Having to decide what university to apply to can be daunting. While there are abundant choices for universities across the globe, there are fewer choices for the best biology-focused schools. Knowing what each school has to offer is important in choosing a student’s future studies. Here are the top universities for biology to choose from:

Best Biology Universities in the World

1. Harvard University

On a global scale, Harvard University is the best university for biology in the world. Those interested in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) will learn biological processes and methodologies that include chemistry and genetics. Students that are interested in Chemical and Physical Biology as an undergraduate degree will learn physical biology, chemical biology, and quantitative skills. If neuroscience is more of an interesting criterion of higher education, a student could choose to obtain their undergraduate degree and learn about the nervous system and its effects on behaviors.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers 30 different departments of study based on technological knowledge and skills. Of the 30 programs, there are a vast amount of degree choices focused on biological information to be chosen from. As a student of the Biology department, there will be a familiarization of laboratory practices and usage with 10 laboratories open to students for their work and study. There are also experimental research learning opportunities as part of the learning experience to further learning and understanding.

3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is another excellent biology school in the world. Cambridge is also ranked as the third-best college in the world and is home to 110 Nobel prize winners. Because 16 different departments involve biology as a focus it is common for first-year students to gain a broad range of information and perhaps choose a more definite course to follow. The university foresees this for many of its first-year students and has a very involved advising faculty.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University was opened in 1891 in Stanford, California and the success of this institution has been exemplary. The university describes the biology major as being broad with information in biology. For example, the Stanford University biology department lists research areas like behavior, biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, and many others. There are many degree options available to potential students such as a Co-terminal master’s program for students who want to progress their knowledge in graduate-level courses and the understanding of research.

5. University of Oxford

At the University of Oxford, the new Department of Biology will not be officially established until 2022. This is not to be confused with the very well-established departments of plant Sciences and zoology that included elements of biology for over 30 years. Recently, it was decided to revamp this science department to incorporate and introduce modern biological sciences. The undergraduate degree in biology has a wider range of sciences to be studied as an introduction.

6. University of California, Berkeley

With 350 degree programs and 80 interdisciplinary research units at this university, UC Berkeley offers a top biology program that has a very large list of biology-based majors for all future and current students. Because biology encompasses many aspects of education, undergraduate students can study such subjects as atmospheric science to public health. There isn’t much difference in considering a field of study for a graduate degree in biology as there are plenty of subjects to major in such as bioengineering.

7. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Like most undergraduate programs, ETH Zurich provides fundamental elements of biology. The master’s program gears more towards research methods and involves two major projects and a master’s thesis that must be completed to graduate. There are also many research areas to choose from like ecology and evolution, systems biology, and molecular and structural biology. The doctoral program at ETH Zurich offers the opportunity to complete a research proposal and the evaluations of dissertations.


I hope this article on the best biology schools in the world was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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