Typically, computer science students will flock over to the United States to ensure they get quality education and exciting opportunities. With globalization taking the world by storm, competent education is available in all corners of the world, including Asia.

Asia provides some of the most advanced perspectives on computer science. Naturally inventive and creative, the Asian community garners recognition for their innovative takes in game design, computer networks, and more. Read on to see our picks for the 5 best universities for computer science in Asia!

Top Universities for Computer Science in Asia

1. National University of Singapore

Starting today with the National University of Singapore (NUS). Singapore’s oldest autonomous university is also said to be the best institution for higher education and is among the list of top universities for computer science in Asia. It ranks consistently high in university rankings, with an equally comprehensive computer science program to offer,

The NUS School of Computing is the leading figure in promoting education and innovation in the field of computer science. The school regularly hosts webinars featuring the faculty’s recent research findings. The school is further divided into two departments, one of which is the Department of Computer Science. The department focuses solely on educating its students with a lineup of seasoned faculty instructors to guide students through their programming journey.

The National University of Singapore especially contributes to research efforts on artificial intelligence, database management, and software engineering.

Computer science at the National University of Singapore is also offered at all degree levels. The university also caters to double degree programs and pursuing computer science as a minor degree.

2. Nanyang Technological University

Coming in to take second place is another institution from Singapore. The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is Singapore’s second-oldest autonomous university. It also bags first place in the university ranking for younger universities, proving that the Nanyang Technological University has a strong academic performance despite its relatively young existence. Nanyang University is an excellent institution for computer science in Asia and offers a variety of degree programs, one of which is computer science.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University facilitates the learning of computer science students. Through top-of-the-line facilities and research publications fresh out of the oven, the school aims to balance theory and application in shaping the students’ future as leading professionals in the IT industry.

Graduates from Nanyang Technological University can enjoy attractive and well-paying jobs right after graduation. As Singapore dedicates itself to improving the digital landscapes, there is no shortage of competent job offers.

Undergraduate and graduate students can pursue their studies in computer science at Nanyang Technological University. Course offerings include a dedicated engineering approach to computer science and specialist programs for data science and artificial intelligence. Double degree programs are also an option for those who desire to specialize in computer science and business at the same time.

3. Tsinghua University

All the way from Beijing, China, we have Tsinghua University. Considered China’s top-performing university, it has ranked no. 1 multiple times in various international rankings. Tsinghua University is another leading university for computer science in Asia and is highly regarded for its research impact in various subjects, among which is computer science.

The Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University establishes the students’ fundamental principles in computer science. It allows students creative freedom in the application of theory in real-life situations. Aside from classroom activities, the department is known for hosting nationwide programming and gaming competitions. Through these activities, students employ theoretical concepts in the launching of their game designs, robotics models, and more.

Computer science at Tsinghua University is provided to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs. International exchange programs are also entertained, with a pre-programmed set of summer activities to do to maximize the limited time of exchange students at Tsinghua.

4. Peking University

Fourth on the list, we have Peking University. Coming in closely behind Tsinghua in terms of computer science programs, Peking University has been an important figure in China’s political and economic development.

Peking University’s School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Sciences is known for providing an outstanding program for computer science in Asia and oversees the Department of Computer Science and Technology. The department places great emphasis on research work and the related fields of computer science, like software development and computer architecture. Students can enjoy participating in in-depth research projects, as Peking University is one of the biggest contributors to China’s innovation and technological prowess.

Peking University’s computer science program caters to undergraduate and graduate students. Where undergraduates hone and master their grasp on theory and technical applications, graduates commit themselves to intensive research work to contribute to the academic pool of knowledge for computer science and information technology.

5. The University of Tokyo

Finally, the fifth-best university for computer science in Asia is the University of Tokyo. All the way from Japan, the University of Tokyo delivers one of the world-class computer science programs in Asia and is regarded as the country’s most selective and prestigious educational institution. It carries world-class degree programs, with an especially-implemented international program for computer science and its related subject on information processing systems.

The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology offers international students of the University of Tokyo a graduate program specializing in intelligent information processing. As most study programs in the university are taught in Japanese, this special program allows graduate students to complete the program without having to learn to speak or understand Japanese. The program concentrates on revisiting and reinforcing the students’ prior knowledge on the topics such as big data, cybernetics, robotics, and algorithms. At the graduate level, students can further investigate and take part in intensive research to discover more about the abstraction of algorithms and programming.

And that’s a wrap for the 5 best universities to study computer science in Asia. Each university had striking characteristics in its philosophy for computer science. Nonetheless, all of these educational institutions provide conducive learning environments for students to take the lessons and applications by heart until they secure promising careers. Computer science is an adaptable field, with each university focusing on its strengths and specializations.


I hope that this article on the Best Universities for Computer Science in Asia was helpful. Check also the Available Programs for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.

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