Indonesia is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. With such a large population, it is no surprise that the country has a large number of universities, many of which teach excellent engineering degrees. Indonesia is also a country in desperate need of engineers, with nearly 30,000 fewer engineers than they need every year. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best engineering universities in Indonesia and what makes them so highly regarded!

Top Universities for Engineering in Indonesia

1. BINUS University

The Bina Nusantara University, or simply BINUS, is one of Indonesia’s premier engineering universities. Located in the capital city of Jakarta, BINUS is well-known for the extensive range of engineering degrees available at the college. The QS World University Rankings has placed BINUS within the top 250 universities in all of Asia.

The university is known for delivering a high-quality engineering program in Indonesia and offers engineering degrees from the bachelor’s level, all the way up to master’s studies. For students interested in studying engineering, the options include civil, industrial, and computer engineering. The university also offers a reputable master’s in industrial engineering, however, it does not have any engineering programs at the doctoral level.

The campus is utilized by over 30,000 students every day and, as such, it has a wide variety of facilities that allow for the smooth running of the university. These services include a BINUSIAN Card that is used to enter and exit the campus and a university TV service. As well as these, the campus has a learning management system named BINUSMAYA that allows students to keep track of their progress.

2. Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

Home to over 20,000 students at all levels, the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) is another Engineering university within Indonesia that offers excellent engineering programs.

Students interested in studying engineering with the ITS are spoilt for choice, with nearly 20 different programs across 4 departments. These include mechanical, geophysical, marine, and electrical engineering. Some of these courses are exclusive to the university. At the master’s and doctoral levels, more options are available than in many other universities, allowing students to continue building on the skills they developed during their bachelor’s studies.

International students are also well serviced by the university. With over 20 undergraduate programs specifically designed for international students. The CommTECH Camp is also designed to help international students to integrate into the culture of the campus and the country. With a variety of guest lecturers and visits to local landmarks, international students will start to feel at home on campus very quickly.

3. Bandung Institute of Technology

The Bandung Institute of Technology sets the standard for technological universities in Indonesia. Founded in 1920 as the first of its kind, the Bandung Institute of Technology is an excellent engineering school in Indonesia and one of the most prestigious universities in all of the country. This is demonstrated further in its rankings – being placed 303rd worldwide by the QS Rankings.

The college offers several excellent programs spread across a number of departments. These programs include industrial, civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering. Further options for study are available at a master’s and doctoral level for interested students.

Aside from the research side of the university, The Bandung Institute of Technology is widely recognized for the innovative projects of the student body. The university is the origin point for over 100 startups and owns the rights to over 300 patents.

4. University of Indonesia

With roots as far back as 1851, the University of Indonesia is likely one of the oldest universities on this list. As well as its age, the University of Indonesia is among the top institutions for engineering in Indonesia and is easily the most highly-regarded in the nation. Ranked in the top 300 worldwide and as the best in Indonesia, the college has a lot it can be proud of.

The Faculty of Engineering offers a wide array of courses for students at all levels. At an undergraduate level, programs include civil, biomedical, computer, and environmental engineering. This wide range of choices is maintained at a master’s and doctorate level.

Beyond the classroom, the university is well known for its extracurricular activities. With a number of excellent facilities, such as a tennis court, a football stadium, and an indoor badminton court, students interested in sports are unlikely to miss out. As well as the sporting clubs, there is also a marching band, a theatre club, and an orchestra among many other clubs that bring life to the university campus.

5. Airlangga University

The second oldest university in Indonesia and one of the top 5 in the country, Airlangga University is home to some outstanding engineering courses in Indonesia. Airlangga University is also ranked in the top 500 worldwide.

Most of the university’s engineering programs are managed by the Faculty of Science and Technology. Programs available at an undergraduate level include electrical, industrial, and Artificial Intelligence engineering. However, fewer courses are available beyond the undergraduate level, meaning students interested in going further may have to look elsewhere.

Airlangga University also has a great selection of student-led clubs to choose from. Whether you are interested in volleyball, basketball, theatre, or martial arts, there is always something to get involved with on the university campus.


We hope that this information will give you some insight into what studying engineering in Indonesia is like. Many opportunities can be gained by studying engineering and Indonesia is one of the most exciting places to do it.

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