Even though the word “film” itself is pretty fascinating and everyone wants to learn more about it, only a small number of individuals or only the bravest brains are willing to face the risk of studying film. You cannot expect to automatically have a career or be employed in the industry because there is no certainty due to the high-risk factor that characterizes a film degree. However, there is a saying that goes, “No risk, no story!”

To maximize your potential in the field of film, you should concentrate on the best universities or academies. Germany might be a great option because the educational institutions there would let you concentrate on theater and spend a quarter of your time studying films. You can find out how to pursue a film profession in Germany in the best possible way with this article showcasing the top film schools in Germany. Let’s start discussing!

Top Film Schools in Germany

1. Free University of Berlin

In 1948, West Berlin saw the establishment of the Free University of Berlin, a public research institution in Berlin. It is one of Germany’s most esteemed institutions, with a focus on political science and the humanities in particular. To provide audiences with performers and films of the highest caliber, the institution sponsors film programs for undergraduate and graduate students across the globe. The university just collects semester fees and contributions each semester; students do not pay any tuition costs. Therefore, gaining a degree in film studies at the Free University of Berlin can be a great choice for international students.

2. MetFilm School Berlin

One of the first film studios in Europe, MetFilm School Berlin is situated in the city of Berlin and is one of the top film schools in Germany. Due to the school’s location, students might regularly encounter the environment of a functioning film studio. To educate students worldwide, the institution has three distinct locations. Ifeatu Nnaobi, a proud MetFilm alumnus, was included on the list of African Center artists in residence, which was promoted by the National Geographic Society. She also makes documentaries, and her work has been screened all over the world.

3. University of Television and Film Munich

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s | Medium of Instruction: English, German

Since its establishment in 1966, the University of Television and Film Munich has been developing the potential for tomorrow’s movies. It is a publicly supported film school in Germany. The HFF Munich offers five study options which are cinematography, production and media business, screenplay, feature film, and television documentary.

Some of the most well-known individuals, including Caroline Link, Doris Dörrie, Maren Ade, Janine Jackowski, and many others, received their degrees from this institution, which offers one of the best programs to students throughout the globe. If producing tomorrow’s television shows and movies is your dream, you should enroll in the University of Television and Film Munich’s program of choice.

4. Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s | Medium of Instruction: English 

Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology is a Berlin-based center for learning the creative arts and technology that disseminates top-notch instruction through experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. It is one of the best institutions in Germany with excellent film programs including acting, audio and music creation, film production, filmmaking, visual effects, and electronic music performance.

A B.A. in Film Production would cost €10,855 per year, and an international student’s tuition for an M.A. in Creative Production in Film would cost €11,855 per year. For the benefit of students with their financial needs, the university offers the choice of single or installment payments. Moreover, you would have the opportunity to visit the corporate sector and active artists from all over the world and that will lead you on your adventure.

5. Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. | Medium of Instruction: English, German

The oldest, biggest, and one of the top film schools in Germany, the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg, was founded in 1954. Since the institution provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in every aspect of the filmmaking process, getting a degree in the discipline of cinema could be a good choice for you. In recognition of its commitment to excellence and originality, the university is maintaining its operations with just 660 students.

Over time, it has created several departments to deliver cutting-edge research, instruction, and study to the world. Students from all over the world can take classes in animation, cinematography, acting, directing, and many more disciplines to develop a solid foundation in filmmaking.

FAQS About Studying Film Studies in Germany

Is a Film Degree in Germany Worth Pursuing?

Germany is undoubtedly a higher education paradise and one of the top study locations in the world for international students. There are a ton of prominent and highly rated universities for filmmaking in Germany. Above all, Germany offers generous scholarships for creative minds to make a mark on the globe that are not available in other European countries.

The nation is recognized for its forward-thinking and sophisticated facilities. These resources and other elements make Germany deserving of your pursuit of a cinema studies degree there. Additionally, this nation would guarantee that you may study film for a meager cost and work alongside your studies to have an incredible study abroad experience.


Anyone who has a passion for movies and film would do well to pursue a film degree in any of the top film schools in Germany. From the very first idea until the creation and advertising of a film project, you will be exposed to every aspect of the topic. Therefore, any of the five film schools listed above could be your first step toward creating a successful movie in the future.


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