Drama is an art form that is also sometimes referred to as theater studies. Those that study drama investigate the various elements and topics related to theatrical performance. It is important in studying drama that the students develop effective communication, may it be verbal or non-verbal. Along with this, drama helps in improving the artistic capabilities of the students along with other skills that they need for their careers.

In the guide below, we walk you through some of the best drama schools in Europe.

Top Drama Schools in Europe

1. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the universities belonging to the reputable Russell Group. It is highly acclaimed all over the world for its excellence in academics and innovation in research. The school also has first-class facilities and a broad range of programs offered that would ensure a great educational experience for the students.

There is a Bachelor of Arts in Drama degree in the university, which is taken full-time within three years. As part of the program, students of this leading drama school in Europe will be engaged in performance, screen media, and theater. The broad range of subjects will establish that the students will develop both their practical and theoretical understanding of drama. The school has facilities, such as the Martin Harris Center, which is the home of the John Thaw Studio, where the students can perform, rehearse, and attend workshops. Students should expect assessments in the program like written examinations, research reports, practical tests, and oral presentations. There is also a research essay needed for the completion of the degree.

2. Queen’s University Belfast

The Queen’s University Belfast is also referred to as Queen’s, and it is acknowledged as one of the top research-intensive schools in the UK. It has also built an international reputation for its high-quality service, becoming ranked in the top 50 universities all over the world.

It offers an undergraduate program for Drama that has a completion period of three years. As one of the best drama schools in Europe, students at Queen’s University Belfast have access to world-class facilities like the Brian Friel Theatre. It is the primary teaching space for the program, and it is one of the most well-equipped theaters in the region. During the first parts of the degree, students must take up introductory subjects for theater, performing, and contemporary performing practices. There are also various teaching modes, such as large group teaching, medium group teaching, and personal study. Aside from this, the students will engage in different methods of learning that will help them in developing their understanding and skills. They will also be given feedback about their work from their lecturers, supervisors, tutors, and even their peers.

3. The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

  • Study Program
  • Location: England | Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama has produced notable alumni that have become successful in their own fields. The school became a part of the University of London in 2005, and it offers 15 undergraduate programs and 14 master’s programs. Within Europe, it has the most complete option for a specialist higher education in drama, performance training, and theater.

The school has an undergraduate program for Drama, Applied Theater, and Education, which has a duration of three years. During the first year, the students will explore both practical and theoretical perspectives. The second year is focused on studio practice like theater texts, while the last year is centered on the student’s professional development. Some of the assessments to be encountered include presentations, drama workshops, essays, and research projects. For completion, there is also a dissertation and professional placement work. Aside from this, there is also a master’s program in Drama and Movement Therapy which is to be completed within two years. The course utilizes the Sesame Approach, which is a combination of Jungian psychology, Laban movement, Billy Lindkvist’s movement with touch and sound work, and play theory. The students must expect to take placement work and accomplish their own portfolio.

4. University of Kent

The University of Kent is another one of the best drama schools in Europe. It has received good reviews, especially in the terms of educational experience. It is part of the outstanding institutions that produce excellent research and delivers with their teaching. There is a personalized approach to education which helps in giving the students more freedom with their experience.

They have a bachelor’s program for Drama and Theatre, and it is offered in a full-time study mode for three years. If the student chooses to take a year abroad or in the industry, the duration may become four years. There is also an option available to have a joint program with Comparative Literature, English Literature, or Film. The curriculum for this program is a combination of required and optional modules. Students also have the freedom to add elective subjects from outside of their program. Taking up this degree will help the students to attain the full potential of their creativity and intellect. They have a wide range of topics to explore, such as Photography, Acting, Sex, Gender, and Performance.

5. Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University ensures that they provide high-quality education for their students, as well as outstanding contributions to research. With this, they have a faculty that consists of top professionals in their own fields.

The university also offers a bachelor’s degree, and its program is focused on Drama and Theatre. It also has a completion period of three years, and a study mode full-time. Over the duration of the program, the students will get to explore a broad range of topics related to performance, such as in contemporary, ethical, and historical contexts. This will help them in improving their understanding of the performing arts. The first part of the degree is focused on introductory courses for Drama and Theatre, where they will be learning about key texts like the work of Shakespeare. The second year allows the students to explore more work on drama and theater, while the last year is focused on the development of the student’s specialization. This makes way to ensure that their skills are properly honed.

FAQs about Studying Drama

What Are the Career Prospects for Drama Students in Europe?

Students majoring in drama can pursue a number of career paths, including, but not limited to, acting, directing, and playwriting. In Europe, many esteemed drama schools provide training in many of these areas, allowing students to refine their skills and pursue careers in the field of their choosing. It is noteworthy that raw talent alone is insufficient to secure employment in the current job market. Acting, for example, is one of the most competitive jobs in the world, and a select few manage to succeed in making a name for themselves in the industry. Many actors resort to traveling abroad to areas like L.A. in the United States to pounce on the many opportunities available in the city of Angels.

Choosing the right university and courses is, therefore, of paramount importance for those who want to gain the necessary skills to compete in today’s job market. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have information about studying drama. However, we constantly update our content and encourage you to check back soon for updates. In the meantime, you can check our Open Courses Page for courses that may be of interest to you.


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