Are you looking to study Public Health abroad? Russia is one of the top places you should consider. The country is known for its top universities, with programs and qualifications that are aligned with international standards.

Besides that, you also get to manage your finances while living abroad due to its relatively low cost of living and affordable tuition fees. Finally, studying Public Health means you’ll need to be competent in research and fieldwork, which Russian universities can surely prepare you for. To help you choose your host university, here are the top universities for Public Health in Russia!

Top Universities for Public Health in Russia

1. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

The I.M. First Moscow State Medical University, or simply Sechenov University, is the oldest university for Medicine and a top institution for public health in Russia. Founded in 1758, it was initially the Imperial Moscow University’s medical faculty. However, it became an independent university in 1930, and in 1955, adopted the name of Russian Physiologist, Ivan Sechenov.

The university is among the higher education institutions in the country that offers a degree in Public Health. Its English-taught Master in Public Health focuses on teaching competencies in research and management activities of Public Health professionals. Moreover, it looks to provide education that is relevant to the global public health field, aligning with the Russian health standards.

Students take two years or four semesters to complete the program. In the first semester, students already dive into coursework, mastering core knowledge on public health and relevant factors, such as demography, biostatistics, and health management. The succeeding semesters also acquaint students with Information Technology and working with databases, crucial to collecting and handling data in their fieldwork. Finally, students complete a thesis and practicum during their third and fourth semesters.

2. International University of Fundamental Studies

The International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS), founded in 1998, is a research university in St. Petersburg, Russia. It has 14 faculties, all offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs across various fields. As a research university, IUFS works with the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council or IHAC, providing the medium for dissertations to find intended audiences and grant the researchers International Postgraduate Degree Qualifications.

The International University of Fundamental Studies is also one of the top universities to study Public Health in Russia. It offers the Master in Public Health program, taught in Russian and English. This four-semester program covers fundamental competencies in subfields, such as epidemiology, biomedical statistics, health policy and administration, and environmental and occupational health.

Interested applicants for the Master in Public Health program at the IUFS must have at least a bachelor’s degree in biology, physiology, environmental sciences, or any related field. The admission process also requires applicants to submit a comprehensive study plan and personal statement. Finally, students should be able to present reference letters

3. Northern State Medical University

Founded in 1932, the Northern State Medical University (NSMU) provides medical education to the northern part of Russia. The university has 16 institutes and faculties, offering programs from pre-high school teaching to vocational training to postgraduate studies. Some of the academic fields the university offers are Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Psychology, Social Work, and Pharmacology.

With its focus on health and environmental aspects of health, the university offers the Master in Public Health degree program through the Arkhangelsk International School of Public Health. The program aims to provide foundational knowledge for the practice and research of Public Health professionals. Moreover, it’s a two-year full-time program that requires the completion of 120 credit units. Each credit unit is equal to 36 hours of coursework, involving classroom instruction, homework, practice, and research work. Students are also expected to have excellent English language skills.

You can take the master’s program part-time, allowing you to complete it in two and half years. Either full-time or part-time, you’ll still go through the same coursework and allot your last semester to thesis writing. At the end of your education, you’ll receive a Russian MPH diploma, with Russian and English appendices aligned with the European Commission and UNESCO standards.

4. St. Petersburg University

St. Petersburg State University or just St. Petersburg University is a leading university for public health in Russia that was established in 1724 through the decree of Peter the Great, making it the oldest in the country. Since its foundation, the university has focused on science, engineering, and humanities research. It has two campuses at two locations in St. Petersburg: Vasilievsky Island and Peterhof. The university has 24 specialized faculties, providing extensive education in various fields, such as International Relations, Law, and Philosophy.

Among its 400 degree programs is the Aspirantura Programme in Public Health and Preventive Medicine, which is equivalent to a Ph.D. It is a three-year full-time program taught in Russian and covers main academic courses. These include Public Health and Health Care Management, History and Philosophy of Science, and Psychology of the Treatment Process.

Besides the main courses, students are also required to take foreign languages, such as Spanish, German, and French. In relation to that, the program includes Foreign Language Academic Writing course. After all, the program is heavily research-oriented and students should be equipped on all aspects of conducting research, including writing and communication. After completing their studies, students can either join research in the medical science field or teach in higher education institutions.

5. ITMO University

ITMO University was established in 1900 as a Watchmaking, Optics, and Mechanics Department of the Prince Nicholas Vocational School. During that time, it was the only department that trained specialists in those fields. Since then, the department underwent major changes, from being a college to a university, and finally being the research university it is known today. ITMO University has four schools and 14 faculties, extending its research focus beyond information and photogenic technologies.

Through its Center for Science Communication, the university offers an excellent Master in Public Health degree program in Russia. The program features the integration of technology and research, as well as evaluating interventions for socially concerning health problems. Students take four semesters to complete the degree program, with the first three covering coursework. On the other hand, the final semester is left for a research internship and completion of the Master’s thesis.



I hope that this article on Best Universities for Public Health in Russia was helpful. To know more information on how you can study in Europe, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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