Over the past decades, medical schools in China are becoming more popular, for many reasons. China’s medicine has progressed so much in recent years, and their schools are getting recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), so students from all around the world are gathering to enroll there. Higher education in China will provide you with a diploma you can use there if you want to, but you will be able to practice medicine anywhere in the world.

There are a few more positive aspects when it comes to the schooling system in China:

  1. The initial entrance requirements are lower than in other countries, thus it is easier for many to enroll in Chinese medical schools.
  2. The cost of school and life, in general, is much cheaper, and very comfortable for foreign students.
  3. They are welcoming and more than ready to accommodate everyone with a desire to learn and progress.

All things considered, medical schools in China are a great way to get your diploma, recognized worldwide and for a lower price while staying up with modern medicine, excellent research laboratories, and a great hospital care system. There are many top universities in China to choose from, depending on the location, enrollment system and requirements needed. But for now, here are the top 7 medical schools in China.

Top Medical Schools in China

1. Peking Union Medical College

Peking Union Medical College was founded in 1917 and it is one of the best medical schools in China ever since. This school offers eight yearlong education resulting in an M.D. degree. They are open to international students and have a wide network of facilities to ensure the best education possible.

This school offers:

  • Graduate School
  • School of Clinical Medicine
  • School of Nursing

They are one of the more strict ones when it comes to enrolling, but this will mean that the groups are more selected and thus education at its finest. This school, being one of the oldest and most respected is probably the best choice you can make for your future education.

2. Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University, one of the best medical schools in China, was founded in 1934 and 1962 became one of the first colleges with a 6-year long medical program. This amazing university has 22 schools and twenty-four affiliated hospitals and more than fifty teaching hospitals.

The program is allowing foreign students to enroll, but to graduate, they have to learn Chinese, which is one of the subjects though in the school. They offer a lot of experience firsthand and a great way to learn in one of their affiliate hospitals.

3. Capital Medical University

Capital Medical University was founded in 1960 in Beijing. Being in the capital of the country, this University is one of the leading ones, with amazing professors, a great reputation for research facilities, and a six-year MBBS program.

They are welcoming all international students and have cooperation agreements with over 50 universities. Their curriculum in tales 1 year of foundation, 2 years of basic medicine, 2 years of clinical medicine, and 1-year internship.

Capital Medical University is a great choice for an amazing University, but also a location that can provide much more experience.

4. Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University

Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University was founded in 1927 by Dr. Fuqing Yan and is one of the leading schools in China. Bachelor degree program is offered in 10 academic disciplines, like:

  • Clinical Medicine (8 years)
  • Clinical Medicine (5 years)
  • Clinical Medicine (6 years, taught in English)

The current leadership of this medical school in China is there to make sure you are getting the right education, practice, and opportunities to learn and grow. They have over 6.000 students and 22 professors were rewarded by The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar.

5. Tianjin Medical University

Another top medical school in China is Tianjin Medical University, which was established in 1951 and it is becoming a world-recognized medical institution for education, research, and medical expertise. This university offers cooperation with over 96 other universities from 24 countries and regions.

A total of 10,300 students are learning various disciplines including basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacology, and nursing. This University welcomes more than 200 international students from 10 countries every year. Most students are enrolled in the fall, but some come sooner to learn Chinese. It is one of the best multicultural places to get your education.

6. China Medical University

China Medical College was founded in 1958 and in 2003 it became University. They are one of the leading schools for higher education in Taiwan. They are offering broad teaching facilities, subjects, and research opportunities.

They are striving to modernize Chinese medicine by implementing Western knowledge while retaining some of the Chinese old medicine, even Chinese herbs are one of the subjects available.

They are offering more than education, with the mission to produce well-rounded, compassionate, and capable students, who will be able to perform in the future. As their motto says: education: compassion, prudence, diligence, integrity.

7. Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is one of the oldest medical schools in China, established in 1897 as Qiushi Academy, and the school motto “Seeking Truth” is one of the simplest yet so inviting. This University came a long way and was acknowledged as one of the top 100 universities in the world in 2017.

They are leading through innovation, and look very modern for a school that has been around for so long. They are keeping up with technologies and offer amazing programs for learning and research.

This unique University is home to over 62,000 students, and that includes international students from 140 different countries.

8. West China School of Medicine of Sichuan University

The West China School of Medicine roots back to 1892. After a series of changes in ownership, the institute merged with Sichuan University in 2000 and is now known as the West China School of Medicine of Sichuan University, located in Chengdu.

This institute is among the top five medical institutes in China. Additionally, it has been ranked number 10 in the world and number 1 in China by Nature Index in 2022.

WCSM is reputed for its excellence in the medical field. The institute aspires to produce highly skilled medical professionals for generations to come. It also serves as a national model for education in medicine in China.

The Medical program at WCSM instills its students with a solid foundation in medical knowledge, in addition to the best of clinical abilities and great professionalism.

9. Shantou University Medical College

The Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is a part of Shantou University, which roots back to 1924. SUMC has achieved great milestones in recent decades in research and academia. SUMC was also widely recognized in China as the first medical institute to introduce a new teaching model that involved cross-disciplinary problem-based learning (PBL).

SUMC is further reputed for some of its programs identified as provincial and national key programs, and several of its laboratories are recognized similarly.

The educational approach at SUMC has seen much success, the school has been ranked among the top-performing medical schools in China, and its average pass rate of students is much greater compared to several other schools.

Programs at the institute are constructed based on international standards, with further steps taken to improve on originality and the innovative aspect of programs.

SUMC aspires to train motivated professionals of high skill and competence, with the ability to practice in the medical field anywhere around the globe.

10. Tongji University School of Medicine

As the medical school of Tongji University, TU School of Medicine was first established in 1907, and the current Tongji was created in 2000 after a series of mergers and changes in ownership. Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM) is located on North Campus, West Campus, and Siping Campus.

Tongji is well-reputed in China in terms of both academia and research. The school is heavily involved in research and has published many crucial research papers. Tongji has also produced award-winning research, winning awards such as the National Natural Science Award (second class), and the Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress Award (first class), to name a few.

TUSM has been focusing on harnessing an educational model and medical curriculum on par with international standards. This is with the idea of improving international relations while producing highly competent medical professionals.

11. Jinzhou Medical University

Jinzhou Medical University was founded in 1946 and, since then, has had more than 76 years of development. It is now a provincial higher institute of education that offers various forms of higher education with medicine at its core.

Jinzhou serves students from across China and has gone on to receive approval from the Ministry of Education for qualifying as a medical institute for their English-taught MBBS programs in Medicine and Surgery and for accepting international Students who come via scholarships issued by the Chinese government.

Jinhou Medical University further, ranks 28th among all pharmaceutical and medical universities in China, while ESI ranked Toxicology, Clinical Medicine, and Pharmacology at Jinhou among the top 1%.

12. Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University was founded in 1947. It has, since then, seen much development over the years and has now evolved into a well-known medical school in China. Dalian holds up to 14,000 students engaged in full-time education, among which 1300 are international students.

The institute mainly features medical education along with many other comprehensively developed curriculums in subjects such as science, and philosophy, to name a few. Clinical medicine at Dalian has ranked among the top 1% of ESI global institutional rankings, for 5 years.

Dalian is also known for its over 30 technology and science platforms, which also include an international joint research center at the national level.

Dalian aspires to produce competent medical professionals of high quality and hopes to achieve its greatest goal, which is to transform into an internationally recognized and advanced medical university in the future.

13. Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University’s School of Medicine (JSU-SOM) can be traced back to the National Jiangsu Medical College which was established back in 1934. The school was re-established in 2014 with the merger of the School of Clinical Medicine and the School of Clinical Medicine.

Jiangsu has seen many accomplishments over the years. The Clinical Medicine and Medical Laboratory majors at JSU-SOM have been selected as a Brand specialty of Jiangsu Province as well as a National First-Class Specialty, while its MBBS program was honored with a certification of excellence.

Jiangsu’s MBBS program has seen 10 years of development and has now evolved into an excellent educational institution with distinct characteristics in terms of teaching practice, teaching concept, and mode of teaching.

In addition to receiving an excellent curriculum, MBBS students at Jiangsu further engage in active participation in scientific research, cultural exchanges, and community activities.

FAQS About Studying Medicine in China

Can International Students Enroll in Medical Schools in China?

Yes. Since 2006 international students can enroll in medical schools in China.

Before this, there was no mention of the possibility of international students in China, especially because all the subjects were in Chinese. Since then, many Universities are accommodating to this new trend and provide programs that are taught in English. Sometimes, the school does insist on learning the Chinese language and customs, but they offer great teachers and lessons.

This opened the door to new and international students, and there are over 45 schools now that have this option. Some Universities are in it just for the money and the provided English classes are not up to standards, so it would be wise to do your research before enrolling.

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What is the Medical Curriculum Like in Chinese Medical Schools?

The medical curriculum in China is organized in such a way that education lasts 5 years, to get the Bachelor’s degree and one more year where students are in an internship or clinical rotation where they learn firsthand, how to take care of patients. Most Universities have affiliate hospitals where an internship is provided under the supervision of top doctors.

After that, the students get a diploma for Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

Another option in many medical schools in China is getting on the BDS program. This is for the students that want to become medical Dentists. This education also lasts for 5 years, including an internship after which you would get a diploma for Bachelor of Dentistry and Dental Surgery.

For the continuation of the education, some schools offer the specialization that involves 3 years of Master’s studies.


The medical profession was always regarded as something honorable, but today it is even more vital than ever for the well-being of society. China is becoming a leader in medical education and health care, fast. And it comes with no surprise, with their old and unique healing ideas, that they are willing to implement in new and modern medicine.

Universities in China are very versatile and they are more than welcoming to international students and cooperation. They even offer numerous scholarships for International students to help them facilitate their studies. They are building an amazing health system to support not only Chinese hospitals but health care worldwide.


We hope that this article on the best medical schools in China was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to know more information!

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