Are you interested in joining the medical field? Many incoming college students are interested that’s why they take a nursing degree. Having a degree in nursing can give you many benefits, and you’ll also have the chance to help your country’s healthcare system.

Having all set, ready, and motivated to study and earn the nursing degree, the question now lies in where you should get that degree. Some would rather stay in their home country to study, while others will go the extra mile to find where the best nursing schools are offered.

Well, if you’re one of those who will go the extra mile for your nursing education, you can consider studying in the Netherlands. This country is popular among international students for various degrees, including nursing. In this article, we will help and guide you to find the best universities in the Netherlands that offer nursing and medical-related programs that will surely help you. Here are the best nursing schools that you can consider. Make sure to read more!

Top Schools Offering Nursing Programs in the Netherlands

1. Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

The Christelijke Hogeschool Ede offers a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Public Health. There’s also a postgraduate course commonly taken by many graduate students as a preparation for their further studies or medical research abroad or just for deepening their knowledge in medicine and public health. Graduate students with a bachelor’s degree in nursing often take public health as their graduate programs.

Usually, those who take this program want to analyze the health problems of a community and look at it as a whole. The objective of the program is to teach its students to come up with a solution that will benefit the whole community and improve the general health status of the citizens. Because of its curriculum and the success of its alumni, Christelijke Hogeschool Ede is the best nursing school in the Netherlands.

2. The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences offers nursing programs along with nutrition and dietetics programs as the only two medical programs in the university. This top nursing school in the Netherlands is among several universities that do not have a medical department or a designated group of faculty but have a standing degree program for nursing which is managed by two to three professors or faculty.

Moreover, even though the manpower and staff for the course program are low, the output and activities for the course are outstanding and they could spare some time for research given their regular course curriculum.

3. Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Next on our list of best Dutch nursing schools is Hanze University of Applied Sciences School of Nursing. On the other hand, this nursing school specializes in offering international degree programs for short periods aside from the nursing program with a regular curriculum. They also have summer school nursing programs that are mainly supplementary and offer courses that are easy to understand.

The majority of the students at Hanze University are international, and the sole reason for that is the shorter period of completion for the nursing degree. Furthermore, the courses and programs offered in the university are global or international, which means, the education and knowledge you would receive in Hanze are universal.

4. Utrecht University

Utrecht University is among the most technologically advanced university in the Netherlands and one of the best nursing schools in the Netherlands that are inclined toward research. The administration of the university also owns a hospital, and that is enough reason why many students, international and local, enroll in the university.

Being employed right after graduating from university is possible because of the school’s hospital branch. Other than this, because the university focuses on research, many Ph.D. degree holders are around the school doing their research and teaching courses for the students and nurses in training. This made the school a high-quality learning environment.

5. Free University of Amsterdam

The Free University of Amsterdam, more locally known as Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, School of Medical Sciences nursing program adapts the three-year course curriculum program just like the majority of nursing programs in other universities. They are among the best nursing schools in the Netherlands and have ambitions to be known as the knowledge center for nursing and medical sciences, which is not far from happening. This is because the university is among the top universities in the country when it comes to medicine and other related courses and programs related to that.

Medicine is the university’s largest program and the center of education; that is why it is generously funded. This means that the Department of Medical Science always catches up and acquires modern and advanced equipment for medical courses and highly maintains its facilities.

FAQS About Studying Nursing in the Netherlands

Can International Students Take a Nursing Program in the Netherlands?

The answer is Yes! International students can get a nursing degree in the Netherlands. Many top educational institutions in the country are offering nursing programs that are open to both local and international students.

However, the requirements per country may vary depending on your chosen school in the Netherlands, degree, and other factors. But for the basics, you should be prepared for the language and academic requirements.

If you’re aiming to study nursing here, you are very welcome. There is a growing population of international students in the country.

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We hope that this article on the top nursing schools in the Netherlands was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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