While there are many amazing schools to attend when looking to study international relations, these are the seven best to consider, each having its own unique experience to persuade you to study with them. While each school offers similar degrees, each of them has its unique spin on how they do so, and this ensures that they can draw students into their schools.

Best International Relations Schools in the World

1. Harvard University

Located in Cambridge Massachusetts, Harvard University is the best international relations school in the world.. With many options for degrees to choose from, there is something for everyone to choose from. With around 94% of students recommending getting the Graduate Certificate, Harvard would be an ideal university to attend for an International Relations Degree.

Each level of study is tailored to the needs of the students so that they can choose which one would best suit them. In doing so, the student is ensuring that they have chosen the course load that will bring them their degree with ease.

2. Sciences Po

  • Joint Masters in Journalism and International Affairs (Program Link)
  • Degrees Offered: Joint Masters

In choosing to take this course at Sciences Po, graduates of this top international relations school find themselves able to attain jobs in various fields such as Digital Journalism, Print Press, TV, and Radio, as well as jobs within governments and international organizations. This is a four-semester program that will lead to a Master’s Degree in Journalism and International Affairs.

With Sciences Po being one of a kind among European Schools, they have enabled many students to graduate with the Degree of their choosing, as well as ensuring that they were able to meet the needs of the students. Sciences Po strives to meet the needs of the students that have enrolled there, and they do so by listening and catering to their needs.

3. University of Oxford

Students interested in taking International Relations courses at The University of Oxford are met with multiple options before they apply. There are full-time, part-time, and accelerated classes that can be taken, so the choice is up to the student to choose which to take. Each course is tailored to allow for the student to learn at their own pace and to ensure that they have the appropriate amount of work that matches their daily workload.

In having multiple options for students to choose from, Oxford University has allowed for students to choose the degree that they would feel the most comfortable and most likely to achieve. This has boosted their graduation rates, as well as proved that they are a top choice school to attend.

4. Princeton University

When studying at Princeton University, students can easily pursue their dream of getting a Master’s in Public Affairs. With their courses being straightforward and insightful, Princeton University is an excellent international relations schools as it holds a decided advantage as you can choose to either pursue a Masters’s, or you can pursue a joint degree with any other degree that you wish to take. In doing so, students can do the course work for two degrees at one time, as opposed to one degree at a time, and they can graduate in a shorter period.

The curriculum at Princeton University is designed to help students learn skills in political, economic, quantitative, and behavior analysis, allowing them to excel in their chosen field of study.

5. University of Cambridge

With The University of Cambridge being the go-to school in the United Kingdom, they have mastered how to offer degrees to students. The university has courses tailored for students that work in industry, teaching, or civil service jobs, as well as members of the armed forces. The courses are part-time over two years and allow for each of the students to graduate with a Cambridge Master’s Degree.

While the students are pursuing their Master’s in International Relations, they are required to take courses that ensure they are better able to understand the course work. This allows them to be able to graduate with ease and ensure that they know to be successful after graduation.

6. Australian National University

In 2020, the Australian National University was ranked 8th globally as well as 1st in Australia for politics and international relations, of the world’s top universities. Because of this, Australian National University has become one of the best international relations universities in the world. Oftentimes, students will go there to study anything from Australian politics to international affairs, and they will graduate with ample knowledge in the subject of their choosing.

When choosing the courses that they wish to pursue, students can scroll through various options so that they can make sure they’re picking the program that best suits their needs.

7. Yale University

Since Yale University is a highly-skilled school in teaching contemporary political science, many students will flock there in hopes that they could achieve their Master’s. This is something that Yale does well, and it is the reason that many students apply to go to school here. When applying, students are met with an easily interpreted website where they can find the page that they are looking for, and they can apply for the courses that they wish to take with ease.

This top university in international relations is diverse and set up well to ensure that students feel they can learn on campus with ease, and so that they can navigate to their classes without any chance of getting lost.


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