Beyond borders, food is a universal symbol of hospitality and goodwill. It’s credited by both locals and tourists for coloring their views of the area’s culture. As Japan is well-recognized as a culinary giant, there are a lot of impressions made based on the nation’s cuisine.

Japanese cuisine is often ranked among the finest in the world. It’s always artistic, focusing on fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. Now, the Japanese culinary industry is grossing above $214 billion. Thus, it’s unsurprising that some of the best culinary schools for international students are in Japan. Below, we have provided further details about the most esteemed of them for our readers to peruse.

Top Culinary Schools in Japan

1. Tsuji Culinary Institute

One of the most prestigious culinary schools in Japan is Tsuji Culinary Institute and is our top pick. They have a substantial international student body. There are two specialized schools within the university. These are the Tsuji Institute of Pâtisserie and the Tsuji Institute of Culinary Arts. They offer varying programs from 3-year to 1-year courses.

The institute’s five courses include an Advanced Culinary Arts and Management Course (3 years), Culinary Arts and Management Course (2 years), Culinary Arts Course (1 year), a Japanese Culinary Arts and Business Course (2 years), and a Japanese Culinary Course (1 year).

Educators who are specialists in their regional cuisine are available to students here. They serve as students’ guides in navigating the world’s best cuisines, ranging from Western to Asian. High-level execution abilities, cognitive range of expertise, and innovative thinking may all be gained through studying the food styles of the world with these educators.

2. Japan Culinary Institute

Japan Culinary Institute is another prominent culinary school for international students in Japan. For several years, it has provided aspiring cooks with a path toward their objectives. Their education has given this institute’s alumni the tools they need to succeed in a modern market.

Multiple programs in Japanese Cuisine Chef Training, Ramen and Japanese Noodle Courses, Sushi courses, and Restaurant Planning Support are now available. International students may enroll in any of them. In the end, they may earn a certificate or diploma.

The Institute also has more advanced programs such as the Dashi Special Workshop. The cost and length of study for each of these courses vary accordingly. However, you can cover some of the costs through the school’s exceptional scholarships for international students. Qualifying students may receive a grant worth 5% to 50% of their tuition fees.

3. Tokyo Sushi Academy

​​Next on our list is the acclaimed Tokyo Sushi Academy. It’s an elite private institution, having campuses in both Tsukiji and Shinjuku. Both are located in Tokyo, Japan. This institution is acknowledged as Japan’s premier sushi academy. In five weeks, trainees may learn the fundamentals of preparing Edomae-style nigiri sushi.

The academy’s main course is its 5-week International Sushi Chef Course. It covers all aspects from sushi rice preparation, fish preparation, and rolled sushi. Their graduates are highly skilled and are currently employed in almost 50 different nations. Starting in 2015, they have offered English classes to an increasing number of foreigners. However, you may also opt for private lessons.

4. Miyajima Ramen School

Next on our list is the well-known Miyajima Ramen School, which is an autonomous institution. One of Japan’s many cooking academies, it opened its doors to a diversified student body in 2001. Now, it is a leading Japanese culinary school for international students.

The culinary school welcomes both seasoned cooks and complete amateurs. Their primary service is private, one-on-one courses. No artificial flavors or MSG are used in any of the recipes provided. Courses range in length from one day to six days are offered. In these courses, everything from noodle making, styles of cooking, and presentation are provided.

5. Hattori Nutrition College

A foreigner-oriented culinary institution, Hattori Nutrition College is located in Japan. The institution’s integrated curriculum is a major point in its favor. It provides students with both classroom instruction and hands-on training in a real restaurant. The majority of their training is geared toward those who wish to start a culinary business on a budget.

The college offers a variety of courses. They involve cooking classes, pastry chef courses, cooking/nutrition, and other offers. The duration of these certificate courses is of varying length. Apart from them, a master’s program is available for advanced learning. Furthermore, grant-type scholarships and tuition reductions are available to students who fulfill specified financial criteria.

FAQS About Studying Culinary Arts in Japan

Which Culinary School in Japan Offers the Best Scholarship Opportunities to Int’l Students?

In Japan, several schools provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to help students pay for culinary studies. The Japan Culinary Institute has one of the best scholarship programs available. They cover 5% to 50% of tuition fees for deserving students.

All you have to do to apply for the scholarship is obtain the Student Reporter Scholarship Application Form from the JCI website. Then, fill it out and submit it with an official letter of recommendation from your cooking instructor, proof of graduation, an essay on what inspires you to cook, and recipes of Japanese food made with ingredients native to your home country.


Japan has some of the best food in the world, and its rich heritage is reflected in its cuisine. You can learn about them through short courses and advanced programs that are available at the top Japanese culinary schools for international students.


We hope this list of the best culinary schools in Japan helps you in finalizing your study plans. If you intend to pursue education in Japan, then head on over to the Study in Japan for more articles! Do visit the Available Programs in Japan for more study options!

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