Germany is the second-most populated nation in Europe and is located in Central Europe. Germany has consistently had one of the strongest educational systems in the world, and before the pandemic, one-third of the student body was made up of international students. The COVID-19 pandemic afterward caused a swift and significant increase in digitalization. And with time, a significant percentage of students adopted the trend of online education. Additionally, international learners who are unable to make it to Germany to study now have a choice because of the growth of online courses and distance learning programs. You should consider a few things before choosing to pursue an online master’s degree in Germany.

To make things easier, we will review the top five online master’s degree-granting universities. Don’t wait any longer, get started below!

Top Schools Offering Online Master’s Degrees in Germany

As an international student, you must have a clear plan in place before starting an online degree program abroad. We’ve selected the top five universities in Germany for online learning so you can make a smart choice.

1. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

International students can easily acquire a top-notch education that is given online to meet their needs. You could gain a realistic understanding of how theoretical principles relate to actual businesses with postgraduate online programs at BSBI. The university makes every effort to ensure your success. Moreover, with a degree that is acknowledged throughout the world and abilities that are useful in the workplace, you’ll graduate prepared to excel in the field of your choice.

Many other fields of study, including the Global MBA, digital marketing, and many more, provide a large range of distance learning courses. A budget of 8,500 euros is required for tuition fees to successfully complete the degree in 18 months.

2. HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management

An experienced group of experts in higher education formed the HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication, and Management in 2008. Professors and instructors at the institution actively encourage international students while they are enrolled in studies and will support them in setting out successful careers. While the degree programs here are rigorous, they are also consistently rewarding. In addition, you will have developed a wide range of competencies by the time you graduate from HMKW.

In the field of filmmaking, numerous new occupations are currently developing. In the master’s program in Visual and Media Anthropology, Filmmaking theory and practice are taught in a research environment. Moreover, the total cost of tuition for this two-year, full-time online master’s program would be around 16.680 euros.

3. International School of Management (ISM)

The International School of Management (ISM), one of the finest business schools in Germany, has consistently appeared at the top of many university rankings for many years. ISM focuses on enhancing sustainability in lives by offering degree programs and ongoing education on related subjects.

You can actively influence the future of tomorrow as a specialist or manager today with the help of the Sustainability Management master’s program at ISM. International students will get a thorough awareness of sustainability’s history, practices, and connections from both a macro and local perspective.

FAQS About Online Master’s Programs in Germany

Can International Students Take Online Master’s Programs in Germany?

The demand for online education has been rising rapidly in recent years, and German universities are now offering both English and German-taught programs online, allowing more international students to pursue their education from the convenience of their homes. It’s essential to keep in mind that enrolling in an online degree program does not imply a compromise in the quality of your education. We will review online degree programs offered at several highly regarded German universities in the sections that follow.


There are countless alternatives available to international students who wish to study in Germany. Therefore, you can choose one of the five finest options listed above to further your career in Germany.


We hope that you found our article on the top universities for online master’s degrees in Germany for international students informative. For additional insights about Germany, visit the Study in Germany Page. Furthermore, explore the Available Programs in Germany for more study opportunities.

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