The Australian National University was established in 1946, as the first university founded by the Parliament of Australia. Today, this university is one of the best research facilities in the country and is recognized worldwide. There are over 20,000 students enrolled and this number is only getting bigger each year, confirming the statement that this is one of the best education systems available.

The Australian National University is located in the capital of Canberra, making it an even bigger attraction, especially among international students. The location joined by the amazing opportunities for education and great community makes this university that more appealing. Australia is known for relaxed and easy-going residents that make sure international students feel right at home. In this article, we will be looking at Australian National University scholarships for international students.

International Students at ANU

International students are flocking to the Australian National University because of the high-quality education in combination with amazing traveling opportunities. There are over 8,000 international students there, making it a multicultural place that provides great research options and an overall high standard of living.

The Australian National University offers undergraduate and graduate programs for international students, as well as professional development options. This university is also unique in the sense that there are special programs like flexible double degrees, vertical double degrees, and double master degrees available.

This amazing university also has an international collaboration with over 150 other universities all over the world and exchange programs are also an option. Along with this, there are also various scholarships available and let’s not forget the famous English language program learning.

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ANU Tuition Fee for International Students

The tuition fee at the Australian National University for international students depends and varies on the chosen program or course. The average tuition fee is around $36,000 per year. Some programs are more affordable and some are more expensive, and all the undergraduate and postgraduate programs and tuitions are available here.

The Australian National University is not considered to be the most expensive one in Australia, but it certainly is quite pricey. The tuition fees are somewhat acceptable because the university offers a lot of financial aid for international students in form of scholarships and grants.

International Admissions Guide at the Australian National University

As mentioned above there are many courses and programs at the Australian National University. To see the application procedure, visit this page.

Application Fee

The application fee is $100.

Admissions Requirements at the Australian National University for International Students

Admission for one of the programs at the Australian National University varies from the course chosen. Requirements for most programs depend on the previous education and academic success, also some programs require additional testing and interviews. Even if the student is not eligible for the preferred program, he or she can still enroll in some other course where the requirements are met.

English language requirements are the most important for international students, as this is a mandatory step for further education. Depending on the chosen program, the English test scores required are different.

The Australian National University Rankings

This university has always been on top of the list worldwide, and it’s the number one university in Australia as the most prestigious one and best score. Also, the Australian National University is ranked 15th by Times Higher Education Global Employability University Ranking. It is ranked 31st in the world by the 2021 QS World University Rankings.

The Australian National University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the Australian National University is around 35%, which means that the university is quite selective when it comes to new students, but on the other hand, it is not impossible to get in. This is very beneficial for international students as the competition is fierce but the goal is achievable.

Most universities that are ranked as high as the Australian National University have a low acceptance rate, showing that a large number of students are applying but only a few selected ones are enrolled. The application is always compared to other students and the ones with the best academic achievements are accepted.

Australian National University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship

This is one of the most popular and diverse scholarships offered at the Australian National University as it’s available for international students who are enrolling in any program, no matter if it’s in the undergraduate or postgraduate coursework.

To be eligible for this Australian National University scholarship, the student has to be an international student, residing in or out of Australia, with an offer of admission for one of the programs. This scholarship is not available for students who are recipients of any other scholarship.

2. Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship amount: $10,000 per scholarship (paid as a stipend of two equal payments)

The goal of this scholarship is to aid students in the later years of undergraduate studies. The mandatory condition is that the student is undertaking a Major in Computer Science. This scholarship at Australian National University in form of a stipend is aimed to nurture the inquisitor spirit and help innovative minds, either national or international.

The Australian National University offers a large number of different scholarships for international students, depending on the course and program. All available scholarships are here.

Graduate Scholarships

1. ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship

This scholarship is also available for postgraduate students as well. Students will be automatically be considered for this scholarship when they apply.

2. ANU Global Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship is offered for up to 100 international students in an effort to promote diversity and a multicultural environment. This scholarship at Australian National University doesn’t depend on the chosen program, rather on one of the countries listed on this website under ANU Targeted Diversity Source Regions. There is no separate application required because the students are automatically considered based on the university’s general application.

There are over 70 ANU scholarships available for international students going into postgraduate studies. You can view them all listed here and choose the perfect one for you.

3. HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship

Tuition fee may be waived for those who have been admitted to postgraduate research programs, those who are international students, and who have been ranked for another competitive ANU scholarship or external scholarship.

Overall, the Australian National University is justifying its place as one of the best in the world and the number one university in Australia. They are offering amazing opportunities for international students with various courses and programs, helped by many significant scholarships and grants. Besides, Australia is one of the top destinations for traveling and studying, because its environment is amazing and people are very friendly. Diplomas acquired here will open many doors and give you an upper hand when it comes to employment, as this university is recognized worldwide.


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