If you glance around the area you’re in right now, you will notice that much progress has been made. It was meticulously designed and constructed from the residences to the parks, infrastructure, and buildings. It is not easy to develop a piece of land. You must carefully plan it out to ensure that you do not obstruct the environment. You must make it accessible and ensure that transportation is not blocked. Society is always put first. Here, we will be looking at the top countries to study Urban Planning.

Studying urban planning is for you if you want to be a member of a group that aims to improve public welfare by putting the community’s needs first. Every urban planner approaches their tasks from a unique standpoint. Education and training will support you in advancing your career. Building your network will be advantageous because communication skills are essential qualities that an urban planner must possess.

You can consider taking a program in urban planning in another country. Studying abroad will force you to step outside of your comfort zone and provide more opportunities to learn about urban planning.

Where Can You Study Urban Planning Abroad?

There are a lot of universities globally that offer programs and degrees in urban planning. If you’re going to study in Europe, your best choices will be Ireland and Denmark as they have a highly recognized industry of urban planning. They have pioneered some practices and processes in urban planning that made a huge impact globally.

On the other hand, if you’re eyeing to study in Asia, you can go to Japan. Since Japan has an innovative background in urban planning and education, you’ll surely gain a comprehensive education. You can also consider Canada and the United States if you’re looking for world-class universities.

In the article below, we listed the best countries to study urban planning. Along with the countries are the reasons and some of the best universities for urban planning that you can consider entering. Make sure to read more!

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Best Countries to Study Urban Planning Abroad

1. Belgium

Reasons: Highly urbanized, comprehensive education

Belgium is Europe’s most highly urbanized country, making Belgium one of the best countries to study urban planning. The country’s primary goal is to make cities in Belgium the best places to live in. They aim for metropolitan regions to continue developing the urban economy while maintaining unity as a community. Sustainable and safe urban policies are required, as well as policies that promote employment.

The Master of Urbanism, Landscape and Planning program at KU Leuven encourages students to develop innovative approaches to city planning. They work together with urban planning specialists worldwide that are active in education and design. The program is comprehensive with fieldwork. This course costs 6,000 Euros. The Vrije Universiteit Brussels offers a European perspective on urbanization concerns that are unique and globally connected. The tuition for this program is 4,200 euros.

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2. Lebanon

Reasons: Growing field of urban planning, affordable tuition fees

Syrian refugees now account for 35% of the population in Lebanon. Urban settings around the country have been affected, severely depleting the country’s already impoverished cities. As you can see, there’s still plenty of space for growth here. The experience will open your eyes as a developing urban planner to the issues that other parts of the world are dealing with, and you can do your part to help make the situation better for those people.

The American University of Beirut will introduce you to contemporary urbanization issues and their possible solutions. They contribute to the improvement of essential components in urban planning: livability, sustainability, and equity. The program is multi-disciplinary and research-based to address the issues that contemporary urbanization is confronted with. The total cost of tuition is $1,095.

3. Ireland

Reasons: High-quality education, innovative urban planning industry

Ireland’s planning process is categorized into two sections: organizing physical development and creating a long-term growth and development strategy. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the development’s impact on the community, environment, and economy is also considered. The opportunity to shape and influence our world’s future lies in Ireland’s urban planning programs.

Ireland is one of the top countries to study urban planning because of its excellent institutions. The Regional and Urban Planning program is offered by the University College Dublin, a research institute. Theoretical and practical abilities are taught, which are needed in today’s highly complicated urban planning environment. In addition, it is crucial to comprehend the administrative, legal, and policy frameworks. Taking the program in Dublin will help you understand more about the legal process in urban planning. The program will cost you 7,885 euros.

4. Denmark

  • Reasons: Highly recognized universities, recognized for its industry of urban planning

The Danish capital Copenhagen was a pioneer in green urbanism. Because of this, they’ve been recognized as a role model for urban planning and design with the European Green Capital award. Those who have gone before us must serve as role models for those who will follow. Being a student here will inspire you to increase your standards in urban planning.

The Nordic Urban Planning at Roskilde University focuses on creative methods for sustainable and livable urban planning. It collaborates between UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, and Malmo University in Sweden to create an interdisciplinary master’s program. With the assistance of these three universities from three different countries, you will develop an international and cross-disciplinary approach to urban planning and development. The cost per term is 4,350 euros.

5. Canada

  • Reasons: High-quality programs, employment opportunities

The Canadian Institute of Planners works to protect rural and urban communities’ well-being. These people deal with the problems of land and resources, considering the environment, economy, and society at large. You may benefit from Canada’s unique approach to urban planning in your potential career as an urban planner.

Fanshawe College‘s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Urban Planning curriculum can help if you’re fascinated with urban planning. It’s a plus because you can access AutoCAD, 3D Visualizations, and Presentation Graphics programs to create and visualize actual land development projects. The tuition is $1,702.

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6. Japan

  • Reasons: Internationally recognized programs, modernized approach in urban planning

As opposed to the traditional, highly centralized paradigm, Japan’s approach to urban planning differs significantly. This top country to study urban planning wants to create a method that will benefit the community as a whole. Local citizens and government officials collaborate in this process to create an environment that’s both sustainable and habitable.

Urban Planning and Urban Environmental Engineering are both offered by the University of Tokyo. The course covers building complex design, as well as urban data collecting and analysis. You’ll be a better planner if you’ve taken courses in both urban planning and urban environmental engineering. As you manage, govern, and maintain natural resources, you’re also developing a better place for the community. The fee for this program is 520,800 yen.

7. United States

  • Reasons: Top-performing educational institutions, work opportunities, many experts in the field

In 1898, urban planning was officially launched in the United States. Harvard was the first to establish an urban planning school. The initial group of trainees were trained as planners and then recruited to develop plans as a result of their training. This foundation shapes their modern cities. The United States of America is the best country to study urban planning because of its world-class institutions.

An advanced degree in urban planning is available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which emphasizes research and training. The program covers city planning, design and development, environmental policy; economics; and international development. The program costs $1,390. The University of Arizona also has a program in urban design and planning. Their program will equip you to land a job that has an impact both locally and worldwide. Their tuition begins at $5,969.


We hope this article on the best countries to study urban planning was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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