University of Alabama scholarships are now being offered to both domestic and international students. The University of Alabama, founded in 1831, is a public research university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

It is home to approximately 30,000 undergraduate students with a student-faculty ratio of 21:1. It is a flagship university in the state of Alabama and offers many fabulous academic programs including engineering and sciences.

University of Alabama offers unique programs for its students. First, Cooperative Education Program, or Co-op, at the University of Alabama is very famous. This program allows students to work full-time for a year in the related field of their studies while studying. Students who participate in this program will alternate work for one semester and studies the next semester.

This experience will greatly help students to get a job afterward. Students who complete a year of the co-op will be given the distinction of co-op in their transcripts. One of the best-known co-op partners in engineering is Mercedes-Benz.

Also, the Honors College at the University of Alabama is also excellent. The requirements of being admitted to the Honors College is 28 on ACT or 1310 on the New Sat, and 3.5 GPA.

There are many perks of joining the Honors College including priority registration (a huge advantage in a big university), smaller honors classes, living and studying with the brightest students in a nice honors dormitory, and many social events for honors students. There are many perks of joining the Honors College which are listed on the University of Alabama’s website.

Another program that is unique to the University of Alabama is the University Scholars Program allows students to receive Master or Doctorate credits in their senior year. The courses that a student takes in their senior year will be counted toward his graduate degree.

Some students will receive a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree simultaneously while some will require additional time to complete a Master’s degree. More information can be found in the University of Alabama website.

Also, one of the most distinguishing features of the University of Alabama is its excellent football program. The success of the football program is shown in its numerous championship titles.

While some international students might not like football, it is entertaining to watch when you have become familiar with the rules. Watching football or other sports at the University of Alabama will become very enjoyable. Many domestic students love football, and one of the reasons that they choose the University of Alabama is its football program.

So, do you want to study at the University of Alabama? If so, you should definitely keep reading for more information about the University of Alabama Scholarships!


The University of Alabama is ranked high in many ranking systems. USNews Rankings has ranked the University of Alabama to be 103rd among all the national universities and 46th among all public universities. Also, the engineering department has been ranked as well placing 105th in the Best Undergraduate Engineering Program.

Forbes Rankings, which is another famous ranking agency, has ranked the University of Alabama to be 205th among all Colleges in the US and 70th among all public colleges. It has ranked it to be 115th in Research Universities and 47th in the South. These rankings show that this state university is among one of the best universities in the US.

University of Alabama Scholarships (Undergraduate)

These scholarships are awarded based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. If you have a certain GPA and SAT/ACT scores, then you will automatically receive the University of Alabama Scholarships for that range. Also, these scholarships are for both domestic and international students.

The University of Alabama has changed its scholarship policy in 2018. In 2017, the university offered full-tuition scholarships for Presidential, but it has changed the scholarship amount to $26,000 a year which is slightly less than full-tuition. There are other universities that offer full scholarships and if you are interested, visit the Full Tuition Scholarships List.

There’s a great prep program called Magoosh. Magoosh is an affordable program that helps students to prepare the ACT and SAT by teaching you test-taking strategies and helps you practice with great practice problems. Also, they have a refund policy so if you don’t increase your ACT scores by 4 points or SAT scores by 100 points, they will give you a full refund. Check Magoosh out!


University of Alabama Academic Scholarship 

  1. Presidential- Students who scored 32 ACT or 1420 SAT or higher,  and 3.5 GPA will be automatically eligible for $26,000 a year.
  2. UA Scholar- Students with 30-31 ACT  or 1360-1410, and 3.5 GPA will be automatically eligible for $20,000 a year
  3. There are other scholarships for students with lower ACT and GPA. Visit the University of Alabama’s Scholarships Page for more information.


University of Alabama Engineering Scholarship

These scholarships are only for students who are planning on majoring in engineering. There are other scholarships for students who are majoring in other academic fields, but those are not automatic. If you want more information about your specific field, visit your specific academic department’s page.

  1. Engineering Leadership Tier- Students who scored 30 ACT or 1390 SAT or higher will receive a $2,500 per year scholarship which will stack on top of Academic Scholarship.
  2. Dean’s Engineering Excellence Tier- Students with 27-29 ACT scores or 1280-1380 SAT scores will receive $1,500 per year scholarship which will stack on top of Academic Scholarship.
  3. Visit Engineering Page for more information about these University of Alabama scholarships.

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The University of Alabama Scholarship (Master’s and PhD)

Prospective Master’s and PhD students are eligible to receive funding through scholarships, fellowships, research assistantship, and teaching assistantships. The funding policy is different for different departments, so it is best to look up the information on the department website.

This scholarship page contains information for fellowships that apply to all graduate students at the University of Alabama. Take a look at those scholarships, and also, you should definitely check out the information that are applicable to your department as well. Most of the funding will come from your department.

Application Dates

For undergraduate students, the application opens on August 1 and closes on December 15 for the University of Alabama scholarship consideration.  Students need to apply through the University of Alabama portal and not the Common Application. This university does not accept Common Application nor the Coalition Application and uses its own application.

For graduate students, the application starting date and the closing deadline are different for different departments. However, for most departments, the application starts in September and ends in January. You should double-check this information by looking up information on the department website.

How to Apply for Alabama University Scholarships

To be eligible for these scholarships as undergraduate students, you will need to have SAT or ACT scores which are college entrance exams in USA. Everyone with 33 ACT or higher and 1490 SAT or higher will receive an almost full-tuition scholarship and an additional $2,500 a year if you are majoring in engineering.

If you have the SAT or ACT scores to qualify, you will need to submit an online application that are specific to the University of Alabama. Also, the University of Alabama have a step-by-step guideline for international students. You can visit the application guide in Undergraduate Admission Guide.

For graduate students, take a look at the Graduate Admission Guide for complete information!

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