to focus on health sciences, animal physiology, cell, and molecular biology, environmental studies, or evolution. This ensures that students have freedom when it comes to their areas of interest and their specializations.

At Miami University, one can study Zoology as either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science. Moreover, they can have a double major in Botany and Zoology, although the double major will have additional requirements to it.

5. Texas A&M University, United States

The Texas A&M University graduates tend to go towards the different specializations of the field of Zoology. Most of their careers revolve around agriculture, medicine, veterinary medicine, and other medical fields. This is because the courses under their program have a lot of biology and organic chemistry in it.

Furthermore, a fun little fact about this university is that it has a rich tradition and culture, dubbing it as ‘Aggie Traditions’. Students in this university are molded to have the traits of loyalty and dedication as a part of this culture. Thus, the university itself would actively look for already existing characteristics of their culture to ensure proper adjustment of the students with their life in the university.

6. Colorado State University, United States

The students from Colorado State University should be able to interpret data and conduct experiments based on their hypotheses. Moreover, they should have the ability to demonstrate efficient organizational and laboratory skills. These are most of the goals of the university and they will be properly applied throughout the Zoology program, making Colorado State University one of the best zoology schools in the world.

Careers in this university are broad and wide. Students find themselves getting jobs such as an environmental technician, ecologist, animal trainer and instructor, and even a production supervisor. This is because the program has a lot of general courses that range from biology, mathematics, and chemistry.


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