Are you planning to take engineering programs for your college? Are you going to study abroad? If you’re interested in studying engineering in a different country, you can consider going to India. This country is known for its quality higher education at a reasonable price.

For the past years, thousands of international students have chosen India as their next study destination. Internationally recognized degrees, a diverse student population, and affordable tuition fees are some reasons why many students enter India. Plus, this country has produced a number of engineers in the fields. Thanks to their innovative teaching and facilities, engineering programs in India have a high reputation.

If you’re going to India, what university or college should you enter? We listed down several prestigious Indian engineering programs in this article.

Top Schools Offering Engineering Programs in India

1. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Located in the heart of India, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is one of the best engineering schools in India. They cater quality education to more than 10,000 local and international students in the country, and they are highly respected for their engineering and related programs.

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has several departments dedicated to engineering. Being a center of excellence for science and research, these engineering departments significantly contributed to the country’s technological development. The academic structure and curriculum of various engineering programs are focused on giving them the knowledge and training they need for their respective fields.

For the past years, the university has had a high ranking nationally and globally. In India, they ranked as the top-performing university in 2017, and they consistently joined the top five institutions in the country. Globally speaking, they are in the top 200 universities, showing their excellence in providing education.

2. Indian Institute of Technology Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is a part of the 23 public technical universities in India. This educational institution, in particular, has a long academic history of providing quality education to Indian and other nationalities. For five years, IIT Madras has been the best engineering school and has been consistently awarded as the best engineering university in India. Their specific study programs are distinguished as one of the top tiers, including their engineering programs.

There are several engineering programs at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. These departments were the first faculties or divisions of the institutions, showing that they have a long record of giving engineering education. Every engineering division contributes to research and training in various projects, scientific journals, and others.

Engineering departments in the university have different programs offered for undergraduate and graduate degrees that may range from two years up to six years of study, depending on your chosen specialty. The university also promotes its other research and scientific centers designed to help students. They have facilities and activities dedicated to engineering students to develop the skills and knowledge they need.

3. Anna University Chennai

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

Founded in 1978, Anna University Chennai is a public university in India that offers higher education in engineering, science, technology, and other related fields. This university aims to develop the engineering education it promotes in the country to contribute to its innovation. As they grew towards improvement, this university was nationally recognized for its academic excellence.

The Anna University Chennai has eight faculties. Most of the faculties are engineering-related, and each of these faculties has divisions and centers related to their specialty. They have fully equipped laboratories and classrooms for engineering students. For example, the Civil Engineering faculty is further divided into three more divisions with different areas of civil engineering. Having these departments and divisions ensures that they can provide quality education for local and international students.

Over the years, this prestigious Indian engineering school gained several recognitions in the country and globally. In India, they were distinguished for their expertise in research for Biomedical Engineering. Other rankings also showed that their outstanding quality of teaching and research is growing as they enter the world ranking for educational institutions.

4. Indian Institute of Science

The Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore is a public institution that specializes in science and engineering. They are famous for their excellence in teaching and research, aiming to produce professionals in the field. For more than 110 years or more than 110 years, the Institution has built its reputation for providing advanced research in science and technology.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Science, Mechanical Science, and others have specific divisions for engineering. They cater to local and foreign students with different specializations in engineering. Most of the engineering departments in the institution have an outstanding influence in India and globally because of the innovative education they offer.

In terms of facilities, the Indian Institute of Science has well-respected centers and facilities for engineering students. As they continue to aim at their vision of a world-class research center, they continuously promote research and its application to society, especially in their home country, India.

5. Vellore Institute of Technology

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The Vellore Institute of Technology is one of the private institutions in India that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and other related degrees. Every year, they gather various awards as they continuously provide higher education to their students.

The Vellore Institute of Technology offers different programs in engineering in various degrees. The engineering schools in the institution are built with highly qualified instructors and professors. Since this top engineering school in India takes pride in creating research in different fields, they have laboratories and centers made for students to study their respective engineering fields.

Today, they continue to impart quality education by providing the best teaching and environment for engineering students. Additionally, the Vellore Institute of Technology has a variety of related engineering industries. It will expose and train them to be one of the most experienced engineers in the future.


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