Aviation is becoming more and more trendy among students from all over the world due to its lifelong opportunities, exciting career paths, international work environment, and more. When it comes to aviation studies, Spain is one of the popular destinations with plenty of prestigious schools training skillful students to become experts in air travel and the aviation sector. Many of the Spanish aviation schools offer a wide range of study programs with extensive training, including pilot training, aircraft maintenance, aerospace engineering, air traffic control, and many more.

If you want to improve your skills in aviation studies and build your career in this sector, read our guide to studying aviation in Spain as an international student with the five best Spanish aviation schools or colleges.

Top Flight Schools in Spain

Spain has plenty of top-class aviation schools with high rankings in Europe and worldwide, making it a popular location for international students. However, it’s of great importance to know what you want to specialize in your aviation studies; below, we state the top five aviation schools with the program they offer for international students.

1. Technical University of Madrid

The Technical University of Madrid, or the Polytechnic University of Madrid, offers an Aerospace Engineering program in the fields of Aircraft, Aero-engines, Navigation and Traffic Control, Airports and Air Transport, Aeronautical Materials and Air Armaments in both undergraduate and graduate programs since 1939. The aim of the program is to foster the aviation sector with scientific research and intensive practice.

ETSIAE is ranked 12th among the best aviation schools in the European region and 38th in the world, offering international students valuable experience and theoretical education from professionals in the field. International students can work as aerospace engineers, technicians, maintenance experts, and so on.

2. Valencia Polytechnic University

Another top Spanish institution to pursue aviation is Valencia Polytechnic University, which is a respected technical university leading in science and technology for 55 years. The university stands out with its well-established school of aerospace. Students can pursue their education in Aircraft, Air travel, or Propulsion at the undergraduate level; for students seeking further education, UPV’s master’s program in Aeronautical Engineering provides a deeper understanding of aerospace vehicles, aerospace propulsion systems, aerospace materials, airport infrastructures, aeronautical infrastructures, and more.

UPV’s bachelor programs in aerospace engineering provide various student exchange programs at the best international universities, as well as internship programs for professional experience at well-known companies in aviation.

3. Technical University of Catalonia

Founded in 1971, Technical University of Catalonia is another prestigious university in Barcelona. UPC is known for its extensive programs in aviation, including Aerospace Engineering in technology and vehicle subfields for bachelor’s programs and Space and Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Science and Technology (MAST), and Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) for master’s programs.

Graduate programs usually take four academic years, and master’s programs require a minimum of two academic years to complete. Programs are taught in Spanish, Catalan, or English, and the faculty accepts international students from different countries each year to maintain an international environment. Tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s aviation programs are €1,107 (€2,253 for non-EU residents) per year for undergraduate programs and €2,215 (€5,187 for non-EU residents) in total for master’s programs.

4. Universidad Europea

Located in Madrid, Universidad Europe is a private university with a student population of around 18,000, including 6,000 international students coming from different parts of the world each year. Universidad Europea’s bachelor’s program in Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering is a four-year program taught in Spanish and English, making it one of the best aviation programs in Spain for international students. The program’s vision is to not only introduce students to a basic understanding of engineering and mechanics but also encourage innovation in aerospace and aviation technologies in the future.

Universidad Europea’s Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering is under the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design, and the faculty includes unique labs and research areas for students to conduct intensive scientific research in aviation engineering.

5. Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M)

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

UC3M’s Aerospace Engineering programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees cover a wide range of subfields in the discipline, including Aeroelasticity, Aircraft Design, Airports, Aerospace Manufacturing, Aerodynamics, and many more. It is an intensive yet prestigious program designed to improve innovation and research in aviation. The aerospace programs at UC3M aim to encourage the enrollment of skillful international students who can contribute to the field with their research studies and broad experience.

The bachelor’s program at UC3M is taught in English, and students are required to complete a bachelor’s thesis for graduation. For master’s and Ph.D. programs, the medium of instruction can vary, and students are required to complete their dissertation for completion of the program.

FAQS About Studying Aviation in Spain

Can International Students Enroll in an Aviation Program in Spain?

Yes, aviation studies generally involve international student participation as a consequence of the multinational work environment in the sector. Many aviation programs in Spain are taught in English, and the schools encourage international student enrollment in their admissions. The key is to find the right school and program that suits your skills and professional goals.

There are mostly bachelor’s programs in aviation, allowing students to start their careers following their graduation, yet it is also possible to pursue your studies with a master’s program to get more specialized roles in the aviation sector. By following an aviation program in Spain, international students can work as

  • Commercial pilots,
  • Aerospace engineers,
  • Air traffic agents,
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers,
  • Crew members, and more.


Aviation studies mesmerize students to choose for their studies, mainly thanks to its promising future, thrilling nature, and unique work opportunities in the sector. Studying aviation and aerospace studies from top aviation schools in Spain will let you acquire valuable insight into numerous aspects of the field from the professionals in the field, so apply today to experience what it’s like to fly firsthand.

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Hopefully, this article on the best aviation schools in Spain was helpful and informative. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!

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