Though Groningen and the Ommelanden province had a Latin school called the Sint Maartenschool, locals had to leave the city to pursue higher education. Thus, in 1614, the council of Groningen and Ommelanden established the University of Groningen. It started with four faculties: Law, Medicine, Philosophy, and Theology. Since then, it grew to become one of the Netherlands’ public research universities.

It has 11 faculties, over 6,000 full-time staff, more than 36,000 students. It offers bachelor’s and master’s programs, many of which are English-taught. The academic and research programs focus on three globally impacting breakthroughs: sustainable society, healthy aging, energy. It is no surprise that more than four hundred years of history entice international students to join this prestigious university. In this article, you will learn about the University of Groningen scholarships for international students.

International Students at the University of Groningen

There are over 8,000 international students at the University of Groningen. With over 120 nationalities, the university strives to meet the needs of its culturally diverse student population. World-class facilities provide support and resources to international students. The three university libraries have virtually endless academic resources in various forms, ranging from printed materials to e-books and DVDs. Students can also book a private study area or a studio for group sessions.

The University of Groningen also ensures that students have access to digital technology resources. The student portal is every student’s online workspace where they get relevant information on their studies. Many of the university buildings have wireless internet and printing facilities. Audio-video equipment such as computers, laptops, camcorders, and projectors are also available for university-related activities.

The university also offers language learning through its Language Center. Students may develop language skills in French, Italian, Japanese, and Hebrew. International students may also improve their Dutch through the center. Meanwhile, the Student Service Center extends various assistance to international students. These include counseling on important topics affecting the students’ overall welfare. Counselors and psychologists tackle issues ranging from study skills, delays, psychological problems, and financial matters.

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Tuition Fee at the University of Groningen for International Students

The tuition fee for international students at the University of Groningen may depend on the program and college. International students from European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries and outside EU/EEA are charged differently. For bachelor’s and master’s regular programs of students from EU/EEA countries, the tuitions are at $2,660. Meanwhile, University College Groningen and Fryslan charge $5,200.

For international students from outside EU/EEA, the following fees for undergraduate studies apply:

  • Medicine: $38,700
  • University College Groningen and Fryslan: $15,500
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering: $17,900
  • Other regular bachelor’s degree programs: $12,000

For Master’s studies, here are the tuition fees for some programs:

  • Arts and Humanities, Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies: $17,300
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences, Economics and Business, and Law: $19,200
  • Science and Engineering: $22,400

There are University of Groningen scholarships for international students to help them fund their education.

International Admissions Guide at University of Groningen

The admissions process at the University of Groningen has three steps: application, admission, and registration. International applicants for bachelor’s studies can check the admissions guide here. Its shows the entry requirements, procedures, and contact details of the admissions support team.

Meanwhile, prospective students of graduate studies at the university can visit this link for the admissions guide. The admissions guide shows the entry requirements for pre-master, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in the university. It also provides links for the application deadlines, process, and required documents. International applicants can also convey their admissions concerns through the admissions office.

Application Fee

The application fee at the University of Groningen for bachelor’s and Master’s studies is $200. However, the Master’s program at the Faculty of Science and Engineering charges $100.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

To get into a bachelor’s program at the University of Groningen, international applicants must meet the entry requirements. Generally, the university requires applicants to complete a Netherlands-equivalent pre-undergraduate education. This qualification may depend on the applicant’s country of origin. Additionally, international applicants must meet the faculty-based language proficiency. For example, the Faculty of Economics and Business requires at least an IELTS Academic score of 6, a TOEFL score of 90, or a C1 Advanced score of 169. Applicants from selected countries such as the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Canada may be exempted from the language proficiency requirements.

The entry requirements for Master’s studies also vary across faculties and programs. As there are no general requirements, applicants must check the specific requirements through the program page on the university website. Some programs require a grade average, minimum knowledge on the related subject area, curriculum vita, and request and recommendation letters. On the other hand, other programs may only require completing a bachelor’s degree program and English language proficiency.


In 2020, the university took the 69th spot in Academic Rankings of World Universities, also referred to as ShanghaiRankings. Times Higher Education placed it at 80th in its 2020 World University Rankings. Eight of its 11 faculties ranked among the top 100 subject rankings.

Another prestigious ranking institution, QS Top University Rankings, placed the university at 128th in 2021. Meanwhile, the US News and World Report ranked the University of Groningen 92nd in its most recent global university rankings. Besides these rankings, the university was home to four Nobel laureates, nine Spinoza Prize award winners, and other notable alumni and faculty who made it significant in global organizations.

Acceptance Rate

The University of Groningen has an approximately 85% acceptance rate. It means that despite the university being one of the top 1% universities worldwide, the competition is not very steep. A student meeting the entry requirements is likely to get accepted as long their chosen program does not have an enrollment cap.

University of Groningen Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Holland Scholarship

Holland Scholarship applies to international students from outside the EEA looking to pursue their bachelor’s studies in the Netherlands. This University of Groningen scholarship also considers applicants with outstanding academic records and meets the program-specific qualifications of the University of Groningen. Successful awardees will receive the scholarship amount in their first year.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Ph.D. Scholarship Program

The University of Groningen faculties selects talented Research Master’s students to join the Ph.D. Scholarship Program. This scholarship at the University of Groningen is different from assistantships because its awardees are not required to render teaching duties. They are also required to write their research proposal instead of working on an existing one. Furthermore, there is no employer-employee relationship between the University of Groningen and their Ph.D. scholars.

2, Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: salary package and tenure for up to five years

Named after the primary contributor that led to the discovery of DNA, the Rosalind Franklin Fellowships targets women Ph.D. candidates aiming for a professorship at a top European research university. Besides the salary package and tenure at the university, this University of Groningen scholarship offers mentoring programs, opportunity to develop research and join a department’s curriculum.

Interested applicants can check the Grantfinder, the university’s online platform that lists all University of Groningen scholarships for international students depending on the program and country of origin.


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