Located in the ancient sites of Germany, the University of Freiburg is one of many institutions for higher education. Even though most universities all over the world are known for their expensive tuition, people of Europe enjoy a special benefit that most people never get to experience. Due to its high emphasis on education and literacy, most institutions in Europe practice free tuition for all incoming students, including the University of Freiburg. Until 2017, the University of Freiburg only required a small number of educational fees from international students, but now, it upped its prices just for international students. Before we got into specific details, let’s talk about the good news first.

Scholarship Offered by University of Freiburg

Since it is charging free tuition for most incoming students, the University of Freiburg does not offer great financial aid to international students; however, you need to take advantage of whatever benefits that you can receive since international students need financial support to stay in a foreign country for an extended amount of time. Based solely on merit, the University of Freiburg is only awarding this one and only scholarship to talented students, whether they are domestic or international. Since the number of scholarships is limited, competition is relatively high among many incoming applicants.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have Ranked in the Top 10% of Your Graduating Class (Academic Grades)
  • Have Applied for University of Freiburg Admissions

Scholarship Value:   300 Euros Per Month ($330)

If you did not rank in the top 10% of your class, you are discouraged from applying since the University of Freiburg will not even consider you as an applicant due to a high number of scholarship applications. If you have a high grade academically and if you have applied for admissions, then you are automatically considered for this scholarship. As I have said before, University of Freiburg is relying entirely on academic merit by focusing on your academic rank. Even though it looks like a small amount, you need to remember that small bits go a long way when it comes to living on your own.

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Tuition Fees at University of Freiburg

When you hear the new implementations of this institution, you may be a little disappointed about attending this institution. Unlike practicing free tuition to all incoming students, University of Freiburg has decided to discourage international applicants by increasing its tuition fees. Due to its policy change, I don’t really encourage you to attend this university since there are many institutions in Europe that have the same or even better quality of education charging free tuition. When this implementation was brought into public, many international students were discouraged from enrolling at University of Freiburg. Brought into action in 2018, international students are now charged approximately $3,000 euros per year, on top of their usual tuition fees.

However, that is not the end of your worries. In addition to your tuition fees, you have to account for living costs and also costs related to food and transportation. The University of Freiburg does not provide a dormitory for incoming students since it is was only established to be a place of learning, and to be fair, it provides a top-tier education at a really cheap price. Due to many disagreements about the increased fees, many exceptions were included to provided applicants a way to be exempt from paying tuition fees.

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If you have checked the link above, you have seen nearly 20 exceptions to the increased tuition; however, they are only for a small group of incoming students. If you are in need of financial aid and cannot pay the tuition fees in addition to your living costs, I’m going to encourage you to apply for universities in the United States. Compared to Europe, educational fees in the United States are relatively high, but many full-ride scholarships are given to talented international students. If you are looking for an institution that can cover all your costs, I would definitely suggest that you find a college that is located in the US.

However, there is something that you need to keep in mind! If you didn’t do well academically and didn’t even participate in extracurricular activities, there is a high chance that you will not be picked for merit-based scholarships. You need to do your part in order for the university to do his. Always do your best, and never give up!

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