Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its crystal clear beaches, and it is where you can visit one of the most talked-about wrecking diving sites in the world, the Zenobia Wreck Diving. Moreover, tourists are captivated by this multicultural country because of its massive international community. Communication will not be a problem as the majority of the locals speak English.

But, other than tourism, what makes this populous island so unique and has become one of the most developed countries in Europe? To answer it simply, its educated citizens play a significant role in this, accompanied by its booming service-oriented economy.

The government invests in its people, with education being a top priority. Indeed, obtaining a higher education degree in Cyprus will give students an edge as many of its schools are acknowledged globally.

Universities and Institutions widely accept international students into their campuses. For students looking for a reputable school in Cyprus, this list of universities offers the most English-taught degree programs.

Top English-taught Universities in Cyprus for International Students

1. University of Nicosia

With degree programs highly acknowledged in the Mediterranean region and globally, the University of Nicosia has truly become one of the most respected English-taught universities in Cyprus today. With a broad spectrum of English-taught academic programs, it is the top choice for international students pursuing higher education in the Mediterranean region. Students from across the globe can choose from the university’s wide selection of conventional degree programs.

The academic disciplines range from Business, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, Law, and Medical Studies. All study programs are accredited and recognized by the Republic of Cyprus. Its education system is aligned with the Bologna Process, ensuring that the labor market widely acknowledges the degrees awarded in the university.

Aside from the traditional on-campus learning, the school also offers distance learning to selected bachelor’s and master’s programs using modern and innovative learning methods. Some of the academic programs students can enroll in are Business Administration, English Language and Literature, and Hospitality Management.

The university also offers numerous master’s programs for busy professionals who are willing to further their education through online learning. Professionals from different industries can choose from a vast array of currently offered programs at the university.

2. Philips University

Although still considered a young university, Philips University is a recognized English-taught school in Cpyrus and has consistently provided cutting-edge programs lectured by qualified instructors. The university is not solely concentrated on academics; it is also a dynamic school where social activities are important and considered part of student life. The university aims to produce not only intellectuals but also good-natured professionals.

The university is one of the private universities in Cyprus that offers several study programs in English. This school is an excellent choice for prospective students pursuing a field-specific career in Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Public Relations, and Nursing.

Students taking up any degree level (bachelor, master, or doctorate) have the option to study full-time or part-time, a rare opportunity, especially for students taking up an undergraduate program. But most importantly, studying at Philips University will award students with a highly recognized degree with above-average skills.

3. Neapolis University Pafos

Neapolis University Pafos is a leading English-taught institution in Cyprus and is an excellent choice for international students desiring to pursue an education with European standards while enjoying living a Mediterranean lifestyle. It is one of the universities in Cyprus that continuously promotes multiculturalism within its campus. In practice, the school admits international students regardless of nationality.

Another key factor that makes the university stand out is that it has joined several prestigious academic associations and collaborated with renowned universities and top companies globally. It has strong connections within the academic community regionally and internationally. Students will gain strong network connections, which is very beneficial for employment.

Studying at NUP will require students to complete the program full-time, either taking a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Undergraduate programs are typically completed in four years, while postgraduate programs can be completed in 1.5 – 2 years. Some of the English-taught programs currently offered at the bachelor’s level are BSc Accounting, Banking, & Finance, BSc Architecture, and BSc Digital Business.

On the other hand, postgraduate studies have study programs from different academic disciplines such as Digital Video Production, Real Estate, and European Politics & Governance. Lastly, the only doctoral program currently offered is a Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance. This is in partnership with the University of Macedonia, and successful graduates will obtain a joint degree awarded by both universities.

4. European University Cyprus

Generally, private top universities in Cyprus offer the most English-taught study programs, and European University Cyprus is one of them. At present, the student body comprises more than half of Cypriot and Greek citizens; only a handful of international students are currently enrolled in the institution.

While the university ranks high in the country and is also well-positioned in global rankings, the school deserves more recognition in the international community. By doing so, it has launched distance learning into its curriculum offering academic programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate (master’s) levels.

On-campus learning still offers more diverse study programs than distance learning. Such as, international students can obtain a degree in the Health and Medicine field, which offers English-taught programs in Dental Surgery and Medicine.

Students can take up a degree in Music, Business Administration, Accounting, and even Aviation Management. All of which require on-campus learning. Nevertheless, whether the students opt to enroll in distance learning or face-to-face learning, both curricula will still have a high-quality education.

5. Frederick University

Frederick University is a dynamic university that offers English-taught programs with campuses located in Nicosia and Limassol. The university is well-known as a student-centric university. Its main goal is to support students in becoming well-respected professionals by providing quality education and intensive training.

The university has numerous multidisciplinary programs taught in English. For students and professionals whose concentration is in Engineering, degree programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering are all lectured in English and are offered at all levels (bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.).

There are also comprehensive undergraduate programs such as Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Interior Design, and Audio Visual Communication. Most English-taught postgraduate programs (master’s and Ph.D.) available are similar to what the undergraduate studies offer in terms of study areas.


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