Quebec is the largest of the 13 provinces in Canada. It is famous for its vibrant culture, as well as its prominent educational system. To date, it’s the third-most-popular destination for international students in Canada.

Its education is different from the rest of the country, as the Catholic Church primarily governed it until the 1960s. Nowadays, the system is overseen by Quebec’s Ministry of Education & Higher Education.

While students must enter post-secondary studies (CEGEP) before heading to university, it hasn’t stopped many foreigners from enrolling in its prestigious universities. Add to that, there are many Quebec scholarship opportunities available, including these:

Can International Students Get a Full-Ride Scholarship in Canada?

Even though the application process can be quite complicated, international students can study in Canada through a full-ride scholarship. Also known as Lester B. Pearson Scholarship, the scholarship application includes your school application, a personal recommendation from your principal, plus several other things.

This full-ride scholarship is administered by the University of Toronto, and you can check all the specific details regarding this institution and its full-ride scholarship through this link.

Is Quebec Suitable for International Students?

It depends on your adaptability. Since Quebec is located in Canada, the winter weather is quite cold, and it is often punishing to some locals as well. If you are suited for cold weather, try to prepare for the winter months by buying warm clothing, and if you love cold weather, you will really love this hidden jewel of North America.

The living expenses are low when compared to other cities in Canada, and many students who have lived there say that there are many handsome and beautiful people living in Quebec. In addition, nature with its scenic beauty is astoundingly beautiful even in the winter and summer months.

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Best Scholarships in Quebec

1. Quebec Merit Scholarships for Foreign Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: $14,000 ~ $26,000 Per Year
  • Eligible Degrees: Professional Development Studies, Doctorate Degree, or Post-Doctoral Studies

The Quebec Merit Scholarships for foreign students are open to applicants from French-speaking nations. Applicants from select Asian and South American countries will be considered by the committee as well.

This Quebec University scholarship covers the full cost of Ph.D. or post-doc studies. Students who wish to undertake professional development education will be considered as well.

Applicants for the Quebec Merit Scholarship should course their application through their preferred universities. These institutions will then preselect the awardees who will be given the scholarship benefits.

The tuition waiver amount varies according to the degree. Ph.D. students are entitled to a waiver a year for a maximum of three years. This may be extended to another year as needed.

On the other hand, post-doc students will be awarded a waiver worth CAD 25,000 or $27,880 a year.

Professional development students are entitled to CAD 3,000/$2,390 a month for up to four months.

2. Quebec Excellence Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD 14,000 (USD $11,000) Per Year, Tuition Exemption, Health Insurance Coverage
  • Eligible Degree: Technical Training/CEGEP for Three Years

As mentioned, students in Quebec need to undergo post-secondary education (Diploma in College Studies or DEC) before heading to university. International students also need to experience this, but they may do so for a discounted price through the Quebec Excellence Scholarship Program.

This Quebec scholarship award, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education of Quebec, comes with a waiver amounting to CAD 14,000 for three years. Add to that, awardees will also be given health insurance coverage during their stay.

Currently, there are two Excellence Scholarship Programs available for select international students. One is the regional priority scheme, given to academically talented citizens of 44 Francophone countries. The awardees from this pool will be given an opportunity to study in a Montreal CEGEP.

Another scheme is the Priority Francophone Africa, which is open to accomplished residents of 30 African Francophone countries. Citizens of two International Organization of La Francophonie nations will be considered for this bursary as well.

3. Université de Montréal Exemption Scholarship for International Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD 2,000 ~ 21,000 (USD $1,600 ~ $17,000) Per Year
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Degree at Université de Montréal (UdeM)

UdeM is a Francophone institution based in Montreal, Quebec. It offers an Exemption Scholarship for International Students, which aims to attract the brightest students from all around the world.

The scholarship is open to full-time students who hold a Canadian student permit. Award amounts vary according to program, with the highest share going to Ph.D. students. Exempted scholars are given a waiver of as much as CAD 21,038 a year.

Master’s students, on the other hand, will be given a waiver amounting to CAD 9,787 per year.

The scholarship value for Bachelor’s students ranges from CAD 2,787 to CAD 12,465 a year.

Interested applicants need not apply separately for this Quebec scholarship program. After applying for admission, the student may follow up on the scholarship status through the university’s student center portal.

4. Concordia Entrance Scholarships

Based in Montreal, Concordia University is one of the three English-medium institutions in French-speaking Quebec. It offers one of the most comprehensive awards for foreigners, namely the Concordia Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is given to several deserving full-time students who will be pursuing university education for the first time. Awardees may be drawn from any of the faculties/schools within Concordia.

To apply for this scholarship, the student must upload the requirements through the Concordia student portal.

The file should include the necessary documents, including an accomplished application form and a personal statement detailing the student’s resilience through hardship and suffering. Likewise, the applicant must submit a curriculum vitae that chronicles the student’s work experience, volunteer experience, accolades, and other accomplishments.

All applications will be reviewed by the university’s Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards committee. Students who submit an incomplete application packet will be automatically disqualified from the consideration pool.

5. McGill University One-Year Entrance Scholarship

Based in Montreal, McGill University is one of Canada’s most prominent educational institutions. Its reputation has made it a desirable choice amongst international students, who represent 32.2% of the university’s entire population.

Many of these international students were able to defray the cost of tuition through the McGill one-year entrance scholarships. It comes with a value of CAD 3,000/$2,390 for a year.

Unlike other scholarships, international students need not apply for the award. All undergraduate students are considered, granted that they meet the minimum academic requirements. Graduates of overseas schools, for example, should have a minimum A average (96%.) Despite this minimum requirement, getting this GPA is no assurance that the student will get an automatic scholarship.

Because of this, potential students applying for this Quebec scholarship are advised to submit all the necessary documents in their applications. It’s advisable to submit all grades and interim grades leading to the application date, as this may help improve one’s chances of getting the award.


We hope that this article on Quebec scholarships for international students was helpful. Check out the Canada Programs for International Students to know more information!

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