Canada is undoubtedly one of the best study-abroad destinations globally thanks to its top-ranking institutions, a more tolerant community, and a very picturesque landscape. With lots of research opportunities and a high probability of staying behind after studies, it is no wonder the population of international students in Canada continues to rise.

While the majority of the universities in the country are public, there are also a good number of private institutions spread across the various cities in Canada. International students planning to study in Canada can opt for private universities because while they may be expensive, they offer more advantages compared to public universities.

If you are looking to further your higher education in Canada, then consider checking out the below list of top Canadian private universities to explore your options.

Top Private Universities in Canada for International Students

Here are some of the best private universities in Canada to consider for your studies as an international student.

1. Yorkville University

Yorkville University is one of the best private universities in Canada, with three campuses in Toronto, Vancouver, and Fredericton. It offers several academic programs including Accelerated Programs that ensure students can clear their studies within the shortest time possible.

The university admits international students from various countries worldwide to the various programs available at its campuses. In fact, international students who study full-time at the institution may apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) that extends their stay in the country for three years. This may even lead to permanent residency if you meet all the necessary requirements.

2. Tyndale University

Founded in 1894, Tyndale University is another great Christian-based private university in Canada best known for programs like Early Childhood Education, Biblical Studies, and International Development. With several degree and seminary programs to choose from, the university prides itself not only in delivering quality academic experiences but also in enhancing students’ Christian faith to live an authentic life.

Additionally, the university boasts several notable alumni like Lorie Hartshorn, who’s a top TV host in Canada, and offers several benefits to its alumni community like reduced cost for continuation of studies, free and discounted access to educational resources, and discounted tickets to attend university-organized events.

3. Kingswood University

If you are interested in church ministry and are looking to study in a purely Christian-based private university in Canada, then Kingswood University is your best bet. Located in Sussex, New Brunswick, the university offers several religious or Christian undergraduate and graduate programs including Pastoral Theology, Biblical Studies, and Worship Arts.

The institution admits international students and offers various support initiatives to enhance their study experience. According to the official university website, 91% of the enrolled students receive scholarships making education at the institution affordable. This is a plus, especially for international students who find studying abroad to be very expensive.

4. Trinity Western University

Another great private Canadian institution is Trinity Western University. Located in the cities of Richmond, Ottawa, and Langley, the institution boasts over 30,000 alumni and a current student population consisting of 59% international students.

International students are more than welcome to the university as they can sample the various programs taught in English, with tests such as TOEFL and IELTS being accepted.

5. University of Fredericton

  • Admissions
  • Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick | Medium of Instruction: English

Established in 2005, the University of Fredericton is a distinguished private institution in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It offers various top-ranking academic programs including online certificate, diploma, and degree programs. The institution is known for top programs like MBA, Occupational Health and Safety, and Psychological Health & Safety.

The university offers various support services for students to ensure their academic journey is a success. For example, students enrolled in the MBA or Executive MBA program at the institution can take advantage of the scholarship awards designed for the two programs to help pay for their tuition.

6. Ambrose University

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Ambrose University is a private Christian liberal arts university ranked among the top 100 universities in Canada. With academic programs taught in English, international students will find it easy to take classes and interact with fellow students. However, students who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements will have to undergo a LEAP program at Mount Royal University and can then be admitted upon successful completion.

Additionally, this is a Christian-based university and for international students interested in learning about Christianity or leadership, the university offers various seminary programs like Theological Studies and Christian Care.

7. International Business University

The International Business University located in Toronto makes it to our list of top private universities in Canada, thanks to its top-ranking programs especially in the business niche.

The city of Toronto is an ideal place for international students offering a wide range of experiences, from art and culture to food and outdoor activities. Being the largest city in Canada, Toronto offers a metropolitan and racially diverse community that international students would find easy to fit in.

FAQs about Studying in Private Universities in Canada

What Are the Advantages of Enrolling in a Private University in Canada?

Enrolling in a private university in Canada can offer several advantages when compared to studying in a public university. One of the most obvious advantages relates to the smaller class sizes, which is a good thing as it provides personalized attention from tutors or professors and increases opportunities for class participation.

Additionally, some private universities like Yorkville University offer accelerated programs, allowing students to complete their degree programs faster and enter the workforce sooner if that’s their goal.

While public universities are known to have rigid admission criteria, private universities are better when it comes to admission as they are a bit flexible hence allowing for a diverse student body with varying academic backgrounds and experiences to enroll.

The list above offers you the best private universities to consider if planning to study in Canada. However, while there are several advantages to studying in a Canadian private university, it is important to research and consider elements like tuition fees, international student support, and the reputation and accreditation of each private university you are interested in.


Hopefully, this list will help in choosing the right Canadian institution for you! To learn more about Canada, head on over to Study in Canada to read insightful articles and valuable tips! You can also check out Available Programs in Canada for study options!

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