Spain is one of the best destination countries if you are looking for a good medical program at reasonable prices. This country is not just for tourists anymore, they are expanding their views and schools, by accepting international students and providing classes taught in English. If that is not enough, Spain is also one of the warmest and sunniest countries in Europe, offering more than education.

It’s well known that people in Spain are welcoming and you will feel right at home there. They also have top-class educators, affiliate hospitals, and professional staff to help you on your way to higher education. The people there are pretty easy-going and you will have the opportunity to travel around Spain and Europe if you decide to study there.

Like with most foreign countries it would be advised to learn the basics of the language spoken there, in this case, Spanish. Although there is an English education system available, you will feel more comfortable and ready if you know the language. As a medical student and future doctor communication will be the key to your success, so you must understand the patient and provide the right medical care. Now, let’s look at some of the best medical schools in Spain.

Top Medical Schools in Spain

1. University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona was established in 1450, and the University of Barcelona has been the best medical school in Spain for years. They occupy the No. 1 place in Spain, and they are always in the top 100 in the world, making it an easy choice when you decide where to get your education.

The university is located in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Spain, where you can get the best education while enjoying your everyday life. This university thrives on diversity, critical thinking, and research. They also offer a variety of benefits for students in form of scholarships and they firmly stand by their vision that education comes first.

The University of Barcelona has over 5,000 international students, although most lectures are in Spanish and Catalonian, there are a few courses that are fully in English. They offer a good education plan and comfortable learning for everyone.

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2. University of Navarra

The University of Navarra was established in 1952, as a private institution by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer. The University of Navarra is one of the best medical schools in Spain but also ranks pretty high in the world. They are welcoming international students and cooperate with many other universities worldwide.

This university also runs a teaching hospital, where medical students can acquire practical knowledge under the supervision of top doctors and professors. This clinical education will go a long way to ensure that students are already for any challenge ahead. That combination of theoretical and clinical education can be beneficial for future job searches, as diplomas from Spain are recognized everywhere.

3. University of Valencia

The University of Valencia was founded in 1499. This university has three campuses and it’s located on the coastline. This is one of the oldest universities in Spain and a leading academic institution. Most of the classes are in Spanish but the university offers some classes in English.

They are welcoming foreign students and constantly working on improving and accommodating modern views of medical care. This university can be a good choice for all international students looking for a good education while enjoying the beautiful city.

4. University of Granada

Another top medical school in Spain is the University of Granada. It was established in 1531, and it is one of the oldest universities in Spain. The origins of this university go back even more, to 1349, when it was used as a school for medicine, calculus, astronomy, geometry, and logic.

The University of Grenada houses over 47,000 students, and over 4,000 are international. They are offering some education in English but most subjects are still in Spanish, so as always we advise you to be prepared to learn a new language.

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5. University of Seville

The University of Seville was founded in 1505, as Colegio de Santa María de Jesús, and over 500 hundred years they are one of the best schools in Spain, offering high-quality education and experience. This university is also a museum, with amazing heritage and history represented in perfectly conditioned pieces.

The university’s motto is “Equality, liberty, justice, and pluralism” and with that idea, they are opening their doors to international students, professors, and staff. They also have many cooperative connections to hospitals and other universities, including Harvard University. This can be very beneficial for students deciding to get their education here.

6. Pompeu Fabra University

The Pompeu Fabra University is one of the younger medical schools in Spain, established in 1990. They offer three main programs:

  • Social sciences and humanities;
  • Health and life sciences;
  • Communications and information technologies

Also known as UPF this university offers broad education possibilities for national and international students, providing the best practical knowledge in combination with a high-quality theoretical background. The fact that they are so young is a big benefit because they are working hard to prove their worth.

7. University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza was founded in 1542, but it’s mentioned as early as the 12th century. They are now proudly represented as one of the leaders in technological innovation centers in Spain, making this university popular among students and scientists.

They offer Spanish courses for international students, meaning the language accommodates the needs of a beginner. This is one of the rare universities in Span to have such benefits, so it comes as no surprise they have almost 2,000 international students.

FAQS About Studying Medicine in Spain

Can International Students Enroll in Medical Schools in Spain?

According to Studying-in-Spain, international students can enroll in medical schools in Spain. This is one of the most popular destinations for students worldwide, because of its affordable prices and good education. Spain also has a rich culture and history, to provide you with endless entertainment and make your experience even better.

There are over 194,000 international students in Spain, and this number grew by 27% in the last three years, proving that Spain truly is a good choice for medical students all over the world. There are students from Europe like Italy, France, and Hungary, but there are also a lot of students from China, Columbia, Ecuador, etc.

Good international connections are one of the reasons students prefer Spain over other European countries, but this amazing state also has other attractions like museums, libraries, sites, architecture, and cuisine, making the experience of education even more pleasurable.

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What is the Medical Curriculum Like in Medical Schools in Spain?

According to MedEdPublish, you need to finish a six-year program to obtain a medical diploma in Spain. The first two years are pre-clinical or theoretical where basic subjects like biology and chemistry are studied. The next four years are clinical studies, where you have the chance to work in a hospital, acquire practical knowledge and be under supervision.

After finishing the initial six years you can go to postgraduate specialization (MIR) to practice medicine in private or state facilities. There is a high demand for specialization, but there are just a few spots available each year, so this is a very competitive part of education in Spain.

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In summary, Spain is one of those countries that offer a full package, with an amazing education, decent costs of studying and living, and great opportunities for traveling and discovering. The universities pay special attention to international students and they are working hard to accommodate the language barriers. Most universities offer classes in Spanish, but some are now transferring to English. This is a big and long process, but even starting one is a good implication that Spain is on the right path. When choosing the right university for you look at this language learning process as a challenge that will further improve your abilities and broaden your views.


We hope that this article on the best medical schools in Spain was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students to know more about similar topics!

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