Global Partnership Program at Ewha Womans University 2024 - 2025

Do you want a scholarship in South Korea? Consider studying at Ewha Womans University, a private institution founded in 1886 and located in Seoul, South Korea. Ewha Womans University offers Global Partnership Program, one of the fully funded scholarships for Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. students.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD
  • Host Institution: Ewha Womans University
  • Scholarship Type: Full Funding
  • Eligible Nationalities:
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  • Eligible Subjects:
  • Number of Recipients: Not Specified
  • Additional Scholarships Materials Required? No
  • Admission Deadline: April 11, 2024 (Past Deadline)

Ewha Womans University

Full Funding

Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD

No Separate Application

Global Partnership Program Overview

The Ewha Global Scholarship Program, offered by Ewha Womans University, is a fully funded award given to prospective female international students who demonstrate leadership skills and are from developing countries. The scholarship includes full coverage of tuition and admission fees, housing fees, and a stipend to support study-related costs. It is a great opportunity worth exploring for eligible applicants seeking educational support.

Global Partnership Program Coverage

This fully funded scholarship for international students covers the following:

  • full admission and tuition fees
  • housing fees, if scholar is a dormitory resident
  • stipend

Global Partnership Program Eligibility Criteria

  • from a developing country
  • a student who exhibit female leadership potential

Make sure to check out the Ewha Womans University admissions pages and the Global Partnership Program pages for more information!

Global Partnership Program Application Procedure

If you meet the eligibility criteria for Ewha Womans University and Global Partnership Program, you can move forward with the application process!

Remember to apply for admission to Ewha Womans University first before applying for Global Partnership Program. You can visit the official website found in Ewha Womans University Admissions Section to see the admissions application process.

There is no separate application needed for Global Partnership Program. Just apply for admission to Ewha Womans University, and you'll automatically be considered for this offer if you meet the criteria.

When to Apply for Global Partnership Program (Deadlines)

The great news is that there is no specific deadline to apply for Global Partnership Program! While there are no specific dates, it’s important to apply before the Ewha Womans University admission deadlines. Here are the deadlines: